Baggage lost / damaged during a flight with Flynas?

While traveling by plane, your baggage was lost. Ask the airline for compensation, respecting the claim deadlines.
The airline is considered responsible for the loss of checked baggage. It is required to compensate customers for damage resulting from delay in their delivery.

Regarding its liability, two regimes coexist. In fact, there are two applicable conventions depending on the type of flight. The 1999 Montreal Convention applies to all flights between two states that have ratified it, as well as to all flights of Community airlines. The Warsaw Convention of 1929 applies to flights between two states, one or both of which have not ratified the Montreal Convention.

The carrier's liability is capped at:
- 17 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per kilo of baggage, or about 91 Saudi Riyal per the Warsaw Convention
- 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per passenger, or approximately 5,944 Saudi Riyal by the Montreal convention.

Bad news, when you got off the plane, your suitcase was packed. Our advice for dealing with the hassle of lost luggage during a business trip.

The luggage conveyor belt has stopped. And with it the hope of recovering your suitcase. You have to face the facts. She is not there. So what to do?

Keep your cool

According to statistics from the AEA (Association of European Airlines), only 3% of baggage lost at an airport is never found out of a total of 30,000 bags lost every hour around the world. But that won't solve your immediate problems. You will show up in jeans and a sweater for your first date in a few hours. You quickly calculate in your head the estimated amount of the loss: around five thousand euros. But what an idea to have left a camera and jewelry in the suitcase. Calm down, there is always a worse situation. A misstep and a leg in a cast. An apartment that burns and all the possessions and memories of a life that disappear.

File a complaint at the missing baggage office

There is the tail. This is both good news and bad news. This is good news, as other passengers on the same flight are in the same situation. So the hypothesis that a thug has grabbed your suitcase which slipped among the last on the conveyor belt is unlikely. Bad news, because you will have to arm yourself with patience. Finally, it's your turn: you have to fill out three forms in English, go (and return) from one desk to another to get the right stamp on the right document.

Provide as much information as possible
Strangely, you are not asked for your address in the capital where you disembark. Indicate that of the hotel, the length of your stay and your mobile phone number. In case the suitcase arrives on the next flight ... In 80% of cases the suitcase is collected within 48 hours.

The disillusioned employee asks you to write it all down on a loose sheet and you start to doubt "after-flight service" (flight, of course)! Most of the time, the suitcase will be delivered to the hotel for free if it arrives at the airport. Your morale is already improving.

Do some shopping

Your morale is low, but you have to buy the minimum. Socks precisely and underwear. Pants, shirt, toiletries, ... keep all the bills.

Bet on the last chance

It is the day of departure. You find that you have been living with the bare minimum. An interesting experience in a world where one is used to abundance. The reception tells you that your suitcase is at the airport. Great news for you, isn't it?

Go to the Lost and Found Luggages Service

Do you identify your baggage, but no one speaks your language? Finally, after signing the blank documents, you take a risk, we scan your suitcase, we verify your identity. And you can finally leave with your badly damaged suitcase. She took some serious shocks, but she will never be able to tell you what happened to her.

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