Claim compensation: Your rights if Saudi cancels your flight

A canceled flight is one of the worst things that can happen to travelers. Here's what you can do in the event of a flight cancellation.

Scores of passengers ignore their rights in the event of canceled flights and forgo claiming compensation when they can get it. French law says that passengers whose flights are canceled can be reimbursed for their tickets, but compensation is also provided for canceled flights although, in certain circumstances, this is sometimes not possible. This is not possible when you were informed of the cancellation well in advance (long meaning up to 2 weeks before the flight) but also under "extraordinary circumstances" including inclement weather and a strike that was unpredictable.

If you are not sure of your rights, one of your rights is precisely to be able to obtain from your company a summary of your rights when you are in the boarding area.

To find out if you can be compensated, an online startup allows you to do a simulation and then a request.

If the cancellation of your flight has resulted in costs, absolutely keep all receipts until you have any drink. Check the maximum time offered by Saudi Airlines for processing a refund. Also consider that you can get the difference refunded if you had a business class ticket and ended up traveling under different conditions. Because the law says that the conditions must be similar.

Request compensation from Saudia

In most cases, compensation is neither immediate nor automatic. It is up to the passenger to request it. Claim your compensation here.

For European flights, that is to say flights taking off from airports in Europe (EU), you must have the choice between taking a flight on another date, or taking another flight under the same conditions as soon as possible or have your ticket refunded. You also have several years to request a refund when a flight is canceled by an operator.

Sometimes you don't have a choice and have to choose the refund. Depending on where you are, think about other airports in the city. Of course, sometimes you have to find a flight yourself even if it depends on the companies. According to European regulations, the airline will have to cover the transfer costs also when it offers a flight to an airport other than the airport where you were to land.

If it is necessary to spend the night there, the company must cover the accommodation costs. You should speak directly to the agents at the airport when you understand that you are going to have to spend the night there. Some companies distribute vouchers for hotels near the airport. If, however, you need to book a hotel, besides its proximity to the airport, be sure to check until when you can cancel in case you can catch the next flight.

In some extraordinary circumstances hotels fill up very quickly, especially in dire weather conditions. Under these conditions, if you learn of your flight cancellation before leaving for the airport, it is strongly recommended that you wait until you are found a seat on another flight before leaving for the airport.

You can also be taken care of for a long delay. It is sometimes 4 or 5 hours but also 3 hours for some companies like RyanAir: "If you want to request a refund following the cancellation of your flight or if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours and you choose not to to take it.

Today, most airlines always reserve a seat for you on another flight. Some notify you by e-mail. Many airlines around the world have agreements with other carriers to be able, under certain circumstances, to offer a flight on another carrier. If you are not offered a flight, it is best to have Internet access to check the company's website (often inaccessible by phone) in the event of a flight cancellation.

What are your rights if your flight with Saudia is canceled?

A canceled flight is a flight initially scheduled which has not been performed and which in principle involves a change of flight number, unlike the delay.

In all cases, whether the flight is European or non-European, you are entitled to a minimum reimbursement of your ticket, and to possible damages if this cancellation has caused you particular, financial or moral damage.

For European flights, special rights exist. You can benefit from this if your flight is from an EU country, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

The airline must offer you either a re-routing on another flight to your final destination under comparable transport conditions, or to reimburse you for your ticket within 7 days for the part not carried out but also for that which has become unnecessary.

It must also pay you a flat-rate indemnity: € 250 for flights of less than 1,500 km, € 400 for intra-Community flights or flights of 1,500 to 3,500 km, € 600 for other flights over 3,500 km.

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