Manage my booking: A service launched by Saudia to manage everything from your home

Saudi Airlines is relaxing its commercial measures in order to allow its customers to travel serenely on its routes and air routes. Passenger customers modify or postpone their trip, free of charge, and sometimes by paying taxes (depending on the booking conditions of their flights).

If your flight is canceled
In this hypothesis where flights are canceled by the Saudi company, the latter proposes the modification of the tickets initially non-modifiable or modifiable with costs or the setting in credit of the ticket.
If you want to change your flight
For customers who wish to change their flight on their own, the Asian carrier also makes it possible to modify flights that were initially non-modifiable or modifiable with a charge or to put the ticket in credit. Customers will be able to postpone their trip within the validity limit of one year from the issuance of their ticket and under certain conditions.

Change passenger name

If you have made a spelling mistake concerning your name or that of a passenger, or if you wish to replace a passenger with another, you can modify your reservation on the website of the Saudi company "Manage my booking", enter your e-mail address as well as your password or your reservation number in order to connect to modify the name of the passenger.

Flight change and modification (dates, times or itinerary)

It is possible to change the route or dates of your flight, but each passenger will have to pay a management fee per flight as well as the difference between the price of the original ticket paid and the cheapest ticket available for the same flight at the time, where the modification is made. It is often more profitable to buy another ticket full pot than to modify the one you have in your hands.

Delayed or Canceled Flight? Need to change the new date / time offered by Saudi Airlines?

If you notice a delay of more than 3 hours on arrival or your flight is canceled, you may be eligible for compensation in the amount of € 250 to € 600 per passenger. But if ever the company announces the cancellation of your flight and gives you a new date and time of departure, you are entitled to change it free of charge.

Changing a baggage allowance

You can modify your reservation online at any time to add or remove checked baggage. If you show up at the airport at the baggage drop counter with checked baggage not declared on the reservation, additional charges may be incurred when checking in that baggage, if the same baggage is only declared at the boarding gate, it will cost you more, be sure to check the maximum baggage dimensions allowed in the cabin to be sure to board with your baggage and not to have to put it in the hold at the last moment.

Cases where you cannot use this service

This service is not available to passengers traveling on flights that have been booked with a travel agent. Flights booked with exchange of rewards, flights already registered, flights that have been canceled by passengers, or purchased with a promotional code, including multi-destination flights.

If your changes cannot be made online, please contact your airline by calling a customer advisor.

24 Comments on “Manage my booking: A service launched by Saudia to manage everything from your home”

  1. Hallo, i am travelling from Riyadh to Jeddah (on 25th Aug) and From Jeddah to Bengaluru (on 26th Aug) and would like to increase the baggage allowance – trying online thru website but i think the website is not working. How much it would cost to add 23 kgs. more =. Please respond

  2. How to rebook my flight that is scheduled today July 25 at 1500h. I can’t proceed with the flight due to weather condition that affects domestic flight from our home town to Manila airport.

  3. Change my flights please ASAP tom as they dont let us board the flights we still actually had over an hour

  4. Hi, i would like to change date flight back (FROM KL TO CAIRO) for below e-ticket to 31st August 2023.

  5. Muhammad bilal sir madam can you please send my ticket in pdf to my email address i have a my old ticket they have to change the schedule

  6. I, John/Shaji, would like to change the date of my confirmed current ticket SV/ETKT 065 2140933644, which is for a flight from Delhi (IGI) to New York (JFK) via Jeddah, to sometime in the last week of November 2022.

  7. need to change my booking dates from

    Jeddah JED King Abdulaziz Intl
    Dubai DXB Dubai Intl
    Oct 30, 2022
    to August 19

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen
    I need my return flight to Frankfurt ticket number
    TICKET NUMBER : ETKT 065 2138668071

    BOOKING REF :AMADEUS/OGKRI5-241620271805 , AIRLINE: SV/OGKRI5-241620271805
    rebook to March 28th, 2023 or to a date close by. Is this possible and what would it cost.
    Karl-Heinz Neumann

    1. Dear Sir,

      I wish pre-pone (change my flight booking) date from 14/8 to 4/8.

      How much extra cost need to pay for this prepone/change?

      Booking Reference
      LBBG8M – 211111160822

      Mr. Yasin Saheb Sayyed (adult)
      Saudi Alfursan:SV-13322945
      E-ticket document: 065-2142361601


  9. I want to use my TKT # 0659410307659 for my son .I called the guest center it didn’t work.

  10. Assalamu alaikum:

    I want to go on my planned date on 02 June 2022. Please and Please you dont know why I booked on this date. I am waiting for your response. I want my initial date on 02/06/2022.
    I had booked on 26/05/2022 and bought my flight to be on 02 June 2022, from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Kano Nigeria. But now when I try to check in but I found a cancellation without notifying me, here are my flight details: ISSUING AIRLINE: SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES TICKET NUMBER: ETKT 065 2139430060, BOOKING REF: AMADEUS/LWHVCR-213217311227, AIRLINE: SV/LWHVCR-213217311227.
    I am not happy about what you did to me, you did not even tell me. If I am the one who changed my flight you will charge me a penalty, but now you change the flight without even telling me is not good. I am not happy and I am seeking the penalty for this cancellation because you are disappointing me and spoiling my work. Is not good totally. I am waiting for your response.
    Thank you…

  11. Our flight SV787/07May is grounded in Male and I will surely miss my flight to Medina on SV1424/08May Jed-Med.
    Reference number RORAPV Singapore to Jeddah.
    Booking reference number Jeddah to Medina
    1. RRM589 Jupri Umar
    2. RR6NQO Liyana Khairunisa Jupri
    3. RS8A6G Seriwaty Bustami

    Please rearrange my flight schedule to Medina on next best available flight.

  12. My booking reference V6KJTU 310620192930 I want my name on the ticket to be
    Johnsingh, Maria A as it appears in the passport

  13. Hello sir,
    My booking number isQGSUAV – 261628301031.Is this possible can i change my date jeddah to lahore. My flight is 16 march frankfurt to jeddah after i fly 17 march jeddeh to lahore.i want to stay 17 march at my relative’s home but i have less stay.please can i take next flight.I will be very thankfull if you guaid me right path.thank you so much.


  15. Dear Sir, My departure date was 02 nov-2021 by SV0759 & SV1056 Delhi to Jeddah & Riyadh. But, unfortunately flight didn’t operate due to covid-19 that time. I think ticket validity is 1 year from the date of purchase. Hence, I request you to consider the revise departure date : 20 may 2022 Delhi/Jeddah/Riyadh (Booking ref SDBWO5) Is required to pay any additional fare? Waiting for feedback please… Thanks & regards… Mohammad Jawaid

  16. Hi
    I want to know if I can change my return flight from Riyadh instead of Madinah
    E ticket : 0652134862021
    Naseer Ahmed



    Eticket 065-2131328756

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