Claim compensation: What are your rights if your flight with Saudia is delayed?

Aircraft grounded, delayed departure and arrival, missed connection, Air travel sometimes turns into a real hassle and the damage to passengers can be severe.

Except in extraordinary circumstances (weather conditions, security risks, strike, etc.), the passenger who is delayed by more than 3 hours on arrival has the same rights as in the event of cancellation, particularly in terms of compensation. In addition, the airline must provide the passenger with the necessary assistance (refreshments, catering, telephone, hotel accommodation, transport from the airport to the place of accommodation, etc.) as soon as the delay on departure from a flight reached:

- 2 hours or more for flights up to 1,500 km;
- 3 hours or more for flights of 1,500 to 3,500 km and all intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 km;
- 4 hours or more for other flights over 3,500 km.

Only 5 to 10% of customers who could claim compensation from companies would take the steps to obtain it.

Denied boarding, cancellation, delay: what are the rights of passengers?

Passenger rights are defined in European regulation EC 261/2004 which dates from February 2004. It establishes common rules for compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or delay.

Denial of boarding against the will of the traveler, in the event of overbooking, entitles the holder to compensation set at 250 euros for flights up to 1500 km, 400 euros for flights within the European Union of more than 1500 km and from 1,500 to 3,500 km for other flights and 600 euros in the case of flights over 3,500 km.

Passengers victims of a flight cancellation must benefit from compensation under the same conditions, except if the cancellation is due to "extraordinary circumstances" (weather conditions, political risks, epidemic, strike, etc.) which could not have been be avoided

Plane Delay Due to Strike: Can You Still Claim Compensation?

Strikes take many forms. Most of the time, it is the air traffic controllers who go on strike, severely impacting traffic. However, other staff can go on strike. Baggage handlers at airports can go on strike. Professionals responsible for ensuring the security of airport sites can also go on strike. And, in rarer cases, the flight crew may decide to go on strike.

Either way, a strike can cause a flight delay, or worse, a flight cancellation. The situation then becomes detrimental for the passengers, and the latter have rights. In particular, they can obtain financial compensation from their company Saudi Airlines.

The travelers entitled to compensation are those whose flights have been canceled due to a strike; who suffered a flight delay due to an aircraft strike; and who is faced with overbooking.

In some cases, travelers can claim compensation even if their flight with Saudia was not directly affected by the strike. For example, if a traveler cannot board their plane because another passenger is boarding their seat, due to a previous strike, then the first is entitled to compensation. It is believed that the company is acting against its will.

When a flight is delayed due to an airplane strike, passengers can request a refund. Compensation is possible as soon as the delay reaches 3 hours. Travelers must then cancel their reservation. After that, the airline must reimburse the ticket, or offer another flight or other means of transport to reach the destination originally planned.
Within 5 hours of delay, the passenger can also request a refund from the Saudi company. On the other hand, from 2 hours late, the latter must offer all its customers snacks and drinks. It should also allow them to call toll-free or send emails.

First of all, find out the cause of the inconvenience. Indeed, certain situations complicate the request for reimbursement. This is the case, for example, with strikes by air traffic controllers. A priori, these circumstances do not give rise to the right to a refund. In addition, keep any supporting documents related to your trip. A voucher, a plane ticket, and even a sales receipt can serve as proof. Finally, before submitting your request for reimbursement following the cancellation or delay of your flight, you can quickly calculate the amount of your compensation using dedicated tools.

And during the waiting time before your next flight, do not hesitate to ask airport staff for the basic necessities to which you are entitled (food, drinks, etc.).

While the winter school holidays have recently ended and many plane problems have been identified. The European Union provides compensation of between 250 and 600 euros in the event of flight delays, overbooking or cancellation. Compensation varies depending on the distance and the length of the delay.

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  1. Saudi air line is absolutely waste of a time and money . I was flying with Saudi airline from Islamabad they issued me with a boarding . My flight got late by two and half hour late meaning I was going to miss my connecting flight from Jeddah to Birmingham so they did not let me board a plane after 8 hours at the Airport they arranged me a hotel and promised me a flight next day but after two days I had to go back to Islamabad Airport May self and rescheduled my flight . All my shopping was ruined and gone off by the time I got back to England.

