Saudia Airlines Claim: Lost or damaged baggage owes you explanations and compensation

Baggage is considered delayed if it is not present when you get off the plane but is delivered to you later. If during the period of absence of your baggage, you had to buy basic necessities (hygiene products, underwear, etc.), you can request reimbursement from the airline on presentation of invoices.

You have three weeks (21 days) from the date the baggage was made available to you to make a written complaint to the carrier. In the absence of a written complaint within this period, any action against the company is inadmissible.

If you notice that your baggage is not there on your arrival, report it immediately to the Saudia counter or to the company that made the last flight so that it can register your complaint and, if necessary, start the search for your baggage.
If there is no counter, contact your operator as soon as possible (reachable on +966920003777) to report the absence of your baggage and obtain a file number. If you are on vacation, don’t wait until you get home.

Make a declaration within 21 days
Go immediately to the baggage service desk at the airport who will give you a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with a personal reference that will allow you to track the status of your delayed baggage online and to modify your data if for example the delivery address or your contact details are inaccurate or have changed. If you cannot find this office or it is closed when you arrive, go to the company website and complete a lost baggage form.

Keep invoices for your basic necessities
It is important to keep all invoices for the purchase of essential goods so that you can then claim reimbursement from the airline (they do in most cases). Some companies can also provide you with a basic kit or cover your initial expenses. The company is not, however, required to do so.

Compensation and reimbursement for lost baggage

If your suitcase is permanently lost after the 21 day period, you can get a refund. Invoices or proof of purchase of the goods in the suitcases must be provided (obviously the dates of purchase must be prior to the trip). The reimbursement will be equal to the invoices provided for the goods in the suitcase and will be capped at 1.131DTS (special drawing right: international currency), i.e. between € 1,300 and € 1,400 per passenger. You can only get more if you have made a declaration of value before the trip.

Please note: this is a reimbursement per passenger and not per lost baggage. If you do not have an invoice, you can request € 20 per kilo that your baggage weighs.

Lost luggage: what are your rights?

If the carrier admits the loss of your checked baggage or if your baggage has not arrived at its destination within twenty-one days from the date it should have arrived, it is considered lost. You are then entitled to claim reimbursement for your lost property and suitcase.

You will be able to obtain compensation, but be aware that in the event of loss of baggage, airlines including Saudi Airlines do not reimburse lost personal effects on the basis of their new value but often apply a discount.

You must send a written request to your carrier enclosing the invoices for the purchase of lost goods.

If there is no luggage, the company can sometimes provide you with a basic kit or give you a credit to cover your initial expenses due to the absence of your suitcase, but this is not an obligation.

Baggage damage (damaged parts): what are your rights?

If you notice upon receipt of your baggage that it has been damaged or destroyed during transport, you can request reimbursement of the price of your suitcase and damaged goods from the carrier.

To do this, you must write to the company within 7 days of receiving your suitcase, providing as much information as possible about the goods damaged during transport (photographs of the damaged goods, purchase invoices, etc.).

Lost or damaged baggage: what compensation does the airline owe?

The liability limits are set in units of account of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) varying according to currency fluctuations. They can amount to 5,950 Saudi Riyal (1330 euros per passenger).

If your damage is below these limits, you can only claim reimbursement for the amount of your damage.
If the amount of your proven damage is greater than the liability limit, you will only be able to claim compensation equal to this limit.

Submit a complaint online

You can file your complaint electronically, if you do not receive your luggage ten days after your arrival at the destination airport, or if you have not received it in its original condition.

Track the status of your complaint online
Saudia provides its customers with a tool (World Tracer ( ) allowing them to track their lost / damaged baggage claim file remotely.

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  1. Hello, I am writing this to claim about my missing luggage. I was on flight SV 705 KHI-JED, SV 115 JED-LHR on 5th september 2023 2:20AM. On Heathrow airport I couldn’t find my one bag which was a brown Carton wrapped in white plastic, name HASSAN was written on it. I had complaint to the customer service and they asked me to fill a form and include all my personal details which i did so. Now it’s been 19 days but I didn’t get any update regarding my carton. Please find my Carton ASAP as it contains some important things like my kitchen set, comforter, spoons/knife/folk, baby diapers and wipes etc. .

