Alfursan loyalty program for Saudia passengers

SAUDIA's Alfursan frequent flyer program
Rewarding the large number of passengers traveling for business, or pleasure, without undermining the authority of travel policy: this is what Saudi Arabia’s program is all about, oscillating between statutory privileges and benefits in kind.

Subscription to the program is free, nominative, and available from the age of 2. Join directly online here, and complete the online form.

Why should you earn miles?

Think of a loyalty program like you probably have at the local supermarket. In general, it gives you a bonus thanks to the races you do each week. This bonus can take different forms, points, discounts, etc. It is the same for airlines.

You can use your supermarket bonus to pay for your weekly groceries, and you can use your loyalty miles for an upgrade, award ticket, onboard drinks or food, etc., but with a higher return.

The goals of the Saudi airline's loyalty program can be summarized as follows:
- Reward frequent customers of all nationalities and attract new ones;
-Cope with competition from airlines with loyalty programs such as: "Flying Blue" from Air France; British Airways “Executive Club”; Lufthansa “Miles and more”…. Etc.
- Make the customers' portfolio profitable (eg: award ticket, on classification, baggage allowance);
- Prevent the risk of losing customers when competitors arrive;
- Focus on the most profitable customers.

A client is a member of the Alfursan program once their contact details appear in the system's database, by filling out the membership form on the Saudia website. Then, he is assigned a code number, which will be mentioned on his loyalty card, and he can then be identified on each flight, so that his Miles Account is accredited.

The Saudi company is streamlining its loyalty program to offer its customers an even more understandable and transparent system of earning points to achieve and maintain Blue, Silver and Gold status. The duration of the status will be at least one year and up to a maximum of 24 months but the accumulation of points will be done at the end of the next year (following the date of qualification) for all traveler statuses.

Points can be accumulated on flights served by Saudi Airlines and all airlines in the Skyteam network.

Earn miles by joining the Alfursan reward program

Now that you know more about this loyalty program, it's time to start earning and using rewards points.

Redeem miles

On flights with Saudia or its partners, you can earn award miles and status miles in the same way, and redeem for award tickets to travel for free on board its various cabins.

Type de Miles Blue Silver (Elite) Gold (Elite plus) Miles Validity
Tier Miles 1048 miles 1048 miles 1048 miles End of year
Reward Miles 1048 miles 1310 miles 1572 miles Three years

Earn Bonus Miles:

The number of miles offered by Saudi Airlines to its passengers depends on their status. Silver Elite cardholders earn 25% additional miles while Gold Elite cardholders earn 50% additional miles.

The number of bonus miles awarded to the passenger depends mainly on their flight.

Flight between Jeddah and London Number of Miles
Flight miles 100% 2,960
Bonus miles for Premium first class 150% 4,440
Bonus miles for Silver tier 25% 740
Total reward miles for this trip 8,140


Domestic flight, between Jeddah and Dammam Reward Miles
Flight miles 100% 768
Bonus miles for Premium first class 75% 576
Bonus miles for Silver tier 50% 384
Total reward miles for this trip 1,728

Claim missing miles from Saudi Airlines

Have you traveled on a Saudia line or a Skyteam company without indicating your membership number? Or forgot to use your membership number with a partner?

It is possible to make a claim for missing miles up to 6 months after the transaction.
To do this, you will need to scan your plane ticket, or send your electronic ticket (receipt, invoice, etc.) to the following email address: mailto: This must be done within 360 days of the date of the flight in question (180 days on flights operated by Sky Team carriers). Exceeding this deadline means that you are no longer eligible to claim your missing miles.

Earn extra miles when traveling with family

Saudia’s AlFursan loyalty program gives you the opportunity to earn more miles when traveling in a group with your family.
Your personal account can be linked to the account of the large family (up to 8 people), each of whom can receive a number for you and start enjoying the advantages offered by this loyalty program.
You receive 50% of accredited miles on your private account when you are 2 years old to 12 years old.
In order to allow you to move up to higher levels in the program quickly, Saudia adds level Miles independently.
In order to register and join this program, you must send the following documents to the email address:
- Parts and documents to attach:
Family card, passport, identity document, or any other document proving the relationship with the family concerned
You must specify the type of relationship by designating whether it is the father, wife, daughter, son, ...

Buy miles

The purchase of miles is permanently possible via the Saudi airline's website by logging in to your Alfursan program member account. This allows you to reach the number of miles you want to unlock a higher level of membership, reach the number of points required to purchase an award ticket, ...

How it works?
Log into your account on the Alfursan space then go to the Buy Miles category, select the number of miles you want then enter the payment details on the electronic form, and validate the procedure in one click.
It should be remembered that this service is not limited to the purchase of miles, but also allows their transfer to another subscriber to the Asian airline's rewards program (by following the same steps above).

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