Live an authentic experience by traveling in Business Class with Saudia

A Saudi Airlines Business Class air ticket is a higher category of seat, space in the field of passenger air transport. It corresponds to an improved level of comfort, with sofa beds, offered exclusively on long-haul flights. It differs from the Economy class by the quality and the size of the seat, which most often has a very reclining backrest and a footrest on long-haul flights, by the space available, as well as by a service. luxury catering and the attention of staff specially trained to meet the requirements of the passenger.

At the airport, passengers who have booked in business class usually have reserved check-in counters at their disposal, which is therefore faster, and very often have access to very comfortable private lounges, with equipment available such as as computers, printers, copiers. Some airlines offer private arrival lounges at certain airports, which allow passengers on long-haul Business class flights to be able to shower, eat, or snack before leaving the airport after their trip.

Traveling in a high-end cabin

A universe designed to guarantee you optimal comfort
The spaces in the Business cabin are designed to guarantee optimal comfort during your trip.

- A space to rest
In this cabin, your seat can transform into a spacious bed measuring up to 2 m long.

- An armchair optimized for your comfort and privacy
Your seat perfectly matches the shape of your body, it has been designed to guarantee you quality sleep. Depending on the layout, the enveloping hull present on all Saudi Airlines planes preserves your space and ensures your privacy throughout the flight.

- A high-tech space
The Business Class wheelchair is equipped with an individual screen that allows you to enjoy a wide range of entertainment. You thus have access to hours of varied programs, to be discovered when you wish, films, documentaries ... In business class, you are also offered numerous titles from the local and / or international press.

- An ideal space for your work
The Business Class cabin offers you the essentials to be able to work comfortably: depending on the airlines, an electrical outlet is available to plug in and charge your computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile phone, an adjustable reading light designed not to disturb or be disturbed by your neighbor is present, a noise-reducing headset is available, an individual telephone allows you to make your satellite calls if necessary, a storage space is present for your documents or your computer.

Always more comfort for your well-being

In the business class of the Saudi airline's planes, you have an antiallergic feather pillow, a warm and soft high quality duvet, a kit including a toiletry kit ...

A high-end catering service is offered on board

In the business class of this airline, the menu is designed by starred chefs, the catering is upscale. Multi-course meals for all tastes offered to choose from. In this cabin, you can eat with a wide range of substantial dishes, meats, fish, salads prepared by the greatest chefs.

Be the first to check-in and board your flight

In Saudi Airlines Business Breakdown, everything is designed to save you time. An agent from the Asian company guides you at the airport to the check-in area reserved for you. In Business class, you have priority at check-in.

Other benefits granted to Saudi Airlines Business Class passengers

Privileged support at the airport
You can choose to be accompanied by a member of the company if you wish to facilitate the registration steps at the counters.
Self-Service kiosk or counter
Airlines now offer self-service kiosks for business class to make your check-in even easier.
Additional baggage allowance
In Business class, you can travel as light (or less light) as you want thanks to very generous baggage allowances which include one piece of luggage plus a laptop or handbag in the cabin and up to three pieces of checked baggage depending on the requirements. Services are available to allow you to have them picked up at your home and have them delivered directly to your destination.
Priority boarding
At the desired time, you can easily reach your cabin thanks to exclusive boarding lanes dedicated to this class of travel. To board, exit and collect your luggage on the Saudi Airlines plane, you have priority at every stage of your business class trip.

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