Flyadeal: Save a lot of time by making your “check-in” online

Flyadeal airline offers its passengers online check-in service, free, fast and simple, which also allows the choice of seat directly on its website.

Passengers of this company can check-in through the website before going to the airport, up to forty-eight hours before the flight departure time, for all connections between the interior cities of Saudi Arabia.

This service offers travelers the possibility of confirming their presence and choosing their seat: it is accessible from the website of the Saudi company, section "register online". At the Passenger identification stage, the Passenger will have the choice to continue on the Web or on the Mobile Phone by choosing the option of electronic registration on the web or on the mobile. The boarding pass will be received on the passenger's email, and can be saved on the mobile phone and / or printed. Register here.

Online check-in is available between 48 and 3 hours before departure time

It is authorized for all passengers in possession of electronic tickets, with the exception of passengers with special needs (unaccompanied child, passenger with reduced mobility, passenger traveling with an animal).

When departing from foreign stopovers, passengers with hand baggage only may proceed directly to the boarding lounge.
Departing from Saudi Arabian airports, all passengers must go to the dedicated check-in box to confirm their presence on the flight, collect the traditional boarding pass and drop off their luggage.

Passengers with baggage to be checked in must present themselves at the "web and mobile check-in" counter before the check-in deadline (at least 60 minutes before the departure time).

Online cancellation is permitted no later than 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

Self-service check-in at Saudi Arabian airports

Online baggage check-in

A way to avoid the endless lines at the airport. Flyadeal offers its passengers the possibility of checking their luggage several hours before their departure to avoid waiting at the check-in counters at various airports in the Asian country.
About ten check-in counters are available to welcome airline customers who wish to unload their suitcases the day before their departure. The luggage will then be weighed on scales before being transported to the airport.

Mobile check-in on Flyadeal flights

The regular airline, which specializes in domestic flights in the Arabian country, invites its passengers to check in on their mobile phones.

The mobile phone becomes a boarding pass with Flyadeal. Mobile phone check-in is available from 48h to 2h of departure for this airline operator's entire network. Passengers can check-in on their mobile, along with anyone accompanying them, and then choose to receive their boarding passes by email. Finally, they also have the option of choosing their seat on the aircraft on a virtual cabin map.

At the airport, if the passenger does not have checked baggage, they can therefore proceed directly to the departure lounge.

Obtain the electronic boarding pass

Above all, travelers on Flyadeal flights should remember to print their boarding passes or face penalties at the airport.

From now on this will no longer be the case. All they need to do is check-in through the app and store their boarding pass on it.

Flyadeal warned, however, that a small number of airports do not yet support mobile check-in. The new app is available in English and Arabic, and is compatible with iPhones or Android phones. Via this application passengers can also search and book flights, select seats, manage their reservations and baggage, book hotel nights or cars, insurance, check in and download the boarding pass and view the real-time flight information.

The Saudi company has successfully developed this product that will make the travel experience on its planes even better. Its customers can expect regular updates to take advantage of more travel tools.

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