Check-in online for a Saudia flight

If you've been on a plane before, that shouldn't come as a surprise to you anymore. All companies, including Saudi Arabia's Saudi Airlines, offer their passengers to check-in 24 hours before departure, directly online. But then a simple question is: why is this useful?

In fact, it is not mandatory to do the procedure electronically. It is quite possible to arrive in front of your company counter and check in. However, some operators try to charge for this service if you haven't done it online. As soon as you fly on a long-haul flight, rest assured: it is no problem to arrive at the counter the same day without checking in.

What does remote check-in really do for the passenger?

It is especially this question that should interest you. In reality, it will allow you to choose your seat. This is the main interest. The faster you are, the more you can enjoy an attractive seat without having to pay extra. Because choosing your seat at check-in is very different from paying to reserve it in advance. There, it is no longer a paid option.

Another thing: with an online check-in you have your boarding pass directly. For a low-cost flight without checked baggage, you do not need to queue at the counter. You can go straight to the security checkpoint, so you save time. This is also a real advantage.

Finally, this has two other notable advantages: you will be able to take advantage of small additional services. Saudia offers each of its customers the option of choosing their type of meal, possibly upgrading them if there is room, and avoiding overbooking. Indeed, some companies do not hesitate to sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, ... By checking in, you are sure to have your seat. Check-in for a Saudi Airlines.

Why is it sometimes not possible to check-in online for a Saudia Airlines flight?

Sometimes it is not possible to check in online and the reasons can be various:

- Computer problem on the company site;
- If you have special needs (help with a disability, a pet to register, etc.);
- If there are many of you on the same reservation;
- If your child is traveling alone.

So you can see that in some cases, you will have to go to the counter and complete the procedure to obtain your boarding pass.

What information is necessary and essential to register online?

To be able to check-in for a flight, it's easy: you just need to have the main information about you. Thus, with your date of birth, your identity paper number (passport / national identity card), your name and first names, you should be able to register without any problem.

The check-in deadline on Saudi Airlines flights

This is the time after which you cannot complete this step and thus you cannot obtain your boarding pass.

This service closes one hour before departure on domestic flights, and 1.5 hours on regional and international flights.

The final boarding time ?

Flight attendants close the doors 20 minutes before departure on all flights operated by this airline.

Obtain the boarding pass: What is the boarding pass used for and what information is included on it?

Usually provided with a unique barcode called BCBP (bar-coded boarding pass), the boarding pass is an essential document to pass through the secure area and shows that its holder has authorization to board the flight. indicated on it. The validity of boarding passes is checked using an automatic reader at the boarding gate. The latter keeps airlines' databases up-to-date indicating that the passenger is on board and that checked baggage must remain on the device.

Available in electronic or paper format, it contains at least the name of the passenger, as well as information concerning the flight such as the name of the airline company, the flight number and the seat, the date and the time of the flight, as well as the departure and arrival cities. Other details indicating a passenger's benefits such as lounge access or priority boarding can also be entered to quickly demonstrate traveler eligibility.

What is the difference between the boarding pass and the plane ticket?

Although this document allows you to board the plane, it is not your official ticket. When you make your reservation, an electronic ticket is generated and allows you to obtain your boarding pass when you check in online or at the counter.

How can you get the boarding pass?

Most airlines offer two alternatives for obtaining the boarding pass depending on your decision to check in online or at the airport.

When you check-in online before your flight, your boarding pass will be emailed to you and you can print it at home. You can also request an electronic version that will be displayed directly on your mobile device and that will not require printing. Some international flights allow online check-in, but a passage at the service counter is still required to obtain the boarding pass after passport verification.

If you decide to check-in at the airport, you can print your boarding pass from a designated kiosk or receive it at your airline's service counter.

It is important to know that with an electronic boarding pass, you will not normally need to print it. But since technology can fail and a mobile device is never safe from dead batteries, the safest choice is always to have a hard copy in case something goes wrong.

What happens if you lose your boarding pass?

If you lose your boarding pass issued by Saudia, you can simply go to your airline's service counter when you have not yet gone through security, and if you are in the secure area, proceed to toward the boarding gate and have a duty agent print you a new copy.

Please note that if you try to board a plane without your boarding pass, you will be automatically refused. You absolutely must have it in hand.

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