  2. Dear sir/madam, My little family went on school holidays to Indonesia from Jordan using Saudi Airlines in the hope of comfort and good service from the airlines. but we felt disappointed because when we checked in at CGK airport on August 3, 2023 we were not allowed to fly even though we already had boarding passes, then we rescheduled flights with Saudi airlines also by paying quite expensive losses.

    In addition to material losses, we also lost time, and our biggest obstacle was that our residence permits in Jordan had expired, so we had to apply for visas and approval from authority. besides that, after we rescheduled the ticket to 21 August 2023, there was also a delay in Jakarta for more than 1 hour and a change of flight from Jeddah to Amman, which previously only transited 2 hours to 8 hours

    In fact we and our two young children were uncomfortable with this whole arrangement. please pay attention and provide compensation for the inconvenience and loss of material, time, work and anxiety.
    رقم التذكرة/Number Tikcet: 3 0652150764913

    Best Regards,
    Anisa Nurhasanah

  3. Greetings
    I am Mr. Azeem Hussain Mughal, who takes Saudia airlines to go back to Islamabad from Dammam Saudi Arabia, with a transit at Jeddah the 20-June-2023

    My booking No. 065977071603501
    Passenger Name: Azeem Hussain Mughal

    Original flight:
    SV1113, 20-june-2023, 14:00 – 16:15, Dammam to Jeddah
    SV726, 20-june-2023, 18:05 – 01:25, Jeddah to Islamabad

    Changed flight:
    SV1131, 21-june-2023, 01:45 – 04:00, Dammam to Jeddah
    SV738, 21-june-2023, 17:50 – 00:55, Jeddah to Lahore (Destination Changed By Airline)

    As seen above, the flight schedule changed without giving any reason. Although hotel is arranged by the airline authority, I am still reaching Islamabad, my final destination almost 25 hours late. and 5hrs drive to the Islamabad from Lahore.

    As per the Airline crew they informed all of us will get compensation in 60 days. this time period is very to end. kindly solve this issue asap.

    This delay is leading to final destination of more than 25 hours and i request 600 euros per person to compensate.

    I have seen many complains about Saudi’s customer services. Hope to receive reply and compensation very soon.

    Best Regards,
    Azeem Hussain Mughal

  4. Dear Sir, Madam,

    I am Ms Gizem BURTECIN, who takes Saudia airlines to go back to Istanbul from Nairobi, with a transit at Jeddah the 1st of July 23.

    My booking No. 24790931969 (From Istanbul to Nairobi Round Trip)
    Passenger Name: Burtecin/Gizem

    Original flight:
    SV430, 2023-07-01, 02:10 – 06:10, Nairobi to Jeddah
    SV257, 2023-07-01, 09:55 – 13:45, Jeddah to Istanbul

    Changed flight:
    SV430, 2023-07-01, 05:00 – 09:00, Nairobi to Jeddah
    SV261, 2023-07-01, 17:45 – 21:35, Jeddah to Istanbul

    As seen above, the flight schedule changed 5 days prior to my return without giving any reason. Although hotel is arranged by the airline authority I am still reaching Istanbul, my final destination almost 8 hours late. I can not make to a very important business dinner thus miss a great opportunity fir my business.

    This delay is leading to final destination of more than 3 hours and i request 600 euros per my person to compensate.

    I have seen many complains about Saudi’s customer services. Hope to receive reply and compensation very soon.

    Best Regards,
    Gizem Burtecin
    00 90 530 322 74 50

  5. Its been 1 year and 2 months since i filed a complaint and filled out a discharge form to receive compensation. Saudi airlines never paid it and gives same copy paste msgs on whatsapp each time. Shit company flights are always delayed or messed about and they never respond

  6. Hi,

    I applied for compensation but haven’t got it. Whenever I ask them on whatsapp, they just copy paste the same information that my issue has been escalated to financial department. It has been more than 2 months now. It is very dissappointing to see such behaviour from SAUDIA. Very bad service! I had a similar issue with FINNAIR, but they gave the compensation in a couple of weeks.

