First class: what a trip with Saudia looks like

Saudi Airlines' First Class, a class intended for lovers of comfort and luxury. The atmosphere is cozy, the attendance elegant, and calm is preserved by the attentive presence of the on-board staff. The chairs are usually located at the front of the device. These armchair beds allow passengers to have ample legroom, more widely spaced than Business class seats, and without comparison with the close seats in Economy or Premium class.

Passengers flying in this cabin board first, before passengers in other classes, and often have exclusive lounges reserved for them. Check-in and boarding times, as well as the maximum baggage weight allowed, are also less restrictive. From now on, if the device is far from the terminal, the pre-routing of passengers is no longer done by aero-bus but by private limousine. On board, the service is of a very high quality: handpicked staff, tablecloths laid out for meals, fresh flowers, caviar and times of lamb, rotisserie, …. At night, the armchairs unfold into true horizontal beds, arranged in alcoves or private cabins.

And once passengers are done enjoying these delicious meals, they can digest and take a nap by lying in flat beds and comfortable bedding. If that's not enough for them to have sweet dreams, Saudi Airlines provides them with pajamas or a night mask for their eyes.

Among the other perks and services you can find: a private TV screen, in-flight wifi connection, treats, bags full of expensive gifts, knitted socks and the possibility to take a shower.

Exclusive access to airports

The special treatment of passengers traveling in Saudi Airlines first class is not limited to the plane. They have special access to lounges at airports, which are reserved for them, both before and after flights.

And if that weren't enough, the Saudi Arabian company can even transport passengers to their connecting flight in a Porsche or Mercedes.

Comfort that is priceless

What do you look for right away when you decide to treat yourself to a business class trip? Comfort, with Saudi Airlines' spacious First Class cabin, wide, comfortable seats, blankets, footrests, pillows and slippers, this is what you’ll find.

The ultimate in on-board comfort: seats that tilt 180 degrees and that staff cover with a soft blanket to transform them into beds. You go there and spent several hours sleeping like a baby on your long, largely overnight journey.

Impeccable service and a warm welcome

Kindness, gentleness, discretion and little attentions throughout the flight: the service is simply impeccable when you are in first class.

The ability to stay connected

Good news for passengers wishing to travel connected: Saudi Airlines First Class passengers can enjoy a free working wireless internet connection (divinely by the way) for most of the flight. Great for getting a little work done, surfing social media, or having a live video chat with a loved one from above.

Entertainment won't miss you

No need to fill your backpack with magazines and newspapers before taking the plane when in first class; a ton of magazines and local newspapers are offered.

The entertainment program also features a fine selection of movies, music and TV series from here and abroad. All presented on very large television screens that can be adjusted using a remote control, comfortably installed in your sofa bed.

Luxury products offered to each of you in First Class

Who says business class, says luxury products and small gifts. In the bathrooms, soaps and hand creams fill the room with good smells that are certainly not used when traveling by plane.

In the cabin, you are entitled to a pouch containing body and hand cream, socks, a toothbrush, lip balm and a few other luxuries that are very useful on a long trip.

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