Saudia: Everything you need to know about transporting baggage by plane

The baggage allowance varies greatly depending on the airline. It usually depends on the class of travel and the destination of the flight. It is therefore always recommended to check the size of your hand luggage and to ensure that you comply with the general restrictions and rules, for example traveling on a Saudi Airlines line, before your departure. This will avoid paying additional costs for excess baggage or transporting special items, but also having to place your hand baggage in the hold if you prefer to travel with it.

As the rules concerning baggage allowances are constantly evolving, it is recommended to check them before any trip to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact directly the carrier you are traveling with before going to the airport.

Hand baggage (in cabin)

With your Saudi Airlines flight ticket, you can carry carry-on baggage with you in the aircraft cabin. This must not exceed 7 kg in Economy (Guest) class, 9 kg in Business and First class on national flights and on intercontinental flights. You can also go on board with another smaller bag, for example containing your camera or laptop. Also note that on some smaller planes or when the flight is full, the Saudi company reserves the right to place your baggage in the hold at no additional cost.

Checked baggage

The baggage allowance to which your Air plane ticket entitles you depends on the class of the ticket and your destination. On all Premium economy class journeys, you are allowed to place in the hold one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg or 32 kg. In Business Class on national and international destinations served by Saudia, you can travel with two pieces of luggage weighing 23 kg maximum each. Finally, in Business class on intercontinental flights, you are entitled to 2 pieces of luggage of 23 kg each.

  Domestic flight
  Economy Business First
  Saver Basic Flex Basic Flex Flex
baggage (in the hold) Possible avec des frais à régler 23kg 3 x 23kg 32kg + 23kg 2x32kg + 23kg 2x32kg + 23kg
Sans frais 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg


Handbag 7kg 7kg 7kg 9kg 9kg 9kg

Luggage format and dimensions

Regardless of the difference in the number of kilograms to be transported in the cabins and holds of Saudia Airlines planes, the latter accepts luggage with unified dimensions for all passengers, regardless of the price of their tickets. Each suitcase must be 158cm or less, whether you are flying on a domestic or international flight.

Buy an additional baggage option

If your luggage is too heavy, you will have to pay 60 euros more. Also note that no baggage can exceed 158 cm and / or 32 kg. If you want to travel with more baggage than that included in your allowance, each additional baggage on domestic flights will cost you 50 euros compared to 100 euros on intercontinental flights.

Traveling by Saudia Airlines with a wheelchair

If you must travel by plane with a wheelchair, whether manual or electric, be aware that there are special precautions to be taken before departure.

How to proceed when you are in a wheelchair and want to take a plane?
It is imperative to indicate when booking that you are disabled in a wheelchair with the need for accompaniment (48 hours before departure). It is necessary to specify the type of chair as well as the dimensions so that the staff can take it. We also need to clarify whether or not we can climb the stairs.

Sports equipment in your cabin?

Are you planning a sports trip to Saudi Arabia or abroad? A bike ride or a ski holiday?
Saudi Airlines offers its customers the option of transporting sports equipment. Depending on the carrier, equipment may be included in the baggage allowance, or subject to additional charges. Remember to reserve this option in advance, by contacting Customer Service. Checking in at the airport for this type of equipment can be much more onerous than if it had been booked in advance.

Saudi Airlines accepts some sports equipment for free on its flights, but the on-board baggage allowance encourages people to travel light. For flights booked as part of a vacations package, transportation of a single suitcase is free in the hold.

The Saudi company also recognizes golf equipment as part of its sports equipment, but any other item will be calculated in the baggage allowance and may be subject to oversized or overweight baggage charges. For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact one of its customer relations advisers.

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