Contact the offices of Saudia in Athens

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  1. Please send me the new flight schedule for the period from April 1st from Riyadh to ATHENS with return. On my return I continue to Tabuk.

    Please, I would like to know the new flight schedule of SAUDIA from RIYAND or Jeddah to Athens weekly, as well as the schedule of departures from Athens to RIYAND (Direct Flights).
    My entire program is with relevant flight schedule from the city of Tabuk.


  2. Hello
    My family took a trip from Athens to Manila and they were about to come back. They were supposed to take their flight on August 30 to be back to Athens the next day. But they were told that there was no flight for them that day and was rescheduled for September 2!
    They left and returned to Manila airport only to be told that their tickets have a problem and they cannot board the airplane. But when I checked their code reservation 3KZSBQ in Athens airport to be sure, I was told there was no problem with their tickets! Why is that?
    My family has been stuck in Manila airport 5 days already without finding any solution. The personnel instead want them to pay for new tickets!!
    Can you please help us? Thank you.

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