  2. Our luggage did not arrive Gatwick. We flew from DAC to JED (flight number: SV 0803) on Thurs 14th September. Connecting flight was from JED to LGW (flight number SV 0119). We left our contact details with airport staff, with the understanding that we would be contacted within 48 hours. However, it has now been 5 days, and we have not received any updates. Despite our efforts to seek assistance, we have encountered a frustrating lack of information and direction. We initially reached out to Saudi Airlines, who redirected us to Gatwick Airports. Gatwick Airports, in turn, advised us to contact Global Baggage Solutions Gatwick. Unfortunately, Global Baggage Solutions Gatwick has informed us that they do not handle Saudi flights. We have not heard anything from Red Handling following our query on Saturday and again today.

    This situation has been quite frustrating, and we are struggling without our belongings. An update would be greatly appreciated- thank you.

  3. Hi I arrive here in Manila few hours ago 2:30 pm my one baggage lose my travel Kuwait to Riyad . Riyad to manila only one baggage I found my one is not why? I need that baggage because all my need there and my gift to my pamily please send here in Manila airport terminal 1 Ninoy international airport please 😔

  4. I flew from riyadh to london Heathrow on the 29/8/23. My luggage hadn’t arrived. I made a report at the baggage claim next to the conveyor belt. The man said my luggage wasn’t scanned prior to the flight. My husband and I have made claims. We have a case file number but we have not received any form of update. None of the phone numbers listed on the website work. This is very frustrating. My luggage contains many personal items along with important medication that I despite need. It’s been 2 days with no update at all. There has been daily flights coming from riyadh to Heathrow. Yet no info on my lost suitcase.

        1. Hi Lauren,

          I hope you’re well. Can you please let me know how did you recieve your luggage? As mine’s lost too and there’s been no communication with Saudi Airlines in this regard. No one’s contacting me despite making claims on website and ringing different numbers.

          Thanks 🙂

  5. LOST ITEMS ON AIRPLANE- Riyadh-Paris Flight- May 2023

    I am writing to report a lost item on my recent flight from Riyadh to Detroit via Paris. Specifically, I left my SONY Headset 1000xM4 on my seat in business class during Flight SV 143/AF 6671 on Sunday, May 14, 2023.
    Upon my return flight on Saturday, May 20, 2023, I inquired with the Saudia team on boarding flight SV 144/AF6672 about my lost item. Back Office Supervisor *** informed me that the headset was in the office but could not be retrieved at that time.

    I spoke with Saudi hosts about it, and later I sent an email to cbs@saudia.Com (11-07-2023) but unfortunately. no response from Saudi airlines

  6. Dear Saudi Airlines Customer Service,
    I am writing to follow up on my claim for the lost baggage during my local trip from Dammam to Jeddah on July 17, 2021. My claim number is 615313 and 631140, and the bag’s total cost was 180 Euro. I have filled out the required form and received the claim number, but unfortunately, I have not received any response from your end.
    As a customer, it is disheartening to experience such poor customer service from an airline that I have trusted for several years. I have been waiting for a response since July 17, and I would appreciate it if you can expedite the resolution of my claim.
    I understand that several factors could be responsible for the delay, but as a customer, I deserve a prompt response and a satisfactory solution to my problem. I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated on the status of my claim and ensure that the lost baggage cost is reimbursed at the earliest.
    Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      1. I also lost my bags and waited for hours at Gatwick Airport today but no sign of luggage… I also have important medical requirements and require my bag urgently… Send email to cbs@saudia.Com but no reply

  7. telephone is not working Saudi AIRLINES has very bad service ,I lost my bag no body need to help me , where is the online form, why not put real telephone number ?

  8. I travelled on Saudi Airlines on my return from Hajj on July 10th, 2023. When I arrived in London (Gatwick Airport), one of my suitcases was missing. The Red Handling Agent filled out a lost baggage form with me and handed me a document explaining what would happen next in the process to locate my bag.

    On July 11th, I sent an email to the address given to me by the Red Handling Agent asking for an update. The same agent responded that Saudi Airlines would furnish me with a Reference Number which would be used for future communications, claims etc. SAUDI AIRLINES NEVER CONTACTED ME and even though I emailed the Red Handling Agent on several occasions after, they have never responded.

    I have not received my lost luggage (20 days have passed) and I cannot make an official complaint or file a claim because Saudi Airlines never sent me a Reference Number. In the meantime, I have lost personal objects, gifts and many other items with no one taking responsibility for mishandling my baggage.

  9. Hello,
    my luggage got lost recently on a flight with Saudia and I received it back after 3 days. For customer meetings, I had to buy some things, which I would like to get refunded from Saudia. I already sent a few mails, but no reply, yet. Could you support me in this matter?
    I am from Germany.

