Unaccompanied child on a Flyadeal plane?

As the school holidays approach, in a society where parental leave is not always suitable for children, the eternal question resurfaces: how are you going to send your young children to their grandparents? A number of airline companies like Flyadeal offer tailored services.

Who can be an unaccompanied child, and at what cost?

At the Arabian airline, the service is compulsory if the unaccompanied child is between 12 and 15 years old for. When the service is mandatory, The Asian carrier does not apply any additional tariffs, regardless of the travel destination.
Accompaniment of the child concerned at the airport is mandatory, either before flight departure or after arrival at the destination airport.

This service cannot be purchased through an online purchase, a reservation by phone (our customer service page) or in an agency is required, and is accompanied by a travel document for the child.

Take the unaccompanied child until check-in

Whatever the company, whatever the means of locomotion, the child must be driven by an adult, himself / herself to stay until the plane has taken off, regardless of the delay announced by the latter.

Support for unaccompanied children from one customs office to another

In all offers offered by Flyadeal, an adult must accompany the child, facilitate their passage through customs and grant them priority access to boarding, then seated in their place. A whole range of leisure activities and services are then open to him: films for children, memory games, coloring, a specific entertainment program, and of course, more than thirty standard video games (mini golf, backgammon, tetris,…). Meals are served first, and a menu adapted to children is served. The staff on board pay special attention to accompany him in his movements in the plane, and reassure him throughout the flight.

Many of you make your children travel by plane, but many parents find themselves in difficult situations: some children are too young to travel alone and others are not sufficiently independent to take the plane and find their way to '' at the arrival halls without being accompanied by an adult, the solution? Opt for the UM (Unacompanied Minors) service that some airlines like Flyadeal are putting in place to address parents' concerns. This service was created to allow the youngest to travel like adults, but in complete safety.

Making a minor travel by plane: how does it work?

The UM service is a chargeable option to be added to the traveler's reservation details, otherwise they will be denied access if they are not of age to board without an adult. When purchasing the ticket (online, at a kiosk or at check-in counters) you must indicate that your child is traveling alone and must complete a specific form. This form will indicate who will take the child to the airport and who will collect the child on arrival. This service provides special support: an air hostess greets your child at the airport, travels with him and escorts him to the arrivals hall.

Specifically, when boarding, the hostess will check the child's plane ticket and verify that the UM option has been added to the reservation. She will also make sure that the UM form has been completed and that the child takes it with him during his trip. She will accompany him to his seat and stay with him for the duration of the flight. Once at their destination, they will join the arrivals hall. The hostess will help him collect his luggage and wait with him for the person in charge of her reception to pick him up. She will not leave until the person whose name is noted on the UM form shows up.

Pick up the unaccompanied child at the destination airport

Safety rules oblige, the modalities are strict, only the adult declared in the document provided to the care of the child, and provided with an identity document, is authorized to receive the child on landing. Woe to the failure to comply with one of these constraints, because for the then unfortunate child, this implies a return trip to the departure airports, something to disturb the holidays for some and the wallets of others, the return journey being made under the same price conditions as the outward journey.