Saudia inflight entertainment: Several services are available to passengers

When traveling by plane, time can sometimes pass slowly. Fortunately, Saudia is innovating and today offers a lot of entertainment, especially on flights to distant destinations. With its latest generation planes, which are equipped with a WiFi connection and individual screens offering a wide choice of movies, games, etc. Being bored on an airplane is now only an old memory.

Wi-Fi on board

Internet is present on board the planes of the Saudi company. Ideal for travelers who want to stay in touch with friends or work. In recent years, companies have invested heavily to equip their fleets with a high-performance WiFi connection.
Some companies offer free Wi-Fi, such as Saudia. But the Saudi company also offers paid plans to its customers for a high-speed connection.

Individual screens to watch your favorite programs in the sky
Interactive and tactile, the individual screen is now essential for long flights. It offers a varied entertainment program, updated every month and available in several languages. Hundreds of hours of entertainment are available to you. Discover the content of these programs below:
- Films: dozens of films of all genres (comedies, dramas, etc.) are often available
- Radios: Radio channels are sometimes available
- Television program: series, documentaries and cartoons from television
- Relaxation program: films offering advice on how to relax on board the plane (muscle exercises, etc.)
- TV news: some companies provide live viewing of the latest national and international news.
- Games: individual or interactive games; action games, cards, quizzes, puzzles, arcades, ...
- Geovision: map and information (cruising speed, altitude, etc.) to track and locate the aircraft in real time.

Apart from connected entertainment programs, a few other activities are available:
Magazines and newspapers: Saudia has its own magazine published each month and offers daily and weekly newspapers.

Pouches for children

A play kit can be offered to children under 12 depending on the company sale on board: tax-free products are sold on board in duty free (often at the back of the aircraft)

In-flight entertainment refers to the entertainment available to passengers on airplanes during a flight. The current trend is to set up device systems that provide Internet connectivity, allowing the user to stream a predefined range of multimedia content. As a result of this trend, Saudia is making rapid progress to provide entertainment on board short, medium and long-haul commercial flights.

In-flight entertainment is offered on all Saudia widebody aircraft. All of its devices are equipped with HD screens,

Like in your sofa

Saudia is committed to providing all of its passengers with the means to have fun while traveling on its planes. The Saudi Arabian company has set up a free offer on all of its domestic and international lines.

Thanks to in-flight connectivity, it is above all the organization of travel that could be improved.

Everyday comfort is also available in the sky

Do not deprive its customers of their daily habits: on its domestic lines equipped with WiFi, Saudia allows its passengers to find their favorite series, shows or sports, even at an altitude of ten thousand meters. It offers their travelers the possibility to connect and access their entertainment programs. With the latest generation entertainment systems, it is also live television in the sky. What fans of the 24 hour news and, above all, sports enthusiasts will be the first to rejoice. The channels broadcasting sports programs are now present throughout its entire fleet, with the strength of owning the sports rights to many international competitions.

Have fun with Saudia's new app

Saudia provides you with a downloadable mobile application from Google Play and Apple Store with which you can access a multitude of entertainment programs.

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