  10. My baggage was lost during flynas flight from Madeena to Riyadh in 21 May. Still there is no status and missing . Kindly request to proceed to give compensation for my lost baggage

    1. 2 of my baggages have been missing since 22nd April 2023 flight from Jeddah to Nairobi. Requested compensation but still no contact back from the airlines.

  11. To whom it may concern,
    I’m not quite sure where I can request compensation. My flight SV1051 from Riyadh to Jeddah , planned on 19/05/2023 was canceled and I therefore missed my reservation at the Movempick hotel in Meccah and I also lost my luggage for 4 days where i was obliged to go buy clothes for nearly 5000 riyal and had to pay a penalty at the hotel .
    I did not reach my destination for another 3 days and would like to claim compensation for that.
    I have already reached out via your website but the airline has not responded to it.
    Therefore I’m asking you kindly to respond to my message to advise me where I can claim compensation.
    My email is
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you very much.

    1. I’m Muhammad Talha Aslam. I reached Saudia Arabia by Saudi Airline from lahore airport on 11th july 11:40am flight. I had a 2 hour stay in Jaddah. There I had my luggage bag.when I reached Riyaz I don’t get my luggage bag. I find a lot, I wait for 2 hours to get my bag I also reported to airport administration & reported online too. But now it’s gonna be six days I don’t get my luggage bag. I had my essentials in it, my dresses to wear which I only brought to saudia. I had things in that of about 1 lac. Please help me to found my luggage.

  12. السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته my File Reference: KULSV16508 and my Al Fursan Number is 1000534460. I didn’t get My bag and Zamzam carton 5 litre on my flight no. SV834/28APR and Tag No: SV703244/SV703155 from Jeddah to kuala lumpur. Please send all my goods to my home address in Malaysia :(Pv6 block b_15_1
    Jalan Melati Utama 1, Melati Utama, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

  13. Hi Saudia Airlines 28/4/2023 I returned from Riyadh to London still missing my Baggage and have not received any contact or information after 8 nights.

    This is not possible, I needed to get an answer

  14. My personal wheelchair was lost after it was taken by the airport staff who escorted my parents into the plane

    After that the position of the wheelchair is unknown

    Therefore when we arrived at Jeddah, we did not find my personal wheelchair in the Jeddah airport baggage

    I ask for compensation from the airport or Saudia Rp. 1,260,000 which I will pay to the wheelchair rental service

  15. Hi Saudia,

    I was on Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Geneva via Jeddah on Mar 6. One of my checked bags, a very important music instrument inside a flight case, was checked in in Malaysia, but didn’t arrive in Geneva. We filed a property irregularity report with the Geneva ground office called Swissport, but since then more than 48 hours have elapsed and Swissport is telling us that they wrote emails to Saudia and nobody has responded. We don’t know where the bag is, if it is still in Kuala Lumpur, if it ever made it onto any planes, or made it onto the wrong plane. Since more than 2 full days have passed since we reported the bag lost, I thought it’s very unreasonable that there would be no information. I called the Saudia general customer support office and they gave me the Saudia customer service phone numbers at Kuala Lumpur Airport, Jeddah Airport, and Geneva Airport, and nobody answers the phone at any of those locations.

    How can this be the experience of a customer when trying to find the luggage they have checked in and gone missing as a fault of the airline’s? It is baffling and not acceptable. Please if anyone is reading these comments, I would appreciate an answer as to where my luggage is asap.

  16. Hi Saudi airlines team ,
    I arrived with family on 28Feb 2023 @ Manchester airport from Madina to JEDDAH to Manchester one of my suitcase didn’t arrived its almost 3days now no update on missing baggage tracking/ tracing system can some advise

  17. Saudi airline is worst airline I have seen.the staff at king abdulaziz international airport is extremely non cooperative and dull, low IQ level flight was at 1:40 on 20/1/2023. A female staff entered wrong time by her mistake.the seniors at ticketing area, inspire of punishing her changed my flight.i stayed at night outside airport and my luggage went into wrong plane.they were totally unsupportive.i will not suggest any one to go with this airline.they are just looting people.

    1. Please help,One of my mother’s luggages in the checking of Jeddah Airport, could not take it. How can my mother get this luggage? My mother is now staying in mothers luggage have been missing flight on feb 15 at 6.55 mn.She’s name Razia Begum,Mobil number 0572257731(saudia)
      Luggage colour is brown.medium size.The handle was wrapped in a red ribbon. Please if you get this luggage contact this uper number..
      Thanking from
      Saheda Begum

  18. My luggage has been missing since my flight SV21 on Jan 12th. I haven’t heard anything after multiple emails and forms.

