Take a Saudia plane with a child (or baby), here are the conditions

The most frequently asked questions of parents about to take a plane with a child and answers that will take away your doubts, for a quieter trip with a child without unpleasant surprises.

From what age can a baby travel by plane?

A baby can travel by plane from one week on short flights and 3 weeks on long flights in the vast majority of companies. While this is sometimes permitted, it is strongly recommended not to take the plane with a baby under 7 days old. In all cases, it is important to respect certain reflexes to treat the small inconveniences that make baby cry on an airplane.

Can a child travel on his parents’ lap on Saudia planes?

In most airlines, a child is considered a baby until the age of 2. This is also the age until which he can travel on your lap. You will then have to buckle up with him when wearing a seat belt is mandatory. After this two-year milestone, you will have to reserve its own seat, next to you.

Is it possible to reserve a seat for an infant under the age of 2 toddler girl sleeping on plan?

For long flights, Saudia offers cots upon prior request. If you don’t want your child to travel on your lap and don’t have the option of using a cradle, you can reserve a seat for them. He will then benefit from the child rate.

Bring a child car seat on the plane?

Saudi Airlines and most airlines allow the installation of a car seat on the plane. However, the seat voting model must meet very strict standards. Call your company or visit their website before your departure to find out which models are accepted. Very often, the model must be automobile homologated and not exceed a certain size.

What file to travel by plane with a child?

They are the same as for an adult, but if he travels without his parents he will need an authorization to leave the country. All the information detailed in our article on travel papers.

Can an adult travel alone with two babies?

A passenger can only accompany a single child under 2 years old. To travel with two babies, the presence of two adults is compulsory. Furthermore, a single baby should always be accompanied by at least one adult.

Take liquid baby food on the plane?

Regulations prohibit taking liquids over 100 ml and certain foods in the cabin. However, these restrictions do not apply to liquids and baby food, so you can bring baby bottles, water bottles and baby food jars (this exception does not apply to personal care products). Many flights offer meals suitable for babies, it is strongly recommended to contact your airline before departure to find out if you can take advantage of this service.

Is there a reduced rate for children?

Saudi Airlines offers great rates for children. An infant under 2 years old will usually travel for around 10% of your ticket price. An older child may benefit from reduced rates until the age of 12 depending on the company. Visit our page on air travel with infants to discover the different discounts offered for children according to the different companies.

From what age can a child travel alone?

Called “UM” or Unaccompanied Minor (Notre Page de mineur non accompagné), unaccompanied children can travel alone from an age that varies between 4 and 7 years depending on the airline. At Saudia, these are 5-12 year olds on the various domestic and international routes. This service is most often offered for additional pricing, except for a few airlines that offer it for free.

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