Flyadeal: Different ways and solutions to contact customer service

A delay, a refusal to board, lost or damaged luggage, are all worries that threaten the globetrotter at the turn of a flight, against whom to turn?

In addition to the phone, email and mail, it is now possible to contact Flyadeal customer service directly via social networks. A relatively new phenomenon but which is growing rapidly with the democratization of Facebook and Twitter.

The airline announces the establishment of a 24/7 assistance to its customers on social networks. She undertakes to respond at any time on her social media pages.

From now on, travelers will be able to get a response to their request 24/7 on social networks. This continuous service is provided in French and English by Flyadeal advisers available 24 hours a day.

With this new service now continuous, the staff of the Saudi Arabian company are more attentive than ever to our customers to assist them at all times, whatever their questions about their trip. The goal of the Asian company is to take into account customer requests in less than an hour, and find a solution in less than 24 hours.

Flyadeal has been present on the main social media platforms around the world for several years. Today, the company's Facebook page offers information on its products and services, contests and promotions.

Its main concern is to invest significantly and improve contact solutions with its customers, its mobile platform and its interaction with passengers using social networks.

Flyadeal has posted a column for passengers facing denied boarding, canceled flights, long delays or baggage problems. However, first of all, passengers must file a complaint with their airline.

The Saudi company has just set up a space for passengers. Travelers faced with denied boarding, a long delay or a baggage problem (loss, late delivery, damage, etc.) now have the option of filing their complaint on its website by completing this form. In a few clicks, the passenger can provide all the elements necessary to process their complaint (information on the flight, reason for the complaint, supporting documents, etc.).

The fastest way to make your complaint with Flyadeal and have it handled by customer service is to complete the online Complaint Form. This form will help your staff get your specific problem to the right person and you will receive a response within a week to ten days.

Send a complaint by mail or email

If you do not wish to use the online complaint form, you can send the customer relations advisers a letter in place. Please be sure to include all of the information necessary for you to process your complaint as efficiently as possible: your full name (as it appears on your ticket); your reservation reference; flight details (date and flight number); your privileged contact details: email address, telephone number or postal address; ...

They are always available to help you

Queries after booking; Special Assistance: 92000 0212 (Local) +966126539515 (International).

You can reach this service at the following times: Saturday to Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Friday, 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (KSA time).

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  1. I want to travel from Pakistan with my family on umrah visa using Saudi Airline and return tickets are issued by Emirates airline as i am moving to dubai after Saudia on visit visa and finally will get back to pavilion (Pakistan) on emirates again/

    Is it fine? Or i have to purchase return ticket of Saudi Airline.. Kindly reply fast

  2. Re: XE2DPX – Delayed Bag
    I would like to inform you that I have one week vacation to attend a scientific conference where I am invited as an international speaker. 3 days already gone & I did not receive my bag which is very inconvenient to me. You may not be able to imagine the huge disturbances occurred because of this. I do urgently request to get my bag immediately otherwise you are responsible for what may happen to my presentation in that international conference.

    Aly Anwar

  3. Unsere Flugzeiten wurden um 8Std in BKK vorverlegt. Das bedeutetnoch 8 Std längeren Aufenthalt in Jeddah. Wir möchten aufeinen anderen Tag umbuchen. Auf der Seite nicht möglich, Call-Center nicht erreichbar und kostenpflichtig.
    Auf Mails wird nicht reagiert.
    Schon vor Reisebeginn total unbefriedigend.

  4. Good evening, I would like to know if by purchasing a return ticket to Rome dar es salaam, I will have problems with the stopover in Saudi Arabia. I’ve read somewhere that only one shuttle is allowed, but in this case there are two, one going and one coming back. Thank you.

  5. Claim no.:- #503913

    I travel from Jeddah to dammam.
    Date :- 27-07-2023
    Flight no. F3309

    The airline lost my luggage.
    I didn’t get my luggage antil now

    My contact no. +966536355386

  6. We would like to add a surfboard bag to our booking. Your website says “you must contact Flyadeal’s customer relations service”, but I can’t find any contact details but a phone number. Is it possible to book this via email. And if so, which email adres do I contact?

    Kind regards,
    Michiel and Emilie

  7. hello
    we have booked a fligt from bkk to jeddha and jeddha z .
    mr erich huber
    mrs charoenchat benjapha


  8. Yesterday I made booking with reference number. Payment got deducted from my account and today once i tried to check in online there was no any record of the booking. I called customer service center and they advised me to lodge an online complaint.
    Kindly confirm the status of reimbursement of paid ticked amount.

  9. Dear Sir,

    Further to email below, I had three clarification

    • Whether the Flight will start from Domestic Airport or International Airpoirt
    • As mentioned below about my mother she is a senior citizen and also she physically disabled, wanted the cabin chair assistance
    • Lasty, we need to go to Umrah, can we also bring the wheel chair which we have
    Thanks and regards

  10. My wife and I are traveling back to Los Angeles from Kochi on 7th October 2022. The connecting flight from Jeddah is on the next day morning and the layover is 18 hours. Can we get Visa on Arrival so that we can visit Jeddah during this period. Please respond as early as possible.

  11. Hi,
    I have made booking for a flight Go and Return PARIS/BANGKOK via Jeddah with your company.
    Start : november 15 2022 Return : February 27 2023
    It was with the website Mytrip
    The problem is when i go on your website, it have an error message who say than my number phone and my email adress are missing. But on Mytrip, it is good.
    Can you remove this error and complete my exact personal information provided to you by Mytrip ?
    Thank you very much
    Best regards
    Alain TOUZOT

  12. i need to have a ok to board message for saudia airlines airport of lahore
    i have got e visa to enter Nairobi

  13. How can i put my email address and mobile no in my ticket my email address is and my mobile no is 966568121379

  14. Dear Saudia Team, here the chronologist of my case. When the flights were cancelled by airlines, I sent an email to on 22 March 2020, but I never get responses. I came to Saudia Office in Jakarta five times, but they never want to serve me and asked me send an email to IBESUPPORT. I found the information on the website that I can reschedule the tickets once by same destination, like “For holders of tickets issued before the date of 12 March 2020 and with confirmed booking, they are required to contact the Guest Care Center if they want to amend their booking for the same destination without any fees for one time only”. I contacted the Guest Care Center Representatives through 9200 22222 to manage reschedule, but they asked me that all of tickets are expired, and gave me this link of online form. How can? I never receive an email about notification of time of limitation the holding tickets due to flight cancellation.
    How can I repay all of tickets for my Umrah pilgrims myself, that’s a lot money for me and family. That’s pity me. Through this form, I hope the Saudi Airlines would like to retrieve booking, because I never receive an email related to time of expired of tickets that cancelled by airlines due to Covid-19, and the Coupon status of e-tickets on the website is still Open for use. How to deal with my case?
    Thanks for your kindness.
    Best regards, Eli Ratni

  15. Several passengers not wearing facemask to protect against COVID.
    Also, they are breaking the law of Saudi Arabia.

    FlyaDeal flight attendants doing their best !! But passengers do not listen to rules.
    Flight # F3 4719 Jed/Dmm 28 Sept 11:15

    I am in Row 8. Passengers in Rows 5E, 7A, 9 E 9 F. All not wearing mask.
    After flight attendent told them all . . . only 9E put on mask.

    SUGGESTION: There should be 1 week during this year and GACA should put enforcement people (police, military ??) on some flights — here and there. Give a few tickets to people (SR 1,000 for not wearing mask).

    Then the message will go all around KSA for sure. Passengers will then be afraid and follow the rules. COVID 19 infection is serious . . . not a joke.

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