Contact the offices of Saudia in Amsterdam

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  1. Hello,

    We have booked in december 2022 a returnflight from Amsterdam- Delhi, but the agency has canceled the return flight Delhi Amsterdam on may 9th and 19, 2023 without any reason.Our returnflight from Delhi to Amsterdam on may 9th for passenger Ravi Chin ten Fung and on the date 19 may for passengers A. Oemrawsingh and Jaira Chin ten Fung has been canceled bij the travel agency Mytrip.
    We have called many times during our holiday in India, had a lot of stress because the we did not get any help from My trip or Saudia.

    I have filed a huge complaint about Saudia and My trip with their very bad and rude service, but off course we did not hear anything.
    They promised many times to call us back, look into their System to come with an solution and rebook us.
    But no replies and on the phone all the employees have been saying something else without providing service and no replies with emails, or a live chat was not possible with Saudia.

    We had put our hope in Saudia and even went three times to the office in Delhi (which is 10 hours from our destination in India) , but Saudia refused to help us to get back to the Netherlands unless we buy a new expensive ticket.
    We had to buy three new tickets with another company and it has cost us 1200€ extra.
    In regard to regulation 261/2004 a quick reply and refund has to be made (Verordening (EG) nr. 261/2004).

    With kind regards,
    A. Oemrawsingh

  2. My luggage is missing and also many other passengers how can i get in contact with you. Have try severall times call the office but know answer.
    Is this wat you call “service????”…pfffff

    1. I had the same, on the same flight!!!
      They don’t have service and treat us horrible. Still no answer on calls or email.
      I’ll never fly with Saudi Airlines again!!

  3. Hello,
    Is it possible to take a sealed urn with my mother-in-law’s ashes on the plane from Amsterdam to Jakarta.

    Do you also need a creation certificate for that?

    Thank you very much for your answer!

  4. sir i like to book amsterdam to delhi flight but your webpage is not working properly.depture date and returning date are coming the same.some thing wrong with your webside.your office phone is also not working.i tryied many mobile phone number is 0651110436.please reply my concerns. Regards Bawa

  5. We have booked a flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok. On this flight we have a stopover in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), the stopover lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes, during which we also change planes. Then we fly to Riyadh (Arabie Saoudite) avec un arrêt technique of 45 minutes and then fly on to Bangkok.
    I would like to know if we need a visa for this s’arrête and Arabia Saoudite?

  6. Good morning,
    I’ve booked a flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok. On this flight we have a stop at Jeddah for 2 hours and 45 minutes and change to another plane . After that stop we have a technical stop at Riyad for 45 minutes. I want to know if we need a visa for these stops.

    1. Did you get already an answer on your question? We have the same problem and the same flight …
      That question is in red on our plane ticket but we can’t get any information about it. Saudi airlines phone numbers are incorrect or not working. Very sorry about booking this ticket.

  7. Hello,
    The mentioned contact number in amsterdam is not correct, please mention the correct contact number in The Netherlands

  8. I’m in Netherlands and have sechian visa for five years and also UK visa upto Dec is valid.on returning black to Pakistan I want to perform umrah.may I get visa on arrival.I have Pakistani passport and ticket of Saudi airline

  9. I boek my ticket 15 March 2022 but I can not travel because Iwas extrem sick.
    Still i do not vet my mony back please help me .

  10. Dear Sir,Madam,

    I’ve booked tickets for my 2 daughters, age 20 and 21 yrs old. I booked the tickets with my creditcard.
    If they check in they need to verify the creditcard used for payment and the owner of the credit card.
    Do I have to be there in person when my daughters check in at the airport? Or can I give my daughters a copy of my credit card together with a copy of my passport and my declaration that I paid for the tickets, all together with my signature?

  11. Good evening saudi airlines we are flying saudi airlines from netherland and we have stopover in riyadh 22.55 do we need a transit visa airport ? If ever yes where we can apply for that visa. Hoping we heard as soon as possible the answer . Thank you.
    Your Passenger
    Ruth Dogando Caylan

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