Saudi Airlines Cargo: Innovative transport solutions, for individuals and professionals

Do you want to send your packages or pallets as air freight and are you looking for a service provider who would take care of the entire operation? And if possible, who would make the operation reliable?

Parcels or pallets, departing King-Fahd Abdelaziz from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia or King-Khled in Riyadh, or from any other airport in Saudi Arabia, don't hesitate, Saudia's air freight service will take care of everything! You will benefit from a personalized service with rapid and complete handling of your request. First of all, it saves considerable time on the procedures to be carried out with forwarders, but it is also a significant improvement in the security of delivery of your packages.

The freight transfer service provided by Saudia guarantees optimal security for your package and all your parts transported on board Saudia planes. Its team takes care of the pick-up and drop-off at the departure airport, but also the tracking of your package at each stage of its journey and to its destination. The Saudi company is also involved in shipping large packages and pallets quickly and efficiently.

But sometimes it may happen that you have particularly important packages for which there is no way they will suffer any delay or damage? This kind of situation that happens once a year or sometimes less, which is often called an industrial emergency or a critical emergency. Well in this case it's very simple, hold your hand in your package without letting go to drive it to its destination or better, entrust it to the Asian company who will take care of it.

Transport of packages

Saudi Airlines Cargo has a section specializing in the transport of air express packages. It offers its Air Express freight service to Africa, the Middle East and South America. Versatile and dynamic, it provides its customers with several services, including advice on international transport and Express mail / Baggage service.

From Saudi Arabia to Asia, Europe, America and the rest of the world, Saudia Cargo offers you innovative solutions for the transport of mail, parcels, excess baggage, industrial pallets, luxury vehicles, everything express cargo ship. It guarantees you a quick solution for your international transport.

It works in a network and in partnership with the major operators in the sector. It acts as an intermediary by entrusting them with a large shipment volume and therefore benefits from very advantageous pricing conditions which it passes on to its customers.

Its professional air transport partners deliver your express shipments to the most remote corners of the planet.
The Saudi company offers a wide choice of service packages tailored to your needs: urgent, economical, immediate delivery, delivery from one country to another and tailor-made service.

Accompanied luggage transport service, when, how and for whom?

The level of reliability of this service can claim a rating of A +. Here we benefit from top reliability for Super Premium packages.

Companies such as Saudia Cargo can intervene for the delivery of your parcel by plane very quickly with a complete and tailor-made support. Depending on its weight and dimensions, your package is accompanied in the cabin or in the baggage hold by a specialized conveyor.

Thanks to a global network established with its partners, the Asian air carrier offers its customers a personalized service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To bring them the best, she puts all her skills and know-how at their disposal.

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