Flynas online check-in & electronic boarding pass

It is very easy to check in online with a computer. In general, this is possible between 48 hours and 2 hours before departure (depending on the airline and the destination). Very practical as it will avoid you having to wait at the airport, and will allow you to choose your seat and print your boarding pass yourself.

If you have booked a scheduled flight? Then you owe each passenger the e-ticket. The electronic tickets for your reservation you can print yourself here.

For a company like Flynas, it is necessary to respect the registration deadline. Passengers must do this 48 hours before departure.

Service available on all international Flynas flights

Passengers on flights operated by the Saudi Arabian company can now check-in remotely. This service even allows passengers to select and choose their seat in advance on scheduled flights.

Silver, Gold and Platinum members of the Nasmiles loyalty program are now able to choose their seat online at any time after they have made their reservation.

Losing your boarding pass, what to do in this case?

In fact, you don't really lose her. Computing obliges, this sesame of access to the plane is recorded once and for all by the computer at the time of its emission. It is therefore sufficient to reprint the paper support, which is mandatory to get on board. The only condition is to prove that you have been checked in for the flight by presenting an identity document or entering a reference number at a self-service kiosk.

If the loss occurs before going to the boarding lounge: return to the check-in counter to explain the problem to the hostess who will re-issue your boarding pass after verifying your identity. Or reprint it yourself at an automatic kiosk if your company has such machines in the terminal.

In this case, several identification numbers are possible: passport, identity card, loyalty card, ticket or reservation number. (Remember, moreover, that originally, the “reprint” function of these terminals mainly allows you to change seats on the plane and therefore obtain a new card with the new seat number.)

If you notice the loss of your card after going through the boarding lounge: no need to retrace your steps and go through all the controls. Talk to the hostess who is boarding. She will issue you another card, after verifying your identity.

What if your card flies off the tarmac when you get into the aircraft? The hostess who welcomes passengers on board will request the issuance of a new card by telephone. By the time it arrives, this obviously risks delaying take-off ... Just avoid meeting the eyes of other passengers.

Are you always offered to check-in online before a flight, but you never have? It has become routine when you buy your plane ticket online. Flynas suggests that you register online on its website. So what are the real advantages of checking in on the internet the day before you leave?

Avoid the queue
If you do not have baggage to put in the hold, you can avoid waiting in line at the airline counter. You will then be able to go directly to security. A huge time saver that can save you from having to arrive at the airport 2 hours before.

If you have baggage to check in, checking in online can still save you some time. Flynas has a dedicated counter for those already checked in where they can drop off their luggage without having to queue for check-in.

Choose your seat before everyone else

When you check in at the counter, it's often the seat lottery, you never know which seat you're going to fall on. By checking in online, you will be able to choose your seat before the majority of passengers. Not only do you have a better chance of getting the seat you want, but you also have a better chance of ending up in a first boarding group. And if you are wondering which seat to choose, the Flynas site gives you access to the seat map of the plane on which you will be traveling.

Access additional services

In addition to online check-in, airlines now offer a multitude of additional services: choice of a seat giving more space for tall people, additional checked-in baggage, upgrades, access to the lounges of the airport,… Most of these services require additional charges, but some are also free such as the choice of meals and snacks. If you have a specific diet: allergies, vegetarian or vegan, you can tell the company before the final validation of your registration.

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