Contact the offices of Saudia in Tunis

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  1. Dears,

    please provide us valid number for Saudi Arabia Office in Tunisia.

    i can’t reach the below numbers :
    – 00 216 71 860 808
    – 00 216 71 860 886
    -00 216 71 289 455
    -00 216 71 962 020

  2. Hello,

    How can I reach you please? Do you have a valid phone number?

    Could you please pick up the phone?

    Thank you.

    1. Peace be upon you. We have German citizenship. Do I have to have a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia? 52646993

  3. Good morning,

    Subject: Complaint

    Attached are 2 plane tickets on Saoudia Air Lignes in the name of Mr and Mrs CHTOUROU from April 11, 2023 to April 23, 2023 (Tunis Jeddah there and back) that I have already bought since December 2022 in Business class but it seems that ‘there will be no Business Class during the month of April 2023, please either:

    1. refund me the difference between Business Class and Economy Class

    2. or give me an advantage which will be deducted on my next trip on Saoudia Air Lines.

    Please wait for a sequel.


    Mobile: 98 315 010

  4. Hello
    I have taken 2 tickets from Tunis to Djeddah ( 30/10/2022) and return Madinah to djeddah on 11/11/2022.
    I ve received an sms telling me that the hour of return from madinah (11/11/2022) has been changed , so we have only 10 min in Djeddah stop over
    how can we do?
    Thank you

  5. i travel first time trough your airline the Service is totaly zero you calling number in tunisia no buddy responded first time i ever see such nonsense service of any airline i mentioned your given number try by yourself that is it working number or joking with customer

  6. Good Day,
    We are a family of six with below tickets. 5 of us have tourist visa. Kindly advise if we can take the flight to JED with a tourist visa
    RP/NKC262808/NKC262808 MM/SU 2JUN22/0923Z WJRLZO
    7 TU 564 K 23JUN 4 NKCTUN HK6 2350 0505+1 *1A/E*
    8 SV 366 Y 24JUN 5 TUNJED HK6 M 1140 1805 *1A/E*
    9 SV1430 Y 24JUN 5 JEDMED HK6 1 2010 2105 *1A/E*
    10 SV1431 T 18AUG 4 MEDJED HK6 2145 2245 *1A/E*
    11 SV 365 L 19AUG 5 JEDTUN HK6 1 0700 0935 *1A/E*
    12 TU 563 L 01SEP 4 TUNNKC HK6 M 1855 2250 *1A/E*

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