  19. Hi

    My baggage was lost on 7.Jan .i have raised a missing baggage complaint.
    I was traveling from Cochin to Zurich via Riyadh.
    Airline not only lost my luggage,they don’t assist at all to find it out.
    All the helpline contacts are helpless .

  20. Hi. Sir/madam pls. Help left my luggages to Dammam to riyadh so until now did not or nomor call. And saying the naia Airport until now. Nomor call the Saudi airline for left my luggages so pls. Help me😢becouse my thinks is important and from my family. Thank you godbles🙏

    1. Hey Saudi airline what happen until now my luggages did not see or no contuct. What happen Icall the naia airline saying my luggages did not see until now Dec. 23 until now jan19 so next month I back the Saudi what happen my luggages so slow respond my God. So pls this my cp. No 09556419565 if you see my luggage psl. Call me this is important thinks. And for my family 😢 so pls. Pls. Help me

  21. Hi..

    I was recently travelling from istanbul to Jakarta and transit through Medina on 3 January 2023 using Saudia Airline. I have not found one of my baggage upon arrival terminal in Jakarta. I have filed complained and they assumed its because the short transit time. The waiting time of my flight was reschedule from 2 hours until 7 hours, which I believe none sense if you told us that its very short. We also pay extra baggage yet the baggage service was not very pleasing. They only said to wait still tracking on process. How come they did not have the information at all after several days? There are many important things inside the luggage. Please, we need quick response

  22. Hi I have lost my baggage yesterday in the Delhi airport. I travelled from the JFK airport to Delhi airport but my bags are not received. And I tried contacting the number they have provided but no response from them. I am in need of my luggage urgently. I tried contacting this people for multiple times. I am travelling back in 10 days. Kindly help me with my baggage.

    1. Hey Bhavithra,

      I think I was on the same flight, and the same happened to me. Pls let me know if you get some response from them.

  23. Hi Team
    I did travel on 5th NOV and 6th NOV from Bangalore to NEOM KSA away Dubai. When i arrived in the airport my check-in bag didn’t arrive and i asked airport authority to raise a bag Compliant they were reluctant and mentioned we don’t have authority to raise any claims. However I did follow up with my travel agent dnata , they found my bag in dubai and they transferred to collect in NEOM, unfortunate NEOM airport don’t have delivery and here TAXI is not available in remote place.
    Somehow I managed to get my bag after 11 days of travel and airport authority least bother to raise delay claim request, when I asked they said its not our problem. Attached ticket and bag delivery note for ref.I raised Baggage claim request on 6th or 7th of NOV which are closed without action saying no CLAIM request.
    Can you please help me create delay CLAIM request Hope you understand the survival in remote place for good about 11 days.

    1. Hi this is Amin Jan Ibrahimi I am Us citizen my connected return back to Us flight was on Dec-17-2022 at 3:40 pm from Jeddah to Dubai and from Dubai back to Riyadh Saudia Arabia and than From Riyadh Saudia Arabia to JFK New York at Dec-18-2022 at 5:50 am and reached here at 11:15 am Dec-18-2022 with no luggage’s of 2 bags with expensive personal belonging inside but from side 2 days I am getting messages to my USA phone number to get your bags from Terminal 1 Dubai
      Than how can I am at US right now the bags are in Dubai it was Saudia Arabia airline responsibility to transfer the passenger with their luggage’s not without luggage’s so I want my luggage’s in anyway that’s not acceptable for me I reached home without luggage’s I am not gone forgive Saudia Arabia airline for this big mistake at all

  24. lost my luggage on my flight from ABHA airport to KHARTOUM airport ,made areport,multiple complains,many calls ,no one is responding and one help me or giving me even right information .Saudi airlines get in touch with me other wise ihave no other choice bedsides hiring alawyer
    Report Number;KRTSV 43555
    My contact mobile Number;0542273790 and 0558654665
    My Email;

  25. MY Bag was lost with the above detail. I was told via email that the bag was forwarded from Riyad to Beirut with SAUDIA AIRLINES o/b SV643/04NOV. Request you apdate me on my lost bag

  26. Travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Munich via Jeddah Male Malaysia

    I have made this claim since 08 Oct 2022, there were no response from Saudi Airlines.

    I need a official notice report form Saudi to make a report for my Insurance purposes and my company to explain the company’s belonging that lost item during that period of times.

    There nobody answering the call. The phone number is a complete faux. Total disappointment of SAUDI poor services.


