Claim compensation: What are your rights if your flight with Saudia is delayed?

Aircraft grounded, delayed departure and arrival, missed connection, Air travel sometimes turns into a real hassle and the damage to passengers can be severe.

Except in extraordinary circumstances (weather conditions, security risks, strike, etc.), the passenger who is delayed by more than 3 hours on arrival has the same rights as in the event of cancellation, particularly in terms of compensation. In addition, the airline must provide the passenger with the necessary assistance (refreshments, catering, telephone, hotel accommodation, transport from the airport to the place of accommodation, etc.) as soon as the delay on departure from a flight reached:

- 2 hours or more for flights up to 1,500 km;
- 3 hours or more for flights of 1,500 to 3,500 km and all intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 km;
- 4 hours or more for other flights over 3,500 km.

Only 5 to 10% of customers who could claim compensation from companies would take the steps to obtain it.

Denied boarding, cancellation, delay: what are the rights of passengers?

Passenger rights are defined in European regulation EC 261/2004 which dates from February 2004. It establishes common rules for compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or delay.

Denial of boarding against the will of the traveler, in the event of overbooking, entitles the holder to compensation set at 250 euros for flights up to 1500 km, 400 euros for flights within the European Union of more than 1500 km and from 1,500 to 3,500 km for other flights and 600 euros in the case of flights over 3,500 km.

Passengers victims of a flight cancellation must benefit from compensation under the same conditions, except if the cancellation is due to "extraordinary circumstances" (weather conditions, political risks, epidemic, strike, etc.) which could not have been be avoided

Plane Delay Due to Strike: Can You Still Claim Compensation?

Strikes take many forms. Most of the time, it is the air traffic controllers who go on strike, severely impacting traffic. However, other staff can go on strike. Baggage handlers at airports can go on strike. Professionals responsible for ensuring the security of airport sites can also go on strike. And, in rarer cases, the flight crew may decide to go on strike.

Either way, a strike can cause a flight delay, or worse, a flight cancellation. The situation then becomes detrimental for the passengers, and the latter have rights. In particular, they can obtain financial compensation from their company Saudi Airlines.

The travelers entitled to compensation are those whose flights have been canceled due to a strike; who suffered a flight delay due to an aircraft strike; and who is faced with overbooking.

In some cases, travelers can claim compensation even if their flight with Saudia was not directly affected by the strike. For example, if a traveler cannot board their plane because another passenger is boarding their seat, due to a previous strike, then the first is entitled to compensation. It is believed that the company is acting against its will.

When a flight is delayed due to an airplane strike, passengers can request a refund. Compensation is possible as soon as the delay reaches 3 hours. Travelers must then cancel their reservation. After that, the airline must reimburse the ticket, or offer another flight or other means of transport to reach the destination originally planned.
Within 5 hours of delay, the passenger can also request a refund from the Saudi company. On the other hand, from 2 hours late, the latter must offer all its customers snacks and drinks. It should also allow them to call toll-free or send emails.

First of all, find out the cause of the inconvenience. Indeed, certain situations complicate the request for reimbursement. This is the case, for example, with strikes by air traffic controllers. A priori, these circumstances do not give rise to the right to a refund. In addition, keep any supporting documents related to your trip. A voucher, a plane ticket, and even a sales receipt can serve as proof. Finally, before submitting your request for reimbursement following the cancellation or delay of your flight, you can quickly calculate the amount of your compensation using dedicated tools.

And during the waiting time before your next flight, do not hesitate to ask airport staff for the basic necessities to which you are entitled (food, drinks, etc.).

While the winter school holidays have recently ended and many plane problems have been identified. The European Union provides compensation of between 250 and 600 euros in the event of flight delays, overbooking or cancellation. Compensation varies depending on the distance and the length of the delay.

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