Passengers with a physical disability or visually impaired can travel peacefully on Saudia planes

Whether you are suffering from knee, hip or leg pain, heart problems, emphysema, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, chronic fatigue, hearing or visual loss, an anxiety problem or that one cannot stand long standing positions or cover long distances, this is no reason not to travel anymore.

Saudia offers VIP service to people who request it. All you have to do is mention this when making your reservation or go to the Special Needs counter at check-in. We make sure that on arrival someone will be waiting for us with a wheelchair or electric vehicle. We must not be shy. This is a free service.

If long-distance travel is not possible, but a wheelchair is not needed, a cane provides access to the security "Special Needs" lane and allows priority boarding on the plane. So you can walk slowly towards the plane and get settled without being jostled or shouted at for being slower.

Once security has been passed, we look for areas indicated by a pictogram. This is where we can board the electric vehicles that can take us to the boarding area.

If you need support tailored to your hotel, you should mention this when booking and ask for confirmation that our requests have been understood.

At destination, if you need a taxi, you should mention its physical limitation, especially if this requires a larger or adapted car.

If the trip includes train tours, it is best to be at the ticket office in advance and make your needs known. Even if you retain your taste for discovery and adventure, you have to be realistic and respect the limits imposed by the disease. Now might not be the time to sign up for an activity that would be hard to follow.

Traveling with Saudia Airlines from an EU airport?

All air passengers traveling from the European Union, Iceland or Norway have coverage in the event of cancellation, flight delay, denied boarding and baggage incidents. To enable people with disabilities or reduced mobility to travel by plane under conditions comparable to those available to all citizens, the European Union has strengthened their rights.

Take the plane while being blind

Want to go on vacation, but wondering if it's possible to travel with a visual impairment on a plane from Saudia? Are you afraid that your plane trip will be a real ordeal? Do not panic. Taking a plane while being blind, or visually impaired is quite conceivable today. Adapted infrastructure, personal assistance services or the presence of your guide dog in the cabin: airlines including Saudia have made incredible progress so that you can travel with peace of mind despite your disability.

What to plan for before taking the plane

Access to the plane is increasingly simplified today for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or sensory impairments. However, if you want to travel with a visual impairment, it is important to be well informed to avoid unpleasant surprises. Airlines have very diverse policies, so it is wise to contact the assistance service of the Saudi company and inquire about its infrastructure or its conditions to be accompanied by a doctor, or a guide dog for example.

In order to improve the comfort of blind passengers, Saudia provides this category of passengers with an assistance service. Thus, passengers with visual impairments will be greeted upon arrival at the airport in order to be assisted in the various stages of the journey. Taking the plane while being blind is not an easy thing, the safety instructions will be explained to you personally.

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