  27. I received below message
    We have received your ticket 463027, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Here is your ticket details
    Created On:03.10.2022 06:05:18 UTC
    Expected Completion Due Date:04.10.2022 06:30:00 UTC

    Thank you,
    Guest Relations – Baggage Complaints

    Still i did not receive my baggage,2 weeks passed.

  28. Travelling from: Manchester – Jeddah – Male – Singapore

    Airline number: SV124, SV786

    Travelling time: 15.15 hrs (28/6) – 19.05 hrs (29/6)

    Claim reference: SINSV13234

    Tag number: SV204516

    Ticket number: 065214121958802

    Passenger name: Nurin Adnan

    I have made this claim since 29 June 2022 and since then, there were no response from Saudia Airlines. I checked with the airlines office at my local airport and they promised to call me back in 2 days but, it has been over 2 months already. I even made an online baggage claim and called the customers service repeatedly but they only sent me the online link over and over. PLEASE HELP AS WE HAVE IMPORTANT STUFFS.

  29. Lost my baggage on a Saudia flight 21 days ago. I have received 0 response to my baggage claim (ref 447855). Every time I phone the “customer services” they tell me to fill in the claim form, which I already did and is completely useless. Please can somebody address the claim so that I can pursue compensation with my own insurance company – I simply need closure of the case.

    1. Dear Sir /Madam,

      I would like to highly praise the services which are being offered by your Airline but one of my luggage was misplaced and due to this matter I am in so much trouble.

      My family with my kids travelled from Pakistan to Saudi Airline in Flight Number SV-705 Karachi To Jeddah 04/july 2023
      Time Derp 2:50AM Arrival Jed 4:50 AM
      more Details Attach file
      missing the cotton Box Attach the Tack Number. 0065 SV 583970
      Which. Landed (date and Time), However on arrival I was unable to find my luggage which had been lost.

      I would really appreciate it if you please search the bag and inform me of the collection.

      Thanks in advance

      Iman Haider
      Iqma no. 2473181150
      Cell # 966580247391

  30. Could never imagine this would happen to me but it happened, my baggage was lost. It’s been a week since I arrived on a vacation and have no clothes, no swimming suit no cosmetics, NOTHING. My vacation is spoiled plus I worry about my lost belongings every day and try to call to the airport for some news. My baggage is my life, everything is there! No news, nobody knows where it is. Moreover Saudi airlines do not reply me on email. How come that somewhere there’s my baggage with the number of the flight and my last name and nobody doesn’t know what to do with it ?!!

  31. I’m traveling from Lucknow to Khartoum
    Date 27/05/2022 but my bag did not arrive
    I contact the airport everyday but my bag has not arrived yet

  32. Dear Sir,

    I refer to our bagage claim/ticket with reference 440464 (see below)
    Sofar we haven’t received any reaction
    Please can you inform us ? Do you need any additional information ?

    Thanks and regards

    Saudia Airlines
    Service Ticket – Creation Notification

    Dear Tony Vanderheijden,
    We have received your ticket 440464, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Here is your ticket details
    Created On:17.08.2022 12:47:21 UTC
    Expected Completion Due Date:28.08.2022 06:30:00 UTC

    Thank you,
    Guest Relations – Baggage Complaints
    | Privacy | Impressum


    This e-mail may contain trade secrets or privileged, undisclosed, or otherwise confidential information. If you have received this e-mail in error, you are hereby notified that any review, copying, or distribution of it is strictly prohibited. Please inform us immediately and destroy the original transmittal. Thank you for your cooperation.

  33. we were travelling back from Pakistan to Germany and lost one booked hand bag ( gifts). We have not recevied any update yet.

    1. I forgot my phone in cabin from mauritius flight to jeddah ,l ve made claim but they were very rude saudia staff.i am still waiting and answer after 3 days

  34. Dears,
    We came from Cairo to Doha at 13/8/2022( Cairo to Jadah then Jadah to Doha )through Saudi airlines SV308, all bags(8 Nos.) not received ,we have more problems to contact with you and no action till now from your side , that matter too bad for your name and no any body deal with you need again to deal with your name , please respect people. which trust your name and take action for return our bags.
    Waiting for your reply and action.

    Mohammed Said

    1. Saudia Airlines very bad 👎 Quality Airlines like PIA Airlines my also all 7 luggage lost food not good very set is service vary bad. Tv not working. Very bad Quality Airlines ould plane.

