Is it possible to travel and transport a wheelchair on board a Flyadeal aircraft?

Whether it's a weekend abroad, visiting relatives, or a beach vacation, finding out about flight conditions in a wheelchair beforehand can make your trip much smoother and easier.

Flyadeal offers seats for people with reduced mobility. Although the services and the number of seats offered and the conditions of transport are often specific to the airline and the type of plane, you can add this service when booking your plane ticket online, on the website official web of the Saudi company.

However, it is best to contact your carrier in advance (at least 48 hours before departure) to make sure they can meet your wheelchair needs.

If you are traveling with your wheelchair, make your reservation in advance and call the airline directly to explain all your boarding needs, personal assistance at the airport, check-in and any additional services you have, needed during your plane trip.

As for the check-in on the flight, you must do it at the airport, at least an hour and a half (90 minutes before departure).

Traveling by Flyadeal with a visual impairment

With the aim of facilitating the travel experience of its passengers, the Saudi Arabian company is developing new processes such as Braille boarding passes for visually impaired passengers.

By taking into account the specific needs and expectations of its passengers to innovate its products and services, the airline has trained its staff to be able to respond effectively to all the needs of the passengers concerned.

The secret to traveling well while being blind lies in the preparation. Various arrangements are to be made from departure until return to the country of origin. Should we travel alone or be accompanied? Can we take a service dog or a guide?

Flyadeal has improved its services to allow people with disabilities to enjoy a tour. This air carrier is on the lookout for any opportunity to improve its services.

Before booking a flight

Unlike other categories of passengers, the disabled (those with visual or hearing impairments) must follow special procedures when booking a flight. Above all, it is imperative to inform travel providers of its condition. Aside from the airline, it is essential to notify the tour operator, as this is an organized tour. The ideal time to transmit information is 48 hours before departure. If the information is communicated during the reservation, it will be more judicious to remind the flight promoter two days before departure. Respecting this minimum time is crucial in order to allow the installation of the various necessary assistance devices.

Flyadeal has integrated physical assistance measures for people with disabilities or reduced mobility into its services. However, these support services begin with reception on boarding and disembarking, and obviously during the journey.

Traveling with a service dog

Traveling blind sometimes requires special support from a dog. It even happens that it is the company that imposes this provision on the passenger. The access of animals inside an aircraft is however regulated.

Can he be with me on the plane?

It is possible for a person with a visual impairment to be assisted by a guide dog while traveling in the cabin. First, it is essential that the pet has a specific certificate. While the ability to initiate assistance is not given to all dogs, authentication is required. Second, the assistant's weight should not exceed 45kg (maximum length 86cm), with bag or cage included. This regulatory provision varies from company to company. Beyond this limit, transport must be in the hold. Finally, the admission of the animal on board the aircraft is subject to certain conditions:
- Presence of an up-to-date vaccination certificate;
- Identification by electronic chip;
- Valid passport including the vaccination certificate;
- Always attached except for travel.

Apart from reserving a seat for your service dog (which will preferably be located in the first row of the cabin), Flyadeal does not charge you any additional costs. You can transport a portion of the animal's food free of charge (weight is not included in your cabin baggage allowance).

The airline reminds that it is necessary to inform its staff about this service at least two weeks (14 days) before the day of departure (call +966.920.000.212 or +966. (0) .12 653 9515.).

Fill out this form to confirm your request to travel with an assistance dog on board and send a copy to following email: