Saudia Airlines Claim: Lost or damaged baggage owes you explanations and compensation

Baggage is considered delayed if it is not present when you get off the plane but is delivered to you later. If during the period of absence of your baggage, you had to buy basic necessities (hygiene products, underwear, etc.), you can request reimbursement from the airline on presentation of invoices.

You have three weeks (21 days) from the date the baggage was made available to you to make a written complaint to the carrier. In the absence of a written complaint within this period, any action against the company is inadmissible.

If you notice that your baggage is not there on your arrival, report it immediately to the Saudia counter or to the company that made the last flight so that it can register your complaint and, if necessary, start the search for your baggage.
If there is no counter, contact your operator as soon as possible (reachable on +966920003777) to report the absence of your baggage and obtain a file number. If you are on vacation, don’t wait until you get home.

Make a declaration within 21 days
Go immediately to the baggage service desk at the airport who will give you a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with a personal reference that will allow you to track the status of your delayed baggage online and to modify your data if for example the delivery address or your contact details are inaccurate or have changed. If you cannot find this office or it is closed when you arrive, go to the company website and complete a lost baggage form.

Keep invoices for your basic necessities
It is important to keep all invoices for the purchase of essential goods so that you can then claim reimbursement from the airline (they do in most cases). Some companies can also provide you with a basic kit or cover your initial expenses. The company is not, however, required to do so.

Compensation and reimbursement for lost baggage

If your suitcase is permanently lost after the 21 day period, you can get a refund. Invoices or proof of purchase of the goods in the suitcases must be provided (obviously the dates of purchase must be prior to the trip). The reimbursement will be equal to the invoices provided for the goods in the suitcase and will be capped at 1.131DTS (special drawing right: international currency), i.e. between € 1,300 and € 1,400 per passenger. You can only get more if you have made a declaration of value before the trip.

Please note: this is a reimbursement per passenger and not per lost baggage. If you do not have an invoice, you can request € 20 per kilo that your baggage weighs.

Lost luggage: what are your rights?

If the carrier admits the loss of your checked baggage or if your baggage has not arrived at its destination within twenty-one days from the date it should have arrived, it is considered lost. You are then entitled to claim reimbursement for your lost property and suitcase.

You will be able to obtain compensation, but be aware that in the event of loss of baggage, airlines including Saudi Airlines do not reimburse lost personal effects on the basis of their new value but often apply a discount.

You must send a written request to your carrier enclosing the invoices for the purchase of lost goods.

If there is no luggage, the company can sometimes provide you with a basic kit or give you a credit to cover your initial expenses due to the absence of your suitcase, but this is not an obligation.

Baggage damage (damaged parts): what are your rights?

If you notice upon receipt of your baggage that it has been damaged or destroyed during transport, you can request reimbursement of the price of your suitcase and damaged goods from the carrier.

To do this, you must write to the company within 7 days of receiving your suitcase, providing as much information as possible about the goods damaged during transport (photographs of the damaged goods, purchase invoices, etc.).

Lost or damaged baggage: what compensation does the airline owe?

The liability limits are set in units of account of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) varying according to currency fluctuations. They can amount to 5,950 Saudi Riyal (1330 euros per passenger).

If your damage is below these limits, you can only claim reimbursement for the amount of your damage.
If the amount of your proven damage is greater than the liability limit, you will only be able to claim compensation equal to this limit.

Submit a complaint online

You can file your complaint electronically, if you do not receive your luggage ten days after your arrival at the destination airport, or if you have not received it in its original condition.

Track the status of your complaint online
Saudia provides its customers with a tool (World Tracer ( ) allowing them to track their lost / damaged baggage claim file remotely.

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