  7. Hi, my flight SV787 from Singapore to Jeddah was delayed on 16th Nov 2022. It was scheduled to fly from Singapore to Jeddah, but stopped in Male for a night. My arrival in Jeddah therefore was delayed for over 24 hours. I would like to have Saudia memo to present to my insurance company so I can make the claim. Please provide the assistance. Thank you!

  8. How can we claim compensation for Saudi-Airline flight delayed over 4hrs for long haul flights. Unable to find the information on your website. Otherwise will need to inform the Civil Aviation Authority that you are not replying nor providing this information.

  9. Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to request you to authorize the refund authority for Mr SYED MUHAMMAD SALMAN MR. The issue was described below.

    The ticket was issued KHI-XJED-IAD-JED, where the return JED was a stop over to perform Umrah. But on the way back -IAD-JED on SV, he was denied boarding and asked to obtain a Saudi visa whereas US passengers can get on arrival visa. Therefore, he purchased a new Qatar Airways ticket IAD-XDOH-JED and boarded the flight to perform Umrah and got entry into Jeddah.

    You are requested to please authorize the refund IAD-JED ticket as due to this issued at Washington Airport, he had no option to purchase new ticket .

    This incidence caused financial loss and have to go through all the hassle just because of Saudia Airlines check in issue or staff was not aware of the rules.

    The customer is very angry and irritated due to this problem.

    Your kind attention at your earliest will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance.

  10. Dear Sir
    My return flight from Riyadh to Singapore SV788 (17 Sep.2022)was delay at Male due to technical fault in the Aircraft unable to depart and was given a day stay in Male hotel and successfully depart the next day (18 Sep.2022)
    I sent all require document proof (passport stamp, baggage, boarding pass) for the delay to my Insurance for claim purpose. After few days later Insurance company want letter of proof from your office for the delay it says
    “written confirmation from airline on the delay of flight SV788 on 18 Sep 2022 and the next available flight on 19 Sep 2022”.

  11. Dear Saudia
    My flight was delay 2 to 3 hour 15 September 2022
    From Manchester to Jeddah flight number Sv124
    Because of delay
    My next flight Sv722 was Missed becasue of delay
    Than saudia airline crew give me New boarding pass
    Which was departure after 14 hour
    New flight num was Sv0888
    14 hour I spend in Jeddah Airport
    No Wi-Fi
    No food
    No hotel
    Than I was contact and request to saudia lounge reception for room for rest
    But he refused to give me room
    He said u have economy ticket
    He asking for money for charge the room
    It’s not my fault for delay and miss the flight
    Than I spend 14 hour in Airport Alone
    My family was waiting in the Islamabad airport
    But I have no Wi-Fi to inform them
    It’s my bad experience with saudia Airline
    I spend 14 hour in hard chairs

  12. Hi,
    we are a family of four travelled on 29th August from Hyderabad India to Riyadh and got delayed by 4hr 45min. I would like to know how to claim compensation for the delay and direct me to the form is any form is needed Thank you

  13. Dear Saudia airlines we six family members travelled on 30/08/2022 from Lahore to Jeddah and from Jeddah to Heathrow London. My booking reference number JDH6TN There was 11hours delay in flight from Lahore to Jeddah for which I missed my train tonnext destination and I paid for taxi about 400 pounds . I get loss of train and paid extra for taxi . And my hotel booking I paid extra.
    Can you complete compensation process

  14. Dear Saudia airlines we six family members travelled on 12-05-2022 from Lahore to Jeddah and from Jeddah to Heathrow London. My booking reference number LQGF22. There was 4 hours delay in flight from Jeddah to Heathrow for which I missed my train toy next destination and I paid for taxi about 400 pounds . I get loss of train and paid extra for taxi . I filled form for compensation and I get email from Saudia airlines that my compensation process is in final process and will be contacted by the agent but after this email I did not hear anything from Saudia airlines. Can you complete compensation process

