Plane ticket booked by Flynas: What are the conditions for a refund?

In the context of a canceled flight, the passenger has several remedies. He opts for a refund or modification of his ticket. In the event of a change of flight to the original destination, the passenger does not pay any additional costs. While awaiting the new flight, the airline Flynas provides free catering and refreshments, offers 2 phone calls and covers accommodation and transfer costs if necessary.

What are you entitled to in the event of a flight cancellation by Flynas?

First of all, make sure your situation corresponds to a canceled flight. See the question: How do you tell a cancellation from a delay?

In application of European regulation n ° 261/2004, in the event of cancellation of your flight, you are entitled without having to justify any particular damage (knowing that your flight with the Saudi company must be scheduled from an EU airport), lump sum compensation and assistance that the company is required to offer you, regardless of the reason for cancellation, even if it is due to extraordinary circumstances, and which includes:

- Full reimbursement of your ticket by your carrier, within seven days, at the price at which it was purchased. The reimbursement must cover not only the trip (s) you were unable to complete due to the cancellation of the flight, but also the trip (s) you have already taken but which have become unnecessary in relation to your travel plan. as soon as possible, plus a return flight to your original point of departure as soon as possible.

- If, for example, the canceled flight was a connecting flight and you choose to forgo continuing your trip, the company is required to compensate you for the flight that enabled you to return to your point of departure and reimburse you for the portion of the journey you had already taken before giving up. The company is required to reimburse you in cash or by any other means of payment (check, bank transfer, etc.). Reimbursement in the form of travel vouchers and / or assets or other services can only be made with your written consent. Cancel your reservation and request your refund here.
Re-routing to the intended destination by another flight, or another mode of transport, under comparable transport conditions and as soon as possible, or at a later date, at your convenience, subject to the availability of seats. The offers offered by Flynas are assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances justifying the cancellation of the flight and, where applicable, the change of mode of transport, but also according to your possibilities and availability of seats or places.

Was the flight canceled due to a device failure? On the other hand, the rerouting offer by train could be regarded as comparable if all Madrid-Amsterdam flights are canceled due to a major climatic phenomenon (storm, snowfall, volcanic eruption, etc.).

In practice, it is the discussion with your company that will determine what is acceptable to you because it is often the wait time you can afford that will determine the solution.

Assistance including

- The free offer, pending the rerouting flight or the return flight, refreshments and the possibility of sufficient catering given the waiting time;
- The possibility of making two free phone calls or sending two telex, two faxes or two electronic messages free of charge.

If the departure of the rerouting flight is not scheduled before the day after the day scheduled for the departure of the canceled flight, you are also entitled, free of charge, to hotel accommodation in the event that a waiting stay is over. 'one or more nights is necessary or when a stay in addition to the one you have planned is necessary, and transport from the airport to the place of accommodation (hotel or other).
During this support, the air carrier must pay particular attention to the needs of people with reduced mobility or all those accompanying them, as well as the needs of unaccompanied children.

It is to highlight that

You are furthermore entitled to a flat-rate compensation from the air carrier, unless you were informed of the flight cancellation at least two weeks before the scheduled departure time or between two weeks to seven days before the scheduled flight departure, canceled and if a seat is offered to you within this period on a rerouting flight scheduled to depart no earlier than two hours before the departure of the originally scheduled flight, and whose arrival at your final destination is scheduled to be no later than four hours after the initially scheduled arrival time; or at least seven days before the scheduled departure time and if the departure of the rerouting flight offered to you within this period is scheduled at the earliest one hour before the departure of the initially scheduled flight, and for arrival at your final destination scheduled no later than two hours after the initially scheduled arrival time.

Either way, it is Flynas' responsibility to prove that she informed you of the flight cancellation and the time frame within which she did so.

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