Passenger rights in the event of a flight canceled by Flynas

In the context of a flight canceled by Flynas, the passenger has several remedies. He can opt for a refund or a modification of his ticket. In the event of a change of flight to the original destination, the passenger does not pay any additional costs. While awaiting the new flight, the Saudi Arabian airline provides free catering and refreshments, offers 2 phone calls, and covers accommodation and transfer costs if necessary.

In the event of a flight canceled less than two weeks before the departure date, the passenger is entitled to a lump sum compensation of between € 250 and € 600, depending on the length of the journey: lump sum compensation of € 250 for flights less than 1,500 km, € 400 for European flights over 1,500 km and international flights under 3,500 km, € 600 beyond.

The amount of compensation is reduced when the transport company offers the passenger another flight at short notice.
If the passenger has incurred costs in anticipation of his trip, hotel reservation or car rental for example - and he is not able to obtain reimbursement, he can obtain compensation for his damage financial to the airline.

How and when to act?

You have five years to make your compensation claim. On this site, you can contact professionals in air law who allow you to carry out all the procedures online, from sending a free Third Party Claim to referral to the District Court.

After a canceled flight, you agreed to take another flight a few hours later. Are you entitled to compensation?
When the passenger accepts another flight a few hours after the canceled flight, he cannot obtain a refund for his ticket but does not bear any additional costs for the new flight. When the arrival time of the new flight is close to the time initially scheduled, the amount of the flat-rate compensation is reduced by 50% if the new flight arrives less than 2 hours after the canceled flight, for trips less than 1,500 km or arrives less than 3 hours after the canceled flight, for intra-Community flights over 1,500 km and international flights under 3,500 km, or if it arrives less than 4 hours after the canceled flight for other journeys.

You agreed to take another flight the next day, do you have to pay for the hotel night?

No. In case of flight cancellation, if Flynas is not able to offer a new departure before the next day, it bears the costs of the passenger's accommodation, as well as the transfers between the airport and the accommodation. Failing that, the passenger can send him his request by mail.

You should have been eligible to have your meal covered while waiting for the next flight, but the company offered you nothing. Can you reimburse your expenses?

In the event of a canceled flight, the airline offering a new flight has the obligation to offer free catering to passengers. Otherwise, the traveler can request reimbursement of the costs incurred.

If the passenger bought a plane ticket and the cancellation of the flight concerned a European flight (flight with Flynas departing from Europe), the European regulation of 2004 provides that the airline must take charge of the travelers until 'so that she can reroute them. If there was no support by the carrier, this text was not respected, and therefore the traveler can request, in addition to the reimbursement of his plane ticket and expenses spent at the airport, a financial compensation.

Do the terms of compensation depend on the nationality of the operating company?

You have already heard of a European regulation which obliges the companies of the European Union to compensate their customers, but what about companies outside the EU?
In fact, the European regulation of 2004 applies in the event of a European flight. It can be applied to a company that does not have a European license (like Flynas) if the flight was departing from a European state, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland. When it comes to a non-European flight, the regulation no longer applies and there, it is generally the law of the country of the airline to which it is necessary to refer to know if there is a refund or a support.

The European regulations provide for assistance measures in the event of flight cancellation in the event of force majeure or for any reason whatsoever. This assistance consists of re-routing by another flight as quickly as possible.
At the request of the passenger, it can result in reimbursement of his flights as well as connecting flights that have become unnecessary. This is very important because often companies try to reimburse only the flight that has been de facto canceled. In addition, the assistance measures also include accommodation and meals if the flight leaves the next day.