Saudia Airlines Call Centers | Sales Call Centers 24hours

Country or Territory Telephone Number
Saudi Arabia (Whatsapp) 920022222
Kuwait 22200072
United Arab Emirates 042485777
Bahrain 65005665
Oman 80074248
Jordan 065777766
Egypt 19898
UK 03712004433
France 0820200505
Switzerland 0848006600
Germany 01803698888
Spain 911880020
USA 1-800-472-8342
Canada 1-855-588-0999
Turkey 90-8504551601
Unified Number (rest of the world) +966.920.022.222

10 Comments on “Saudia Airlines Call Centers | Sales Call Centers 24hours”

  1. While booking your website took only part of my mobile number. Now I cannot login without a passcode. Even calling and whatsapp gives the same problem.

  2. Gentlemen
    I had purchased 5 tickets through SADDAD from KRT to JED (Ref. QMHQW5) not operated
    Requested for an online refund and got 255 Riyals only.
    Kindly let me know how to take my full refund of non operated flight

  3. I would like to get in touch with someone. My flight has changed and is now delayed by more than 27 hours. Where should I stay in Riyadh with my old mother and a child? The don’t have visum and that mean we must to stay only at the airport. Pleas help us. here is no response on whatsapp.
    Awaiting your response

  4. Hi

    I need a customer service number for bangalore./ Karnataka

    I am not able to get anyone on thye phone since 10 days. !!!!!!!!!!!

    Kindly provide a number for me so that i can confirm my flight to Washington DC on your airline.

    There is also a SPAM number on the website / kindly be aware of this.


  5. Well well.. such a terrible service from Saudi airlines. I have been trying to call them for past 2 days on a number provided by them because shockingly they forgot the luggage at Munich airport. They asked us to contact them on the mentioned number on our claim reciept but nobody picks it up. And now in two days i have another flight but i still don’t have my luggage .. what am I suppose to do ? Who is going to compensate me for all of my luggage and damages .
    I was told , i will get it the next day as they will send it in next flight.. but no freaking response from them .

  6. Dear Saudi-Arabien Airlines,

    I was horrified to discover that without my knowledge they canceled my return flight and postponed it to another day. (From 03.12 to 06.12) I do NOT agree with this and I ask you to reimburse you for the entire flight price of 600 €, since I had to take care of a return flight (additional work and costs due to deadline pressure!!!).

    I therefore ask for a timely refund to my credit card account !!!

    Please confirm me the receipt of the email and the refund promise!

    I wrote you emails, but you dont answer me. Maybe i have more luck if i write here

  7. Dear,

    I want to book excess baggage (sport equipment/surfboard). I tried already to book it online, not possible. I send message on WhatsApp no response (only robot who sent a link).
    How can i book this baggage?

  8. My boss will be boarding a Saudi Airline plane from the United Kingdom to Munich, Germany.

    Should he undergo a PCR test?

    Thank you.

  9. Good day,
    I live in South Africa and need to get to Jeddah. I’ve just spent 15 days in Kenya because I come from South Africa. I’ve got a work visa. I’ve received 2 Pfizer injections outside of the kingdom. Must I still do 5 days instititional quarantine on arrival in Jeddah?

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