Saudi Airlines: What level of service does economy class corresponds to?

Saudi Arabia's Airline Guest Class, or so-called Premium Economy, is a travel class offered on Saudia Airlines routes. Positioning in price, comfort and amenities, this travel class is between Economy class and Business class.

Premium Economy class can include:
- A separate, smaller economy cabin section with dedicated cabin crew;
- Better seats (often fewer seats per row), more legroom, elbow room, legrest, powered laptop seat, phone, screen with improved services;
- Additional services on board: welcome kit, hot towel, welcome drinks, improved meals, ... Priority boarding, lounge access (for some airlines), an increase in loyalty points.

Cabin comfort

The most important in this space is the seat. From an older generation, the spacing between the seats is an important and determining element of comfort on board, Saudi Airlines offers a pitch between 38 and 39 inches.

A large number of us travel in economy class (or "eco class") when we take the plane. Unless you're lucky and upgraded (read our tips for upgrading here). Eco class isn't that bad after all. It must be recognized that comfort has improved significantly in recent years. The trip goes very well most of the time, unless you’re in a tiny seat, next to a baby crying the whole way.

To prove it to you, here is a topo of what you can expect during an economy class trip aboard a Saudia plane, but also in "premium economy", an intermediate class in fashion these days. Remember, however, that the level of comfort does not only depend on the chosen class, but also on the company, the plane but also whether you are on a short or long haul flight.

There is not much to say about it, in fact. Basically, you sit down and the plane takes you from point A to point B. The width of the seat varies from company to company, from 41 to 52 cm. The same goes for the legroom, which varies from 71 to 81 cm. Think you are not within 10cm? Think again, they can make all the difference on a flight of more than 6 hours! The level of equipment is also variable: power outlet, wifi, meals, drinks, individual TV screen or not, general level of service, etc.

Some companies like Saudia offer a screen ordering service. All you have to do is select the product of your choice, enter your credit card details and a hostess will then bring your purchases directly to your seat.

Ground services

One of the advantages of the Premium Economy cabin is a more generous baggage allowance. Lounge access is generally not included with a Guest cabin ticket.

The Asian airline's Guest class is an intermediate class that falls between the classic economy class and the Business class. It gives access to more privileges compared to economy class, which in addition to the advantages of economy class, depending on the company, can include: Special dedicated rows, a wider seat with greater legroom, priority boarding , higher baggage allowances, headphones with noise reduction, ...

Book your Premium Economy flight ticket in advance

You should know that the more in advance you book your premium flight, the more chance you will have to access the lowest airfare prices of the airlines offering your destination! This is all the more accentuated if you leave during strong periods of affluence (summer holidays, Christmas, Easter, holidays, ...) However this advice is not an absolute guarantee since a company can also decide to lower its prices some time later with a view to liquidating its stocks of plane tickets. Anyway, if your dates are imperative, we advise you to plan ahead and book your flight in advance.

Change your dates to compare the prices of premium class airline tickets. Within a few days, and by avoiding departures and returns on weekends and on public holidays, you will be able to obtain better prices for your plane ticket.

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