Code Share: Saudia Airlines partners with Virgin Atlantic

Saudia Airlines has just reached a new milestone by signing a partnership agreement with Virgin Atlantic. This collaboration, in the form of codeshare, promises to significantly expand travel options for customers of both airlines, prominent members of the Skyteam alliance. The codeshare agreement between Saudia and Virgin Atlantic provides travelers with a more integrated experience, making it easier to book flights on both airlines. This helps optimize connections between various international destinations, making travel more seamless and accessible for each carrier’s customers.

The benefits also extend to the loyalty program, with passengers of both airlines able to accumulate miles on all flights operated under this new agreement. Members of Saudia’s AlFursan program will enjoy more privileges and specific benefits when traveling with Virgin Atlantic.

New routes available to Saudia customers include flights from Jeddah and Riyadh to ten major international destinations, including Britain, the United States and the Caribbean.