Flynas Contact: Customer Service & Call center

You can contact Flynas customer service every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can also contact him by his electronic contact form or by joining his telephone line. Its team of advisers responds to all your requests and strives to assist you as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips so that customer relations officers can provide you with a precise and personalized answer:

- Enter the e-mail address you use to connect, without typing errors. You can also give them your customer reference, which you will find via the menu, in the Settings section, in the Personal information section.

- Select the subject of your request, so the advisers immediately understand what you expect from us.

- Detail your request as precisely as possible, especially if it is a technical problem: what do you want to do, where do you click, what happens, what is the error message ? Please feel free to include a screenshot by clicking "Attach a file" to help them visualize the problem.

Once you click on Submit, you will receive an automatic notification indicating the reference of your request.
Flynas knows that good customer service helps passengers choose their products (plane tickets, for example) or their services, and they will therefore be more inclined to recommend it to their contacts. It also makes it possible to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering an intangible competitive advantage that is difficult to copy.

Flynas offers a maximum of communication channels to its customers

You can call your airline's customer relations service through the channels that best suit it depending on the context: Email, Telephone, Postal address, Facebook, etc.

The Saudi company doesn't let its customers wait hours online

By offering to remind them or at least to specify a planned waiting time. If this is not possible, they can offer two contract levels, a standard and a premium, with priority access.

Do you still feel like your problem is unique and he needs to listen to it first? After the listening phase, you can then be proactive.

Flynas sets up a central knowledge base which your customers can access online 24 hours a day. They always send an acknowledgment of receipt of requests by email or on the website and you can inform them of the processing time. planned and the progress of the solution. In fact, a very large number of calls are usually follow-up calls (customers have made a request on the Internet and are calling back to find out where they stand).

Flynas Customer Service is able to handle the urgency of customer issues, sometimes some requests are hit and miss while others are critical. Likewise, some customers are always willing to pay more for better service or more guarantees. These are welcome to offer Premium services. They can inform Flynas customer advisers of their needs using the various communication channels available to them.

No technical jargon, no haughty or colloquial words, no vulgarity,… the Saudi Arabian company's customer service team always pays attention to the content and form of responses to customers, individuals and professionals.

Contact details - Call Center

From Saudi Arabia: +920001234

From other countries: +966114349000

From Whatsapp: +966592001234

Customer Service

From within KSA: 8001244999

International number: +966112611126

Email :

List of Flynas offices and reservations agencies

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