  35. More than two weeks now, my baggage was lost buggade Saudi airlines.
    Claim no 21215, I have return flight after 2 weeks. Please help to relocate the bag. Thanks

  36. Hello, lost luggage made a report, multiple complains, many calls. No one is responding and giving me information. Saudia airlines get in touch with me other wise, i have no other choice besides hiring a lawyer and seu your company.
    Report number: DXBSV95714

    1. Hi Kristina,
      Have you find your luggace yet? My luggaces also lost yesterday 11/23/22 by Saudi Airlines SV 35.Did you hire lawyer yet? any luck?

      Thank you,

  37. goodday, i have the same issue in saudia airlines .. my luggage was lost when i was arrive at NAIA terminal 1 from riyadh to manila .. JULY15,2022 .. the agent representative said that my luggage is in Cairo International .. and they will deliver it in 2 to 3days but still now no update from them and i try to contact the number that they given to me but all numbers no answer ..please kindly help me regarding this matter the things inside of my luggage is very important..


  38. I traveled from Dammam to Jeddah to Bangalore by Saudia airlines flights SV1115-SV866 on 08th & 09th July.
    Passenger name: Vijay Pitchai
    PNR #: U36KPX
    Carrier-bag tag number: SV164774
    The check-in baggage was found missing at Bangalore international Airport.
    I have filled the relevant forms at the airport for safe delivery of the luggage to my home address.
    It is already 13th July, would like to know when can I expect to receive the luggage.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Cell #9448675904

  39. I have also lost my Hand Carry bag flying from karachi to RUH via Jeddah on 12th july 2022.

    I just have got the Claim # RUHSV94536 Is there any one in same flight ? How long does it take to get update?

  40. Please help us get our baggage as soon as possible as we are here in europe just for few days doing back packing. Already we had to book hotels as our tents, trekking shoes and sleeping bags were in the check in luggage. Also our warm clothes, food, etc were in the bag . This has already caused us a great inconvenience as we had to cancel our hiking trips in wait of the bags and also we were not prepared. I request the airlines to please locate our bags asap and also compensate for the loss as we need to buy essentials for hiking asap as we have come here just for few days to travel
    File no.- GVASV15672

    1. Hi,
      We also have lost our baggage on return from visit to makkah via saudi airline. Its a huge Worriment for visitors
      Now what is process to track our baggage because no response on complaint to relevant staff
      Guest relations


  42. My Missing Baggage..

    Jeddah Airport , to jazan .. no number ..
    sv 1766 today 2022 July 5, tag .. 8607 EY .890247 … Name: May Bangcaya … 😪😪Please help …

  43. Dear SAUDIA Guest Relations, Jeddah, KSA
    I traveled from JED (Jeddah) to MAA (Chennai) on SV768 – 30/06/2022 @ 3.05AM morning flight.
    Although the flight was late by 47 min in Jeddah itself and landed in Noon at Chennai with a total 1.20 hrs late “I was shocked after unable to find my baggage in Chennai Airport’s Arrival Bay”. So, I queued with other co-passengers to make complaint for my missing baggage on before I leave on the same day. The person in-charged was so terrible and not shown any sense over passenger’s depression but was very fond on chatting, texting and talking to his family and others than attending missing baggage passengers.

    After passing through a long queue, i gave all the information asked to update SAUDIA PIR and (with out/not giving any of the complaint number for online tracking) they told me very causally that the baggage may take 2 week to deliver to me.

    As I lost my dresses and cosmetics in the baggage, the delay caused me huge stress, time loss, money loss to go for another round purchases in CHENNAI added with strain. So, let me know the procedures to get back my baggage and valuables also share me how to claim the baggage delay compensation as per SAUDIA/GACA protocol.

    Flight Number: SV768, Travel Date: 30/6/22 @ 3.05AM, Final Destination: MAA (CHENNAI)

    1. We received the baggage today in good condition… Thanks a lot to the TEAM who cared our valuables and sent to our destinations.

      1. how long did you received your luggagae from the date it lost ?
        hope you reply my luggage is missing too its been 10 days

    2. Hi mam
      Same incident happened to me same flight.
      Last week. Jedah to chennai.. Just want to know you received your luggage after wards

  44. my baggage lost from air line jeddah airport since 4 feb 2022 till today nothing any action from saudi air line , my claim no JED SV59542


  45. I travelled from KL to Munich on 30/4/22. When arrived in
    Munich on 30/4/22, I unable get my baggage in the airport
    loading bay. So, I queued up to make a complaint for the
    missing baggage on the spot. The person in-charged take down
    all the inform from me and told me that the baggage maybe
    will take 3-4 days to deliver to me. I only received my baggage
    on 4/5/22 at 8.40pm (at Munich time). The baggage delay from
    30/4/22 to 4/5/22 almost 5 days. I would like to claim the
    delaying compensation. Please advise me how to claim the compensation.

