Contact the offices of Saudia in Istanbul

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  1. I had a flight to Ethiopia on 21 September 2022 @15:25PM. However due to issues relating to migration office, which was beyond my control I missed a flight. Then, I immediately reported to an office of Saudi Airlines at Istanbul Airport. The agent in Addis Ababa tried to get the ticket opened and reschedule it, but couldn’t do it. I was informed that Saudi Airlines office in Istanbul could make that happen.

  2. I will go to bangkok from istanbul saudi arabia flowing (roi abdulaziz int airport) i am a transit passenger with 3-4 hours waiting time i am a turkish citizen my wife ukraina citizen do i need a transit visa? Give information, please

  3. Hello. This is Cho.
    I want to delivery out my cargo to outside Airport
    I have checked that my cargo has arrived in IST already.
    MAWB # is 065-4587 2864

    I have called many times to this number +90 212 444 9591,Which is Saudia IST Airport office as I know.
    But they never answer the phone. Maybe I have wrong number.
    So Please Give me the Correct ‘contact information For CARGO’ and warehouse address

  4. Hi,
    I recently started my business as a travel agent in Istanbul and I would like to contact the sales office for Saudi airlines sales office by email to send all necessary documents. I usually send to ( but always undelivered. Please send me an email by which I can contact the sales office there in Istanbul

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