Flyadeal: This is what it offers as baggage allowance

All the practical information on the baggage allowances of the airline Flyadeal. What is the maximum authorized weight? What is the maximum size of checked baggage? But also all the rules to know for hand / cabin baggage on flights operated by the Saudi carrier.

The number, weight and dimensions of baggage allowed depend on the route, the class in which you are traveling and the price of the ticket.

Cabin baggage: Allowance for domestic flights

All passengers can take a 7kg bag in the cabin, the dimensions of which must not exceed 55 x 30 x 20 cm.
Each cabin suitcase must not exceed these dimensions, with wheels and handles. The maximum authorized weight is 7 kg per hand baggage.

How much luggage in the hold?

The number of pieces of baggage that you can check in for free in the hold does not depend on the price of your ticket. Flyadeal allows its passengers booking Airplane + fare seats to check in one piece of 25kg baggage for each. Check-in is done from the Bag Drop counter.

In the event that you exceed the permitted deductible, you may be required to pay an additional charge at the time of check-in. You can buy additional kilos of luggage at the airport, or online in the Manage Reservation area.

Baggage weight and dimensions on flights served by Flydeal

For hand baggage, the rules for intercontinental flights. Thus, each cabin suitcase should not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm, with wheels and handles. The maximum authorized weight is 8 kg per hand baggage.
Suitcases registered in the hold must not exceed 160cm (75cm in length + 50cm in height + 35cm in depth). The number and weight of suitcases depend on the price chosen. Each suitcase must weigh a maximum of 25 kg.
As a reminder, each passenger is expected to reach the baggage drop-off counter at the airport two or more hours in advance. The service is no longer accessible from sixty minutes before departure.

Excess baggage: Fees to be paid

When it comes to luggage, Flyadeal has its own rules. Normally, they appear on your electronic ticket: authorized weight without supplement, maximum authorized weight, number of bags, etc. These limits depend on your destination and the class you have chosen. But what is never indicated on the ticket is the price you will have to pay if you exceed these limits, what companies call the excess baggage allowance. It is calculated by weight, per additional kilogram.

Buying extra baggage online saves you time, but also money (+fee)

Weight (kg) Online price (SAR) Price at the airport (SAR)
15 70 182
25 115 240


Flyadeal reserves the right to apply additional charges for any baggage exceeding the weight limit by applying a tax of 23SAR for each additional kilogram.

The company specializing in domestic flights in Saudi Arabia accepts to transport your luggage whose dimensions are less than or equal to 290cm (140 x 85 x 65), paying the following fees: 115 SAR. On the other hand, any parts exceeding this dimension are not accepted on board the planes of the Saudi company.

Luggage and prohibited items

Regulations on liquids in the cabin have tightened in recent years and the transport in the cabin of all liquids or similar substances is now strictly regulated. This is why we advise you above all to avoid taking liquids in cabin baggage and to place your liquids in checked baggage as much as possible. Only keep liquids in hand luggage if they are really essential.

The restrictions on liquids in the airplane cabin are the same with all airlines, whether you are traveling with Flyadeal, Saudia, Flynas or a foreign airline operator.

In order not to have any problems, all you need to do is follow these few simple rules when checking your hand baggage security:
- Bottles of liquids in the cabin must not have a capacity greater than 100 ml.
- Liquids must be placed in a single totally transparent and closed bag of approximately 20x20 cm.
- Only one bag of liquids is allowed per traveler.
- Under no circumstances should bottles of liquids be stacked or stacked.
- Liquids prohibited in the cabin

Strictly speaking, there are no common products or liquids prohibited in airplanes, except flammable, corrosive, explosive, neutralizing, incapacitating liquids, etc. You simply have to respect the above instructions for all liquids, aerosols, gels and pasty substances listed below, whether cosmetics or food.

Cosmetics regulated in the cabin: Perfume, Gloss, lipstick and lip balm, mascara, skin care cream and moisturizers, toothpaste, shaving foam, sunscreen, deodorant spray, aerosols, ball or cream, liquid soap , lotion intended for hygiene, shampoo, hair spray, hair gel, ...

Food regulated in the cabin: Any drink (water, alcohol, fruit juice, tea, coffee, etc.), jam and syrup, honey, jar of chocolate and peanut butter spread, yogurt, soup, sauce, fresh cheese in liquid or malleable form, diet product without medical reason, oil and vinegar, ...

Medicines in the cabin

You can take liquid medicines such as insulin or syrup in your cabin baggage. You must then bring a certificate or an order in your name to present to security officers when checking your hand luggage and the liquids it contains.

If you are diabetic, we advise you to consult the guide “Diabetes at the airport”, to find the best way to reconcile your treatment with safety rules.

Baby food in the cabin

If you are traveling with your baby or a child under the age of 2, you are entitled to take baby food in the cabin of the aircraft to be consumed during the trip.

Special luggage and sports equipment

If you wish to transport your skis, your windsurf board or any other sports equipment with the Flyadeal company, you should know that the same rules as those for classic checked baggage are applied.

If this special equipment meets the same dimensions and weight limits as your free baggage allowance, it can be carried free of charge. For other sports equipment, you must contact Flyadeal's customer relations service.