Flight booking: Choosing your seat on a Saudi Airlines plane

Do you like to choose your seat on the plane or do you want the certainty of being seated next to the person (s) accompanying you? So book your favorite type of seat in advance. Choose eg, for a seat with extra legroom or for a seat in the front of the cabin. After selecting a seat, or between 24 hours and 6 hours before departure (without a seat reservation), you can also easily and quickly check-in online for most flights, which will avoid queues at the airport, check-in desk.

Traveling by plane without being seated near loved ones? A fear for many air passengers. So to avoid this inconvenience, travelers comply with airline pricing rules and spend between € 5 and € 30 in additional fees (and sometimes up to € 100) when booking or checking in, to be able to choose their seat.

Reserve your preferred seat type between 30 days and 48 hours before departure (up to 72 hours for long-haul flights) against payment.

Not everyone knows it, but choosing your seat on a plane is possible! Need more room to avoid having your legs compressed, or a seat with storage space to fit all your small things, you just have to ask.

Which seat to choose on board?

We must admit, the grown-ups are not at the party by plane! To be comfortably seated, it is better to favor certain seats: At the head of the row; between the different classes; near emergency exits. But be careful, the people in these seats must be mobile and speak the language fluently, to be able to understand the instructions and free up space in an emergency.

If you tend to get sick in a plane, prefer seats near the wings, where you feel the least turbulence. Without being able to choose the best seat, you can avoid the worst ones, such as those located. Near the storage cabin: the smell of meals can be annoying and the incessant comings and goings can quickly become annoying; at the end of the row: the seats cannot be tilted against the partition walls, which is not very comfortable.

Saudi Airlines and some other companies offer solutions for choosing a seat when booking. Choose your seat at the time of booking to get the best seats available. If possible, check in online, this will allow you to choose your chair. Most operators open check-in online between 24 and 48 hours before departure, enough to choose your seat in peace. In the last few minutes, you can go to the check-in counter and try to negotiate.

Use the Saudi airline's website to find the best suitable seat for you

The Saudi Arabian company offers its passengers the opportunity to view online the configuration of the aircraft you will take, depending on the company chosen, and thus find the best seats according to your needs. All you need to do is choose the flight you wish to travel on and the model of the aircraft you are going to board will be displayed along with a diagram of the seats on the aircraft. You just have to choose the one that suits you best, according to the indications of the site.

It is important to note that Saudia has every right to refuse to allocate you the seat that you have reserved, even if you have paid the costs associated with your choice and your selection, and this in the following cases:
- You did not comply with safety standards on board;
- All other extraordinary reasons;

Obviously, you can ask the airline to reimburse you for the cost of booking your seat.

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