Find a Flyadeal flight and book it cheaply online

With its fleet of fourteen aircraft, Flyadeal offers inexpensive air links to the country's main airports.

The Saudi Arabian airline values safety, integrity, passion for its customers and its work, as well as the desire to find solutions to make travel ever easier and more accessible.

For this, the company offers its customers à la carte services. By choosing a flight on Flyadeal, you are choosing a discounted plane ticket to which you can add services according to your needs and your budget.

Find a flight at a suitable price

Book months in advance or on the contrary at the last minute. Comparing prices over a long period before departure allows you to know the cheapest times of the year for the same destination.

Find a flight operated by Flyadeal departing on a weekday, cheaper than on weekends.

Be prepared to make one or more stopovers for long-distance flights.

Travel light on the plane

Keeping your belongings in one bag guarantees no extra luggage at check-in.

Discover the selection criteria to find a flight that fits your budget.

Choose an airport near your home, near a major city in Saudi Arabia. For her, there was no question of risking missing the plane because of the transfers by train or car.

Book return flights that correspond to the rhythm of life of your children, unthinkable to leave in the middle of the night or to check in luggage at mealtime for the youngest.

Have the assurance (except in cases of force majeure) that the schedules are respected, to the nearest hour. The wait for hours before being able to board the plane should be avoided for this small family, with the possibility of taking bulky luggage to fit all of everyone's belongings.

Choose a departure airport and an arrival airport that are well served with connections to the city center and business centers
Do not waste time at the check-in counter and enjoy priority access through exit checks on arrival.

Be comfortably installed on board and have access to specific equipment for working.

Enjoy the attention of a flight attendant with pampering, and an efficient catering service.

Have the freedom to change your plane tickets in the event of a change in your professional schedule.

Find a fashionable destination, whatever the country and the continent, as long as the weather is nice and warm, it's by the sea and you can party until the end of the night.

Go outside of school holidays to avoid being surrounded by families and hordes of children.

Treat yourself to a cheap trip by accepting a few constraints such as a departure in the middle of the night and why not a stopover.

Make a reservation online at the last minute, so quickly and simply, since the longest will take all the friends who take part in the trip to agree.

Book with Flyadeal online or from its physical agencies, or from a reliable and reputable travel agency. Benefit from the experience and personalized advice of a travel specialist.

Know before your departure all the details of your trip: home-airport transfers, flight, airport-hotel transfers, accommodation, catering, on-site services, activities, excursions.

Travel on an airline that enjoys a good reputation and offers the guarantee of a safe trip, such as Flyadeal.

To offer you even more attractive prices, this company offers a subscription plan that gives you many advantages when booking your cheap flight and boarding. When purchasing the ticket, you save money and can choose your seat. When you arrive at the airport, your subscription gives you priority for depositing your luggage and boarding. Finally, you are informed of promotional offers and new routes offered by the company and take advantage of discounts on car rental and taxi transport from the airport to your final destination.

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