  15. Dear Saudia,
    We are 3 persons, who take Saudia airlines to go back home, the 2nd July 2022
    Mrs Hina Shah
    Mr Moksh Shah
    Miss Sanchi Shah
    But, the fly took late.
    Following the long delay of the SV772 02July time 19:30 from Jeddah to Mumbai was dealy 08 hours
    Given New Boarding Pass of flight no SV770 which is schedule at 02:30 am 03.07.2022
    This delay is leading to final destination of more then 10 hours as per EU regulation, i request my 200 Riyal per persons to compensate of all . No accommodation was provided durig delay

  16. I have start my flight from Manchester on 05.05.2022 but it was late 1.5 hours and i literally missed my connecting flight at jeddah bcoz I had to catch another flight with two toddlers one lift him in my hand and another I had to drag him coz no pram had given. Plus I booked meet and assist help which was confirmed before flight to help me with the kids but nobody was there to help. Even check in staff saw my 3 year old crying his lungss out on the floor rolling and I was only one literally to go through check in no body came forward to help atkeast for the time it’s check in. My son and daughter both were crying nd my son cried so much that he fell ill. When I booked help beforehand,there should somebody at the gate to help me. Plus the same thing happened when I was returning. I have not got any meet and assist assistant even though it was booked. It was a really horrible experience with Saudia during my journey. I wanna claim compensation. Does anyone know how can I do that?

  17. I have start my flight from AMS on 17.06.2022 but it was late 3+hours and i miss my connecting flight and when i arrived in jeddah it was 1 am and next day my flight was 16:05 o clock flight numbersv802 i went the airport authority they do not provided me anything and i took hotel there and i paid 124 euro for 12 hours .all documents i have . I arrived my final destination 19.06 at 2 am in Dhaka

    1. Hello brother,
      I’m planning to book Saudia air from Dhaka to Jeddah to Istambul to Chicago. There is only 1hr 45min layover in Jeddah. Will they arrange another flight to Istambul if I miss my connection flight?
      How was your experience missing connecting flight and getting the next one?

  18. My flight from Amsterdam is delayed for more than 4 hours resulting in arrival at my destination almost a whole day later. I tried to gather information how to apply for compensation according to the EC 261/2004 regulation. Customer service have been called, e-mailed, chat via WhatsApp but up to now, NOBODY can/will give the right route how to apply. Diverse times referred to the website but nowhere could I apply for the EU compensation.
    My question which is not answered yet (for more than 6 weeks) how can I apply for the EU compensation?

  19. Dear sir/madam. My flight has been change, 19th of April last Tuesday early morning! They give it to me next day flight which is I’m lost my another flight from Dubai to South America! That’s why I am buying a emergency ticket from Dhaka to Dubai, I am spending extra 600 Dollar, I need to some compensation please! My name is Bodiur jaman. ticket number is 065-7712675374

    1. Put claim in on
      Click on post travel complaints and follow instructions
      Regards and good luck

      1. Hi, this link works but after entering the Details, Submit is not working. Any other Option available?

    1. Put claim in on
      Click on post travel complaints and follow instructions
      Regards and good luck

  20. Dear sir/madam

    I hope you are well
    I tired to contact you many time but now response received from your side.
    My flight was delay in 22nd Feb 2022 at London Heathrow Airport Saudi flight no SV116

    Flight delayed approx. 18 hours
    No body accommodated
    My hotel book in Makkah 22nd 2022

  21. Dear Saudia,
    We are 4 persons, who take Saudia airlines to go back home, the 20 November 21.
    Mr POCQUET Pierre
    Mrs ORTIS Nathalie
    Mr LEMAHIEU Michel
    Mrs LEMAHIEU Sylviane
    But, the fly took late.
    Following the long delay of the SV127 20Nov ,flight delay has engender the miss connexion AF7686.
    This delay is leading to final destinationof more then 3 hours as per EU regulation, i requestmy 600 euros per persons to compensate of all cost: news tickets for AF 7684, tickets for foods..

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