Saudia Airlines: Ticket Refund & Online Claim

Did you book a flight with Saudi Airlines to any destination? Did you plan to take a plane to a sunny destination? But your plans have changed because of the Saudi company? How do you get a refund for your plane ticket in these two very different cases?

A canceled flight is a refunded flight

When an airline cancels a flight (regardless of the reason for the cancellation) and the passenger was therefore unable to take advantage of the service purchased, the latter must be reimbursed (regardless of the nature of their ticket: can be canceled or not, modifiable or not…). The regulations provide for a refund within seven days, at the price at which the plane ticket was purchased. Reimbursement can be made "in cash, by electronic bank transfer, by bank transfer, by check, or, with the signed agreement of the passenger, in the form of travel vouchers."

Repayment via a credit note: only if the customer agrees?
The law is therefore very clear: Saudi Airlines or all other airlines have the right to refund the canceled flight in the form of a credit but only if the consumer agrees with the principle of this travel voucher. Under no circumstances can carriers impose a refund via a credit note.

The steps to be reimbursed for a flight canceled by Saudia

When a consumer has a dispute with a professional, the first step in making a complaint is to try to resolve the problem with the customer relations department of the professional involved. So contact the carrier if he has not already done so on his side. If the operator only offers you a refund for the canceled flight in the form of a credit note, you have the right to remind them that they are not following the law. Contact their customer service (by email or phone) and make your point of view heard by requesting a cash refund. If you don't mind the idea of a credit, you can also negotiate with the company for more than the initial purchase.

Unfortunately, companies often turn a deaf ear and present bon voyage as the only possible solution. Worse still: they sometimes give the impression that the refund must be accepted very quickly or else you will not be entitled to anything.

If contacts by email or telephone with Saudia do not give anything, you can send him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt asking for a refund in cash for your canceled flight.

The last step for a complaint, if nothing can be done amicably and the airline is still not complying with the regulations, is to go to court. This process is often complicated for an individual, especially since the sums involved are sometimes not very high and the cost of a lawyer can be a deterrent.

Cancel his ticket for medical reasons himself?

Companies such as Saudia only agree to reimburse in very specific cases. However, claims for reimbursement motivated by medical inability to travel are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Even if the conditions of use specify that no refund will be made under any circumstances, it is always good to check whether the carrier is ready to make a gesture in favor of the passenger.

If you are requesting a refund, prepare documents justifying your inability to travel.
The conditions of use that apply when purchasing a scheduled flight strictly define the cases in which cancellation and reimbursement of a flight is possible.

In the majority of companies, with a few exceptions, even if the tariff does not provide for the possibility of reimbursement, you can still request reimbursement of taxes and fees. This is usually only possible if you do not complete the flight. In the event that you only use part of your ticket, reimbursement of taxes and airport charges corresponding to the portion of the unused ticket may be excluded or limited.

Report your problem and request cancellation of your ticket in advance
In order to obtain a quick refund of taxes and airport fees, it is better to report your inability to take the flight before the flight departs.

Apart from reimbursement of taxes and airport fees, some companies may consider reimbursing the flight, in whole or in part.

You can report your inability to travel by contacting Saudia customer service by phone or by email:

To request your refund electronically, please complete this form.

Cancellation of a ticket on the day it is issued is possible on some airlines. To do this, you must contact Customer Service. After the day following issuance, tickets for scheduled flights may be canceled under the terms provided in the terms of use.

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