Modify a reservation: Correct or change the passenger’s name and the flight date

At the crucial moment when you had to enter your name to purchase your plane ticket, your finger ripped off the keyboard. Now you find yourself the owner of a ticket that is almost in your name but unfortunately not quite. What to do?

Changing the details of a plane ticket can sometimes cost you as much as the ticket itself, even if you just want to remove or add a letter in your name.

A simple spelling mistake on your ticket may be enough reason not to let you on board. So airlines take advantage of this, and charge you for most of the changes you want to make to your ticket, but Flyadeal doesn't, which just asks you to download only a copy of your ticket. identity, accompanied by your reservation reference. These data must be transmitted to its customer relations department by completing this form.

Change the departure date / time

Organizing a business trip is not always easy to do. An additional meeting, a client finally absent, ... the days of departure and arrival may vary. Flyadeal's new service allows travelers to change their schedules or even their departure dates up to ninety minutes before departure (90min).

If you need to change your reservation, cancel your flight, or purchase new tickets, you may need to pay a service charge. The service fees correspond to the management fees necessary to make the requested changes.

Please keep in mind that you may incur other charges in addition to the service charges below. For example, you may have to pay an amendment fee, a cancellation fee, or the difference to the price of a new ticket. The amount you will be charged depends on many factors such as the country where you are located when you make or change your reservation, or how flexible your ticket is.

If you already have a reservation, you may be able to change the date or time of your flight using the Manage My Reservation section. You will also be able to see if you can do it for free or for a fee. All you have to do is go to Manage my Reservation to enter the new data and re-validate the airline ticket reservation.

You can change the date of your flight until before the close of online check-in before departure (1h30), provided that the flight is used by the same person on the same route and is listed in our published flight schedule. You can change your reservation both online and on mobile, via the Call Center (customer service page) or at the airport counter.

Log in to the “Reservation Management” section with your username and password. There you will find an overview of the flights you have booked.

Select the flight you want to change, enter the new flight date.

Finally, you can change your flight to the desired travel date for a fixed amount and, if applicable, for the payment of the fare difference.

You have the option to change your reservation free of charge until before the online check-in closes before the scheduled departure time of the flight in question, online, through Flyadeal's online services, by phone or in person. at the airport counter.

Please note that changes to the flight date made online are only possible for the same fare. If you wish to upgrade to the higher rate, you can make this change in advance by phone or at the airport counter.

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