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  1. Dear Sir, Madam,

    On 07/09/2023 flew with SAUDIA AIRWAYS from CAIRO TO JEDDAH ON FLIGHT SV302 THEN FROM JEDDAH TO KUWAIT ON FLIGHT SV502. Upon arrival at my destination, my baggage was missing. At KUWAIT AIRPORT I immediately submitted a PIR form with number KWISV28460 . Please find a copy attached. To date, my baggage is still missing cannot find my baggage. According to the Montreal Treaty, I am entitled to compensation. I herewith hold you liable for the loss I incurred because of the lost baggage. The loss can be specified as follows:


  2. Urgent Situation Alert: Unresolved Baggage Hassle on Saudi Airlines Flight SV510

    Hello, @SaudiAirlines,
    I’m sharing my recent travel ordeal aboard flight SV510 from Riyadh to Kuwait on August 10th. As someone flying business class, I was expecting a smooth journey, but what I encountered was quite the opposite.
    Landing at Kuwait International Airport around 19:25, I looked forward to grabbing my luggage from the business class area. To my dismay, my baggage was nowhere to be found. I approached the “lost and found” crew at Kuwait Airport, but their assistance left much to be desired. Shockingly, they’ve refused to issue a “claim report,” referring to your guidelines and claiming the absence of a luggage sticker – an issue that originated during my check-in at Riyadh Airport.
    My bag holds important items like my laptop, phone, keys, hard drives, and personal belongings. Oddly, no luggage sticker was handed to me during check-in, a critical step that’s squarely the airline’s responsibility.
    We’re living in a time of top-notch security and surveillance, so validating my check-in through CCTV footage should be straightforward. I’m urging your team to give this matter the urgency it deserves, leveraging all means to locate my luggage without delay.
    I understand that unforeseen challenges can crop up, but airlines need to honor their pledge to passenger satisfaction and security. I’m eager for a swift resolution to retrieve my belongings and rebuild my trust in Saudi Airlines.
    @SaudiAirlines, I’m looking forward to a prompt response with a solid action plan to sort this out. Your immediate attention to this matter will underscore your commitment to top-tier customer service.
    Best regards,

  3. Dear Mr/Mrs

    I was planning on travelling to the kingdom to perform umrah mid February, I heard that there is a new 4 day visa for visitors traveling via saudi airlines. Did it come into effect yet? Will i automatically receive the visa once i book my flight?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Warm Regards,

  4. Good day,
    I will be transiting through maldives going to Singapore with same plane,do i still need to fill the form of imuga for maldives?

  5. Good afternoon,
    Moving soon to Riyadh Inchaalah.
    What are the conditions to fly with my cat as she has already all the necessary.
    What is the cost as it will be onboard.

    Best regards.

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