Contact the offices of Saudia in Bangkok

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  1. My Nmae is Joey
    Email Address:
    Mobile : 66 82-914-6649

    1How much is the cost for the extra luggaes charges nd how many kilogram per piece.
    2. How much is the cost for the Frozen Foods that will be sending by Air Freight
    3. Any regulatiuon that we should know.

    Please kindly reply to my email . Thank You.

    With Regards,

    Joey Jarngsakuljaroen
    Operations Department
    Vega Intertrade and Exhibitions LLC.
    Mobile No : +66 82 914 6649
    Email :

  2. I am in Thailand
    I have to call a Thai number to get information on my return flight.
    Can you send me the phone number to do , !
    I believe i did all the numbers found in the net .
    I called after 9:00.
    Thank you.

  3. Dear Sur / Madam
    I have a flight Bangkok to Jeddah at feb 12, 1h30 stop in Jeddah and then Jeddah to Tunis, all flights with Saudi Airlines.
    1- Can i change it with 3 days stop in Jeddah and how much have i to pays?
    2- If i can do that, is it possible for me to have a free visitor visa juste for thèse 3 days?
    Thanks you.
    Best regards.
    Raouf Ben Kilani

  4. Hello!
    I have a scheduled flight on the 23rd of July to LA and have a lay over in Jeddah.
    Here are my concerns
    1. What are the travel requirements needed?
    2. Do I need a Covid test? I am fully vaccinated with booster shots.
    3. If Covid test is needed, is antigen test okay?

    Thank you in advance!

  5. My family is scheduled to leave Bangkok on July 9, 2022 to JFK in New York.

    We have a connecting flight in Jeddah.

    What are the requirements for international travels with a connecting flight in Jeddah?

  6. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would to request quotation for group hajj as below:
    1- Group 1 (54 people ) BKK-JED-BKK
    Departure: 01 Jul 2022,
    Return: 10 Aug 2022
    2- Group 2 (55 people) BKK-JED-BKK
    Departure: 01 Jul 2022
    Return: 04 Aug 2022

    Can you please tell me the info you require to do so?

    One more thing, can we issue a ticket with our system for Haji Visa for our passenger? Which class should we book it?

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards,
    Soffiya Ms.
    H/P: +85516351194/12 92 55 05

  7. Dear All Concern,

    I would like to know for this booking code 62NLKQ , Why airline cancell booking BKK LAX BKK ?
    And I would like to know for Telephone number of Reservation and Ticketing in Thailand.

    SC SV 845 L 09JUN BKKJED TK/HK1 021 414 O*
    SC SV 41 L 09JUN JEDLAX HX/XK1 845 1455 O*
    SC SV 42 K 16JUN LAXJED HX/XK1 2040 2200 O*
    SC SV 846 K 18JUN JEDBKK HX/XK1 240 1700 O*
    VLOC-1A* 62NLKQ /25MAY 0636

  8. Dear,

    I booked a flight from Bangkok to Cairo, the 8th of August, flight number 0652140591543
    I’m traveling with 2 pets in hold (1 dog – 1 cat) and I need to book them as well.

    Can you please tell me the info you require to do so?

    Best regards,

    Gwendoline Huart

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