Delayed flight from Europe? Flynas owes you assistance & compensation

In the event of a Flynas flight delayed on departure for at least two hours, flight cancellation, or denied boarding, airlines are required to inform passengers of their rights, a notice setting out the compensation rules and assistance should be distributed to all affected passengers.

The carrier is liable for damage resulting from delay in the carriage by air of passengers, baggage or cargo. Can be understood as damage, for example, a missed important appointment, a paid hotel night or a lost working day, ...
This obligation of assistance from the airline is due in the event of a significant delay, either:
- Delays of 2 hours or more for flights up to 1,500 km or less;
- Delays of 3 hours or more for flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km and all intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 km;
- Delays of 4 hours or more for flights over 3,500 km.

In these cases, the passenger is entitled to free support pending departure (refreshments, meals), or, if the flight is postponed to the next day, to one night in a hotel, to payment for transfers, between the accommodation and the airport. He must get two free phone calls or faxes or e-mails. If support has not been offered, the passenger can claim reimbursement of necessary and reasonable costs incurred. For this, the expense receipts serve as proof.
If the delay is at least 5 hours and the passenger forfeits their trip, they have the right to claim a full refund of their plane ticket, provided they renounce their trip. If he is on a transfer, he can request the return flight to his original point of departure.

- In case of delay of at least 3 hours on arrival
The passenger, whose flight is delayed on departure, must be compensated when he reaches the final destination with a delay of at least 3 hours from the arrival time initially scheduled by the carrier.
The flat-rate compensation provided is:
- 250€ for journeys of 1,500 kilometers or less,
- 400€ for those between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers and for all intra-community flights over 1,500 kilometers (to overseas departments and territories),
- 600€ beyond 3,500 kilometers for non-Community destinations.

The carrier is required to pay the compensation (cash, checks, etc.). Compensation in the form of travel vouchers or credit notes can only be made with the written consent of the passenger.

It is important to remember that no compensation is due if the delay is not attributable to the company (political crisis in the country, bad weather, failures that could affect flight safety, strikes). In the event of a strike, if it is due to the personnel of the company, the passenger must be compensated in all cases. However, if the strike was not caused by the staff and the company can prove that it was unpredictable and that no rerouting solution was possible, the passenger will not receive compensation.

Did you miss your connecting flight because of a delay on your original connection with Flynas?

This is due to reasons beyond the company (bad weather, security ...), the Saudi company is not required by law to compensate you financially. Don't hesitate to insist on getting this small business gesture. If the company is responsible for the delay, they must put you on another flight, and compensate you by offering you monetary compensation.

Be careful, if you miss or do not make the outbound flight as part of a return ticket, the company can simply cancel the ticket (and therefore the return flight) or demand a price increase for your return flight.

Repairing the injury caused by the long delays on Flynas flights: How to get compensation?

If you are in a case where you can obtain compensation, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the airline's customer service department accompanied by a photocopy of your identity document and an identity statement banking.

Do not forget to attach supporting documents for all documents relating to your trip (reservation and / or electronic ticket (itinerary receipt); all boarding cards, in particular in the event of re-routing; certificate relating to an incident given by the carrier; baggage tag; receipts justifying expenses incurred ...).

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