Do you travel in large numbers by Flyadeal? The airline offers a group rate for cheaper travel on its planes

Is there a whole bunch of you due to catch the Saudi airline soon? Large family, large group of friends, outing in a green class, business travel for seminars ... there are plenty of opportunities to take a group plane! But how do you get a preferential group rate to get cheap plane tickets? What are the tips to really pay less?

Certain booking conditions must be met

Flyadeal makes a distinction for any reservation of more than 9 passengers. The Saudi Arabian carrier invites you to request a specific quote as soon as you are over 9 and over. This is most often done online. Fill out this form. You will receive a response within four days of submitting your request.

The conditions of use are better at group rates: you have more flexibility in terms of cancellation or modification. For example, changing part of the names of passengers is possible as long as the tickets have not been issued until 3 weeks before departure.

A dedicated service to take care of you: you can get unusual little services like your group's logo or name on the headrests of the seats. You will be pampered.

Flyadeal is ready to provide you with ease of payment by offering to pay your booking fees via a 30-70% deposit. Contact your operator for more information. The earlier you book, the cheaper the group rate.
The price is smoothed and the same for each traveler: everyone pays the same price, from the first to the last traveler.

Bypass group booking to pay less

There is always a way to dispense with a group booking imposed by airlines. To do this, you have to find plane tickets for a smaller number of passengers and book in several times.

At Flyadeal, group bookings are available from 8 people, a clientele to which the airline devotes dedicated offers and services.

To offer personalized services, Flyadeal pays particular attention to its group customers to which it devotes a dedicated offer.

It brings together a range of commercial advantages with very flexible conditions to meet the expectations of groups.
Group bookings on Finnish airline flights are possible from 8 people. They allow you to pay a deposit several days in advance.

Groups can modify their reservations. Their tickets are issued seven days before departure. They can opt for tailor-made price offers.

No matter the size of your group, Flyadeal can always find the best deal for you and organize everything from start to finish, according to your requirements, wishes and criteria. She plans your arrival with transport and transfers.

The flexible group ticket is available from nine passengers. It offers you the following advantages:
- Seat reservation without providing the final name of the participants when booking;
- Deposit payment of only 10% to 20% of the total price at the time of booking;
- Possibility of giving the final nominal list of participants and of settling the balance in general around 4 weeks before the start of the trip;
- Cancellation of 10 to 20% of reserved seats, free of charge for most airlines, subject to application conditions;
- Free modification of the names of the tickets with the issuance of the tickets, within the authorized deadlines;
- Flexible baggage allowance.

The airline staff reserves blocks of seats for you so that your group stays together, depending on seat availability, specific meals for special diets but also assistance for passengers with disabilities.

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