Reserve a seat of your choice online? It’s possible with Flyadeal

Whether intended for the ultra luxury cabin or the super eco class, the airplane seat is the object of attention. Between comfort of the chair and profitability of the place, the trade-offs are decided at the highest level.

The current seat selection model for booking at Flyadeal is based on the “first come, first served” principle.

Travelers can select their preferred seat as soon as they purchase their ticket and up to 30 hours before flight departure, whether online, in an agency or by phone.

Noting that the choice of seat remains free from the opening of registration (30 hours before departure and on the places still available). The Saudi airline offers this service of choosing a standard seat for passengers arriving there first, which helps to guarantee the requested seat.

Rather window, wings or emergency exit?

The choice, we do not always have. It all depends on how quickly we check in online, whether or not we have priority status. But, if we could really decide, would we rather opt for the window, the wing, the emergency exit, ...?

If you are in a hurry, you will prefer the seats at the front left of the plane, on the aisle side to get out first. Tired? It's better on the left, at the window. It seems that ergonomics question, the body is better positioned. As a family, the seats behind the partitions are the most comfortable. This is where planes provide prams and children have more room to move. For adults, the ideal is at the head of the rows, at emergency exits and at the edge of the aisle. And those with motion sickness will be more comfortable near the wings. Turbulence is less felt there.

How to choose your place on a plane on the internet?

When you book a Flyadeal flight over the Internet, you can choose your seat on the plane. It doesn't matter much if you don't know where the seat is. This can indeed be located near the toilets, in the middle of a row, next to a window, ... it is impossible to know when booking. That’s why there are handy tools that allow you to see where the best seats are for the flight you are about to take.

The only way to have more choice is to book as early as possible. On the website of the airline of Saudi Arabia will then appear the detailed map of the device with small boxes representing the seats and which can be white, green, yellow or red (and sometimes green and yellow).
Seats in red should be avoided. They are usually near the toilets, corridors used by the flight attendants or stairs. Seats in yellow often provide limited legroom or cannot recline very much. The seats in white are standard seats and the seats in green are the best: more legroom. They may require a supplement.

When it comes to flying, there is always a good time to book your tickets and to arrive at the airport (more or less).

But how do you choose the right seat?

For safety, choose a seat in the hallway at the back of the plane, behind the wings.
A long study published by the Popular Mechanics website showed that passengers seated close to the tail of the plane were about 40% more likely to survive a crash than those seated in the first seats.

Passengers in the seats behind the wings - not on the wings - therefore had a higher survival rate. Choosing the corridor means that you will be able to leave the plane faster in case of an emergency and evacuating the plane.
To sleep, choose a seat next to the window on the left side of the plane, near the middle of the plane.

People who travel often say that the windows on the left side are more pleasant to rest your head on. The seat in the middle row also ensures that you won't be bothered by people queuing to go to the bathroom or the characteristic noises of the fuselage.

To place your suitcases in the cabin, choose a seat at the back of the plane

Almost all airlines (United Airlines and US Airways are notable exceptions) follow a procedure of loading the aircraft from back to front, so if you are seated in the back your hand luggage will be the first, to be placed in the cabin.

To get out of the plane quickly, take a seat on the left side, in the front

Here we are talking about the time of disembarkation, so it makes sense that in most airplanes, those who are seated in the front exit first. The main door is almost always located on the left side, so passengers tend to exit faster on that side of the aircraft.

To stretch your legs, choose a seat in the hallway, next to the exit

The seats near the emergency exit are naturally more spacious: at JetBlue's [an American company, note], for example, they are about 95 centimeters (even if you have to pay more), while the "normal" seats , are only 83 centimeters. It is therefore obvious that you will be able to stretch your legs if you buy the seat near the hallway exit.

Seats just behind bulkheads can be tempting, but be aware that some of those bulkheads don't take up the full height of the cabin.

For children, it is better to take a seat just behind the partitions

It's simple: most of the seats behind the partitions leave more room for children who can then move and sit on the floor, if this is permitted (make sure that these seats are not next to the emergency exit - if so, the children cannot get on the floor).

The toilets are also closer to the places located next to the partitions. Some of them have cribs for babies.