Contact the offices of Saudia in Houston

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  1. Salaam,

    I have a Hajj booking (Ticket number ETKT 065 2141430812, Traveler: Uroosa Khalid, DOB October 16, 1992.).

    Currently I am booked for:

    Departure: July 3, 2022 SV 36 from Dulles to Jeddah
    Arrival: July 22, 2022 SV 35 from Jeddah to Dulles
    I would like to change the flights to the following:

    Departure July 3, 2002 SV 108 from London to Jeddah
    Arrival: July 20, 2022 SV 115 SV 115 from Jeddah to London

    I am a United States resident with a US passport, but I had to suddenly come to London due to a death in my family. I will be leaving from London and coming back to London after Hajj.

    I have tried to call your customer service line dozens of times to no avail. I have tried the US number and the UK number. I request that I hear back immediately.

    +1 469-344-6080

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