Riyadh King Khalid Airport: Departures & arrivals flight schedules

The sun is shining, no clouds on the horizon ... Alone, up there, an airplane leaves behind fine white trails of condensation in the blue sky which vanish in a few seconds with the device. No one knows what the destination of this plane is. Nobody, really?

Quite the contrary! On this page, we help you constantly know the state of air traffic in King Khalid Airport, the next major stopover of an aircraft, or what is happening over your city, this service is made for you. But that's not all, this tool delivers other useful information for travelers and their loved ones.

If you want to track flights that have taken off from Riyadh-Roi Khaled Airport or that have taken off from another airport that are going to land at the airport in the Saudi city, you have come to the right place,
On this site, you can track a flight by identifying its number. In the table below, some relevant information about flights serving the main airport of the capital of Saudi Arabia has been gathered. In this table, you can see that it has the most complete data set. You will be the first to know if your plane, or the one carrying the person you were waiting for at the airport, is on time, late, it has not taken off, ...

Address: 539, King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh 13455, Saudi Arabia
IATA code: RUH
Airport type: Civil / International
Manager: Fraport Saudi Arabia Ltd
Province: Riyadh

Terminal information

The airport consists of 5 terminals for passengers, but only 3 are operational for domestic and international flights. The terminals have an annual capacity of 14,000,000 passengers and are equipped with 96 check-in counters and 24 boarding gates. The terminals are located in the same building and all are interconnected.

Taxis are the only means of public transport between the airport and the city center. At the airport you will find official taxis for which you must pay a ticket in advance at a ticket counter. The ride to the city center takes an average of 30 minutes.

No bus line serves King Khaled Airport.

Two three-storey car parks are located in front of the terminals, on either side of the airport mosque.

They have a total of more than 3,000 places, some of which are reserved for people with reduced mobility. The car parks are connected to the terminals and to the mosque thanks to pedestrian crossings.
King Khaled Airport has a police station that ensures the safety of transit passengers.

Several banking points are available to passengers:
Al-Rajhi Bank - Terminal 1 and 2, open: 24 hours a day National Commercial Bank - Terminal 1 and 2, open: 24 hours The exchange offices at the airport are also permanently open for currency exchange. Saudi ATMs
American Bank will allow passengers to withdraw cash for their stay in Saudi Arabia.

A space for children is available in the airport toilets. Travelers will be able to change their infants and children in complete safety.

Numerous shops are present in all the terminals of the airport, in particular Duty Free shops which offer various duty free items.

A post office is located in Terminal 2 of the airport. Travelers can buy stamps there and send various couriers to Saudi Arabia or other countries.

Several snacks are located in the airport and a restaurant is open 24 hours a day in Terminal 3. However, there are no bars in the airport as alcohol consumption is prohibited.