Air charter service by Flyadeal

A charter flight is a flight chartered by a tour operator to perform one or more one-off flights on a specific date, outside the regular flight slots. It can fly for a single round trip or for a longer period, up to a full season.

Not being scheduled flights, these flights are not planned well in advance and departure times can sometimes be quite unusual. A charter flight is likely to take off at any time of the day or night, depending on the slots available at the airports. Once the take-off time has been determined, the tour operator informs passengers, sometimes late.

Flyadeal offers this service, and invites you to purchase your tickets online or from its agencies and service providers located throughout Saudi Arabia.

What planes are used by Flyadeal on these types of flights?

For these flights, the company has A320neo and A320-200 aircraft, available for the desired period of your trip. The first class seats are usually replaced with rows of lower class seats in order to be able to fill the aircraft to the maximum. If all seats are not sold, they can be resold to other tour operators. And you should know that these planes can perform all types of flights, short or long haul, to any destination served by Flyadeal.

The Saudi company recalls that an aircraft intended for a charter flight is subject to the same safety rules as any other aircraft, however, the passenger will feel the difference in the level of service on board. Indeed, the majority of services are chargeable and the services reduced to the strict minimum.

When purchasing a ticket, it is a good idea to be aware of the purchasing and reimbursement conditions, which are often specific to each flight. If a traveler wishes to change one of the dates of his trip on a charter flight, he will normally encounter more difficulties than with a regular flight and will have to take more restrictive procedures. For any additional information, it is best to contact the customer service of the Saudi Arabian company.

Otherwise, the Saudi carrier offers a reservation service for those wishing to travel in groups. Discover and consult all the details of the service here.

Chartering a plane for a group flight offers a number of advantages over conventional airline flights:
- Direct flights from and to all destinations, without transfers or delays related to security checks.
- From the most economical to the most exclusive configuration, the characteristics of the device perfectly match the budget and the size of the group.
- Plane reserved exclusively for a gathering or a group event.
- Catering on board adapted to the specific requirements of the group.
- Tailor-made service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the support and logistics of your flight.
- Personalization of the device marking possible.

Most planes have a maximum capacity of 30 to 70 passengers, with more or less luggage depending on the type of aircraft. They are regional planes converted into private jets, for example are famous for their large luggage compartments. These devices are ideal for small groups of friends.

For larger groups, regional jets have capacities of 60 to 90 passengers, offering excellent value for money for groups of around 30 passengers.

Finally, for larger groups, Flyadeal can offer planes with a larger number of seats.

How much does a private plane flight cost for a group?

There are fewer regional planes and airliners available for hire than small planes. The rental price therefore varies depending on the number of passengers, the route and the date of the flight. Please contact your operator online to request a quote. You will receive an answer within five working days.