Flynas: Special rates for various age categories

The rates apply only for transportation from the point of origin to the point of destination, unless otherwise specified by us. Fares do not include taxes, fees and charges or ground transportation services between airports and between airports and city terminals. The rates will be calculated in accordance with our Rate in effect on the date of your reservation. The fare will be for travel on the specific dates and flights agreed upon when you make your reservation with us or our authorized agent.

If, depending on the type of fare, you wish to change your booking, this may increase the fare and / or result in additional charges being applied in accordance with the fare rules of the Flynas Regulation.

Type of rates at Flynas

The Saudi company has several types of tariffs available through its public sales channels, subject to availability and conditions, details on this are available in its regulations.

Baby prices

Flynas offers Infant fares for children aged eight days to under two years old. Date of birth must be provided at time of booking, which will be verified upon check-in, otherwise the fare difference will be charged accordingly. Infant fares vary depending on the area booked and can be found in the Saudi airline's regulations. Infant rates exclude airport tax and insurance supplement.

Child rates

Flynas offers a child rate for all children between the ages of two and twelve at the time of travel. The child fare is applicable for all domestic and international flights in its flight network. Child fare booking is available through all of its sales channels, including, the call center, retail outlets, and local travel agents. Child fares are only available if the child is traveling with an adult and both must purchase the same type of fare.

Date of birth must be provided at time of booking, which must be verified (passport, identity card or birth certificate) upon check-in, failing which the fare difference will be charged accordingly.

Taxes, fees and charges imposed by governments, authorities and airports

You must pay taxes, fees and charges imposed by the government and / or other authorities, including the operator of an airport for which we are obligated to collect from you or pay on your behalf and in respect of concerns your flight. When you purchase your reservation, we may advise you of taxes, fees and charges not included in the rate and these will normally be shown separately on the itinerary. Taxes, fees and charges are constantly changing and may be imposed or changed after the date we have confirmed your reservation and will claim the same from you. Likewise, if any taxes, fees or charges you pay to us when we confirm your booking are then waived or reduced, you will have the right to ask us for a refund for the difference you paid. If you do not use your reservation, you will be entitled to claim a refund of any taxes,

Additional costs and charges

Flynas reserves the right to charge reasonable administrative costs deemed necessary by the airline and / or administrative costs for any additional services, not included in the price of the fare, including, but not limited to, requests for receipts duplicate, fees to cover certain payment methods, costs to cover certain booking and booking confirmation methods, costs to cover administration of the change of date and / or time, or cancellation of a reservation and storing the amount in a credit envelope for your use at a later date. Any such additional amounts will be communicated to you at the time of booking and are subject to change. Please refer to Saudi Arabia company regulations for more details.

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