    Flight Number: SV841 & SV175
    Date of flight: 30/4/22
    Designation: Munich

  46. I travelled from Jeddah to Islamabad on 28th April 2022
    Saudi Airlines lost my on baggage
    And still they not call or any contact to me
    And also authorised people on Islamabad Airport are very rude and uncooperative

  47. Good morning
    6 may 2022 I came from jed / del my 1 carton not receive till now please help me

  48. my luggage delayed for 5 days from Jeddah to bey and once received last one last Wednesday i lost a very sensitive diabetic injections.

    claim Nobeysv2741b\28apr22l1316gmt.

    so please contact me soonest.

  49. Dear sir .i was travelled by saudia airline on 01 may 2022 jeddha to najran.but i could not received my luggage in najran since one luggage number is FZ 538702. please help me and send my luggage to najran airport.i hope your airline should me help.

  50. On 28 April I was travel from MED to JED and then JED to KHI via SV1431 and SV 700 very disappointing that first time the all journey was unpleasant.
    1. SV 1431 late more than one hour
    2. SV 700 also late more than one .
    3 very pain full is that at KHI from out of 12 items I have only received two items at KHI. File a complaint at Saudi air line counter (34662)

  51. Hi Sir,
    I have lost my Card Holder which includes my Driving licence, My Photo Id, My Debit Card, Credit Card and Other important Licence.

    I was at Counter C in the que for flight TR 597 on 5 May 2022 flight took off at 11:00 pm local time.

    I have leave my details at airport because it’s very important documents specially my licence.

    I have prayed Magrib on near Counter D and then I purchased a bag from HNAK Shop with a Indonesian/Malaysian Boy.

    Then I stopped by custom where I have gone through scan my hand baggage.

    Then on the way to Gate 50 I purchase from a shop called AELLA duty free shop.

    Then on the way to my Gate 50 I prayed isha near Gate 42 to 44

    Then I went to Gate 50.

    I have lost my most valuable items between these places.

    I have fully believed on Jeddah authority center to please help me on this matter so I can get my belongings.

    I would really appreciate your help on this matter.

  52. Hello my case number is SINSV13130 and my Al Fursan number is 78731870. I have lost all my 3 bags on my flight SV 786 from Jeddah to Singapore. Please send all my baggage to my home in Singapore asap

  53. Please help me I have a lost my luggage 22/03/2022 Time 9:55pm my claim no is DMMSV34319 UDDIN Please check and give me my baggage it’s urgent our give me money for my baggage lost


  54. Dear Sir/Madam

    Please help me to find my lost baggage. I arrived in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia on Thursday April 7 10:55 pm flight # SV 1581. Until now I did not recieved my baggage. I already talk to the baggage counter, he just tell me that he will call me but until now I did not recieved any call from him. Please here me fir this matter. Thank you.

  55. Dear Sir/Madame

    I recently flew with your airline and I have found that my stroller is damaged. I filed a report at the airport immediately after my flight. Since then, I have tried to fill out your form on the website, without results. The form gets stuck every time I press ‘submit’. I am also trying to contact you by phone, but I cannot reach you unfortunately. Where can I send my claim to now?

  56. HI I am vikram sen, and its kind of late report and try my luck to find my lost stuff in your reserve area. I travel detail are below. i lost my right side airpod inside the flight which i came to know letter. it must be found by cleaning staff and submitted to lost and found dept Dammam. as i reported the incident late so they not able to provide me solution or conformation and asked me to write here. kindly check if you have still with you and not discarded.
    Travel date : 29 Sep-2021
    Airline Saudia SV1264
    Seat : 32 J
    Destination : Gassim To Dammam
    Name Vikram Sen

    i would apricate if i get any help on this.

  57. Salam everyone, I arrived at JFK through cairo – jeddah yesterday. I’m missing one of my Bags. I was able to file a claim at the airport. Any help would be appreciated.

        Beg no
        M siddiq kodwavi
        Sv 599
        Dubai to jed
        11 march 2023

    1. Hello Ahmed,

      Can you please tell me if you have had any luck finding your suitcase. I am in the same position , flying from Lahore to London through Jeddah and one of my bags is missing.
      Do let me know if you have found yours and if so, how?

