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  1. Dear Sirs,

    Please see below an email I sent . There were quite a few, I sent in furtherance of the same issue along with letter I also sent which was returned un-served.

    Please trace the phone, I Left ,which I need most

    • nizam haque
    Thu, 3 Nov 2022 at 15:04
    Dear Sirs,
    Re: Loss of phone whilst on transit
    As Salaam o alaikum.
    I am begging your assistance in relation to an incident happened on my way to Dhaka via Jeddah Airport with the details
    London Heathrow Apt Jeddah
    Fri 08 Jul 2022 21:15 – 05:15 +1

    Jeddah Dhaka
    Sat 09 Jul 2022 16:05 – 01:45 +1

    I also reported the loss by way of a follow up email which it appears, was not to the right address. Hence I am redirecting the contents of such email as noted below with some variance as appropriate.
    I am sorry to bother you yet need your support and assistance in my particular circumstances.
    I lost my phone with a UK Vodafone SIM active in it whilst I was on transit lounge waiting to board the flight on 9th July 2022. This, I reported it to the captain through the flight assistant, who took his time to meet me, on board, However I could not find anyone in the airport at Dhaka in order to report it further, as was suggested by the Captain, in addition to the reporting to him .
    It was very sad that I had to wait for more than 19 hours in transit without providing any sort of support rather than left to be rotten on the Airport. Neither did I appreciate nor had I been warned off and or at least advised on such exposure, having had medical symptom of on non serious nature yet the exposure too long delay, without any good quality seating arrangement and resting facilities by the Airlines was hazardous. The Airport authority was under no obligation to provide any such support.
    More importantly, there were no free faculties of wiefie in the airports either useful or appropriate and the one that was provided was such poor quality that it was hardly useful.
    Therefore, I did take every effort to utilise the phones I was carrying with me without any success. Perhaps whilst I was boarding the plane upon being waited for long in the transit I lost one of my phones in the lounge I was seating, just prior to boarding.
    Upon checking its existence it appears that it was last used on 9th July 2022 and thereafter, as been lying unutilised, as of now. This suggests that it being hold by your Airport Authority.
    I , therefore, request you to consider the above and take the followings and thus obliged,
    Trace the phone with the following details
    Galaxy -A 5 2017IMEI353627095225309,
    Serial no R58JA3DP1HZ;
    Thank you.
    Yours faithfully,
    MN Haque
    8 Torbitt Way Ilford Essex
    IG 2 7TA UK

  2. Planning DIY umrah Nov 2024 In Shaa Allah , when can I book flight and have you open for booking flight for next year. Thanks

  3. Assalaam Aleyku,
    My name is Mohamed Ali, we arrived on Thursday afternoon 1325 at London Gatwick North Terminal together with my my wife and child booking reference JGKJLE.

    We checked in 6 luggages and told to get them on our destination in London Gatwick. We boarded at Nairobi Kenya on flight number SV430 to Jeddah and then from Jeddah to London Gatwick on flight number SV119.

    After clearing with immigration, we managed to locate only 4 luggages of the 6 we checked in. There was no one from Saudi Airlines to assist us, as at least 10 families did not get their bags. We asked for help but there was no one to assist. We were directed to Skyline help desk, but the lady told us they do not deal with Saudi Airlines and we have to go to the departure on the 2nd floor. We all said that once we leave the arrival section, we would be allowed back. We were told that was the only way to get help.

    We found our way to the departure section and there was no one from Saudi Airlines to assist. We asked nearby employees and they told us to go to South Terminal and locate Saudi Airlines employees there. We were tired after more than 2hrs of no help. So we decided to go home as there was no telephone line to call too.

    On Friday morning, me and my cousin went to Saudi Arabian Airlines office at 173 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NA at around 10:30am. We registered ourselves on the door entrance with the security and sent on the 5 floor. On entering we met one man who I explained my whole problem that I encountered yesterday. He asked for the 2 missing tag number of the bags which are 065 SV 268316 and 065 SV 268352 and 2 pictures for each bag. He said he would forward the details to the concerned person at Gatwick of which by luck the just called home while we were there. When I asked to any reference or claim number, he said the person from Gatwick would send an email using the email and telephone used when buying the tickets. My cousin had a similar case a week ago and no response from Saudi Arabian Airlines. I asked for telephone number or his number, he said wait for from us.

    We returned to Birmingham, and on Monday, no email or telephone call. I have tried calling every number from the internet but nothing works. I tried online application form but it asks for claims number of which I do not have since there was no staff at Gatwick to report to and issued with one. I have filled in the online form with Gatwick I have tried everything but I have received no help from Saudi Airlines.

    Please I am not asking for any favours but to located my 2 luggages and have them delivered to my address. Please you have my contact details, call me and explain what is going on.

    Thank you.

  4. My flight fro. London Gatwick was 2/9/2023 @ 3pm, London had train strike and my train to Gatwick was affected, I had to take tubes to arrive to my train station in London Bridge, i have 4 children with me and 7 languages, it was very hard experience, I arrived 2:10pm and the check in was closed noone was there to talk to, I’m very disappointed, my flight was delayed to 4:25pm but yet I still couldn’t get on it because no flight attendance was on the check in counter, the online check-in was not working either and they kept asking for visa to my destination, I’m British but also Egyptian so I don’t need visa to travel to Egypt, now I want to use my return ticket at least but I cannot see it on my account, please help.
    I’m very upset and won’t use Saudia again after this bad experience 😒.

  5. Hi There,
    This is to report on the missing luggage of my Brother-in-Law- Dr. Bogale Demissie from your yesterday’s flight to Addis Ababa from N. Terminal/09BY5Z/ Gatwick Airport/London/ via Jeda (ETKT 6659).

  6. I intend to travel to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umera and visit other friend in Dammam.
    Nationality: Pakistani
    UK visa status: ILR (indefinite leave to remain / Resident visa)

    Pls advise on the following:-
    1- We will travel by Saudia Airline and will get visa on arrival at Saudi Arabia airport.
    2- Travel insurance, pls advise if we have to buy any insurance here in UK separately or it will be
    included part of Ticket price.

  7. Dear sir
    My name is kassim said
    My wife name Wakilah kassim said

    I have booked 2 tickets fir me and my wife using the app I have done all the process it have paid for the tickets it shows on my Internet banking payment is pending but I haven’t received any email for confirmation or tickets
    This is my email address
    Phone 07886943659
    Can you please check for me and let me know .
    Thank you
    Mr&Mrs Said

  8. Hi
    BOOKING REF :AMADEUS/SPGTB7-282516291107 .
    Just want to know if I need to reconfirm my reservation. Also I have 11hrs layover at Riyadh airport. I have tourist visa. Can I visit Riyadh city. I’m travelling with my family of six members. I have luggage. Will that luggage be carried forward to my connecting flight which is again Saudi Arabia airlines or I’ll have to carry with me if I leave airport for few hours.
    Haroon Rashid

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