Contact the offices of Saudia in Port Louis

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  1. Hello
    How much do we have to pay for an extra baggage of 23 kg in Saudi Airlines?
    Am asking on behalf of hajees who are in Madina right now.

  2. hello, kindly send me the email address for me to request group air fares on saudi airlines from mauritius.
    thank you

    1. well, they never reply me at the saudi office in mauritius .

      ive filed a complaint where on both ways my sister and I have NOT got the meal and even been refused for a 7up can . the lady told me that im not authorised to drink what a non sense.

      Ive just made an official complaint in jeddah.

      anyways , the service was very bad ,

      Belaal MANJOO

  3. Hello.
    I hold a Mauritian Passport and I am travelling from Mauritius to Frankfurt on the 22 July 2022 by Saudia Airline. I will leave Mauritius on Friday 22 July at 1610 ,flight no. 482 . I will have a transit of 12 hour 10 min in Jeddah airport and taking the flight from Jeddah to Frankfurt on Saturday 23 July at 10 20 am flight 167. I confirm that I will only stay in the airport during the transit. As per the Saudi Consulate in Mauritius , Mr Mohamed, I do not require a transit visa if I am not going out of the airport. I will humbly request Saudia Airline to please confirm the same so as to avoid any problem at the airport during my departure on Friday 22 July. Thank you for your cooperation . Best Regards. Vinay Kanhye

  4. I will travel from MRU to LHR on November 12. So I need to do a PCR test and do I need a transit visa although I will spend at most 5 hours at Riyad and Jeddah airports. Thanks.

  5. Hi
    I would like to travel from Mauritius to Paris on the 12 july, landing on 13 juy, paris and back on the 16 August.
    Thank you to give me a quote please.

  6. Bonjour je tiens à vous remercier beaucoup pour le changement de billet pour mon fils Mons Mohamad Shakeel anadrow destination cette paris Maurice / Maurice paris Désolé je me souviens pas vôtre noms mais c’était un monsieur formidable très serviable vous fait de bon travail merci beaucoup à très bientôt ????

  7. Am a Saudi citizen actually in Mauritius but going back on the 25 th November
    I would like to know if i need a PCR test to travel back to Jeddah? THANK YOU

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