Qassim Airport: Departures & arrivals flight schedules

Flight delayed, canceled, en route, took off or landed, ... All this information is grouped together in a single table, and they are updated to allow you to know how your flight or a link on which one or more people are traveling that you were expecting at the Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz International Airport, and you want to know the exact time of their plane's landing to avoid wasting your time at the airport. This tool is the solution you were looking for to stay informed throughout the journey, to know if everything is going as planned or if the flight in question will be delayed on arrival, or if it is diverted or even canceled.

The information displayed on the table is updated and updated every ten or twelve minutes to allow you to be informed in real time of the status of the flight, its status and its progress on the trip.

By viewing it on your smartphone, you can better organize your departure from the airport, because you know what time the flight you are following arrives, no matter which airline operates it.
You also have the possibility to consult daily and at any time the schedules of all the other flights serving the Qassim Airport.

Airport name: Buraidah Gassim
IATA airport code: ELQ
Country: Saudi Arabia
Continent: Asia
Country code: SA
Longitude: 43 ° 46 '26.079600 ”E
Latitude: 26 ° 18 '10.159200 ”N
Time zone: +03: 00
Province: Al-Qassim

Airlines serving Buraidah Gassim ELQ airport are 9. Complete information on Buraidah, Gassim airport with addresses, contacts, route list and airlines serving that airport. If you need to travel to or to this airport, check the flight departure and arrival times online using the table above.