Contact the offices of Saudia in New York

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  1. Bag not delivered at JFK and no Saudi staff in the hall, so no where to file a claim, and no number to call. Business class tickets are expensive and service is very poor.

  2. Just want to know the status of our luggage’s from Manila, flt# sv871 to Jeddah and flt# SV21 from Jeddah to JFK. Because the flight was delayed from Manila the Luggages were not in our connecting flight to JFK according to your agent.
    I was told by the agent after filling out the forms in Terminal, JFK, that I will receive the luggage’s today.
    PNR 2ZHH9Y and 2GHYXS.

  3. i want to fly any time in july from jfk to dhaka stay one month and come back august any time but 5 days want to stay in zeddah, then back to jfk. total passengers 5. 2 adults one 14 years 2nd 10 years 3rd 8 years. would you please let me know the prize of the tickets. thank you

  4. Saudis airline is very very a good airline in the world.
    My family (4 peoples) like to go to ummra Hajj by the Saudia airline from jfk to Saudia, but we have not enough money to make that visit. Thanks. Mohammad alauddin. My email address is
    And my phone number is 646-956-7568.

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