      Thank you
      Mr Sheikh

  58. Dear Sir,
    My wife did not receive her two bag at BLR (Bengaluru, India) Airport on 19/02/2022, departure from Jeddah. The details are as below :
    Flight # SV866 (FEB 19, 2022)
    Ticket # 0656914855835
    Tag # 0065 SV 656204
    Tag# 0065 SV 656182
    Please check, find out and let me know. Also I would like to inform you that, all the basic necessary items & perishable items were placed in that baggage, need your support to compensate it accordingly. Also She had travelled alone almost 500 km from the arriving airport to the final destination(Mangalore) without the necessary items. This kind of service never been expected from Saudi Airlines.

    Could you please advice us at the earliest.

    Best regards,
    Sameer Ahammad

  59. Hello,

    My only bag did not arrive yesterday at Jeddah Airport. Departure from ABAH.

    Please contact me soon as possible as I have some valuable things in it.

    ticket number 065584078556601
    tag number SV470654

    Flight SV1655/13FEB
    Mob# : +966 550 76 2804

  60. Dear Sir,
    I did not receive my one bag at BLR (Bengluru, India) Airport on 09/02/2022, departure from Jeddah. The details are as below :
    Flight # SV866 (FEB 09, 2022)
    Ticket # 065691829887201
    Tag # 0065 SV 298513
    Please check, find out and let me know.

  61. Hi,
    One of my bags did not arrive yesterday at AMS Airport. Departure from JED.
    Please contact me soon as possible
    ticket number 065954487131601
    tag number SV882764
    Van Loo
    Flight SV215/03FEB

  62. Hi my mother arrived yesterday 21/1/22 on Saudi Airline SV 735 from Lahore. His luggage got lost if someone has please contact 050-225-9532

  63. hi
    This is parvez Sikder
    Flight no Sv 021 from jeddah to JFK on 01/03/22
    My luggage was interchange
    Please call me 6095536946
    Thank you

  64. My luggage has been lost for 4 days now, no news at all, costumer services numbers not answering (4 numbers!), online checking on worldtracer gives no info at all. This is such bad service, I did not lose my bag, the airline did, and they do nothing to assist us. Boo!

  65. I travel from Dubai to Riyadh. ( Dec. 14 2021) time 20:30 SV 561
    Riyadh to Manila ( Dec. 15 2021) time 23:45 (SV 862) SAUDIA
    But my baggage is still in Dubai.. It’s been 5 days still I cannot contact the number there give me. I report in the same day at my arrival (Dec 15 2021)
    The file red. number is MNLSV35574
    Tag number of my Bag is 065 SV 235852
    My ticket PNR: KFIYAC
    TICKET: ETKT 065213459795401
    ( DUH to RUH) SV 561 SAUDIA

    FOR my other flight
    Riyadh to Manila (SV 862)
    TICKET: ETKT 065213459795402

    1. I just received the baggage today.. Thanks God I got it before I go home..
      شكرا جزيلا لك على الخطوط الجوية السعودية

  66. Salam. I arrived in Saudi Arabia last nov.27, 2021 from Manila to Abha thru SV 1661 and when i reached Abha airport I didn’t get my other lagguage. It”s already been 10days and until now i cannot reached any saudia costumer service. Please have my baggage send to me.

  67. On 23 of December from dammam to Cairo, at Cairo airport received my 3 bags with totally damaged, I reported to saudi office at arrival time , they only give me only one bag, I sign paper for that, the office talke to their administration and inform him to compensate me with only one, please find out and compensat me with other 2 damaged

  68. Hi i have lost my baggage I didn’t get
    Flights number. SV 805 saudi arabian airlines
    Tickets number. SV/etkt 065 6909772458 for hossain/Alamgir mr

  69. I did forget my bag at Heathrow airport flight
    SV 111 02 nov
    My name al Frawan 15022809
    Car sv63ffb200z/01nov
    London lhr
    To lhr Sv 12 02 nov
    Please call me 07519010000

  70. My brother fly out from London Heathrow to Jeddah king Abdul Aziz international airport on 25th of August, flight number was SV112, still he did not receive his baggage in Jeddah. Baggage tag number is 0065 SV 214857. My brother name is Mr Tofayel Ahmed Chowdhury, he reported to Jeddah king Abdul Aziz international airport baggage missing department on 26th of August after arrived. Immediate they checked and told him baggage did not board on the same flight, still baggage in Heathrow airport. They gave him a receipt with claim reference number, which is AHL SV 56569. Today I spoke with my brother still no one contact with him about his baggage. He is suffering lots of without baggage. Therefore I am checking his baggage on behalf of him. Please let me Know where his missing baggage and what shall we do in the moment.

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