Going on vacation aboard a Saudia plane with your pet?

And is it unthinkable for you to travel without your dog or cat? It is quite normal to want to stay with your companion every day and to take him everywhere with you, even to take the plane. However, for his trip to go as well as yours, it is imperative to know the regulations of the Saudi company in terms of transporting animals as well as the price of the flight for his four-legged companion. Here is all the essential information to know in order to travel by plane in the best conditions with your dog.

How to transport your pet on a Saudi Airlines plane?

This is an essential point for traveling by plane with your dog or cat. Two scenarios will determine your dog's place during the flight, whether in the cabin with you or in the hold, depending on the regulations of the chosen airline.

If your pet can travel in the cabin

In the cabin, your animal will remain in its transport box, on the ground at your feet and in front of you during the trip. Most airlines allow your dog to travel with you in the cabin if its transport crate complies with defined dimensions and if it does not exceed a certain weight including cage (usually 5 kg at 10kg)

If your animal is a service dog, it will generally be allowed in the cabin regardless of its weight.

However, be aware that Saudia may not accept snub-nosed breeds such as pugs, boxers, etc. in the cabin.

If your animal must travel in the hold

You should know that, if your dog weighs more than 5, 8 or 10 kg depending on the company or if he is not authorized in the cabin, he will have to travel in the hold and you will have to provide for him water and food in quantity for a trip in the best conditions of comfort.

What transport equipment for your animal?

Whether your animal is traveling in the cabin or in the hold, it will be necessary to provide for its flight a case certified in accordance with the obligatory IATA standard for the luggage of animals in aircraft.

Luggage that meets the IATA (International Air Transport Association) standard meets the following criteria: Its shell is made of fiberglass or rigid plastic and its two parts are held by bolts; the wheels of the box are removed or retracted; the closing system of its door is centralized; the hinges protrude 1.6 cm from the edge of the cage above and below its door; your dog has room to stand in his crate without touching the ceiling with his head.

Please note that equipment that does not comply with the IATA standard is subject to a supplement at check-in, so it is strongly recommended that you purchase the appropriate cage for your dog well before leaving.

Finally, make sure it is ventilated and comfortable so that your dog is comfortable during trips in the hold in particular.

What is the price of air transport for your pet?

The cost of transporting your pet by plane varies according to the criteria of different airlines, which do not all apply the same standards. Contact Saudia's customer relations service for more information.

The prices are generally established according to the weight, the size of your dog or your destination. Indeed, prices vary if your flight is international or to certain destinations defined by the airlines.

The price of the cabin trip

For a cabin flight, animals are not included in the baggage allowance standard, so an additional cost will be calculated based on the price of a second piece of baggage.

The fare in the hold

The journey in the hold is generally more expensive, in addition to the supplements calculated by the companies according to the flight destinations.

The difference between a domestic flight and an international flight is very wide from one company to another.
To get a more precise idea of the price of a plane flight for your dog, it is essential to check with the chosen company and examine its prices under a magnifying glass in order to know precisely its pricing and the budget to be committed, for your pet according to its weight, size, cage dimensions and intended destination.

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