Contact the offices of Saudia in Jakarta

Indonesia - Jakarta

Office#1 - SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES main office

Working Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM

Reservation Tel : + 62218356201 / + 622183785975

Reservation Fax : + 62218353933

Airport Services : + 62215507516

Office#2 - SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES main office

Working Hours: 08:30 to 17:00

Reservation Tel : +622183785975/ +622183785976/ +622183785977/ +622183785978/ +622183785979

Reservation Fax : +62218353933

Airport Services : Tel: +62215507911 - Fax: +62215501048

Office#3 - Branch Office (BANDUNG)

Address : Grand Preanger Hotel Ground Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No 81, Bandung 40111

Reservation Tel : 022 - 4215801

Reservation Fax : 022 – 4215804

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  1. Apakah betul beli ticket di arab saudi airline langsung dapat ticket transit 4 hari, apakah bisa untuk ibadah umroh…tlg wa ke saya081295070828

  2. Process number: OHD KULSV12016

    Passenger name: Anteroulisses Rodriguescruz

    Good morning.
    The attitude of SAUDIA Airlines, after almost 1 YEAR, is simply incomprehensible!
    After the email below, I was contacted on 04/20/2023, at 4:36 pm, by WhatsApp with the number +628118547172, with Lost and Found identification, informing that my luggage was already in Jakarta.
    I replied that, as I had written in the email I sent, I would be in Jakarta until the morning of 04/20 and that in the afternoon I would be leaving for Bali.
    For that reason, I left a telephone contact so that the luggage could be sent to Bali, in case it arrived after my departure for Bali.
    Through this same Whatsapp contact I was informed that on 04/24 that my luggage had been sent to Bali on Lion Air flight JT32 arriving in Bali at 20:50pm and that the luggage should be picked up at Lion Air’s Lost in Found . I requested a photo of the luggage identification, which was not sent to me.
    Here begins the ordeal!
    Today the 30th, 10 DAYS have passed to get a luggage from Jakarta to Bali, with several flights a day!
    10 days!
    And the worst is not the 10 days!
    I have already requested numerous times that they send me the tag of the luggage sent from Jakarta to Bali, so that I can legally collect the luggage with the company that carried out such transportation (Lion Air according to the photo they sent me). I also asked them to provide me with a telephone number that I should call to find out why the luggage tag had not been sent.
    Absolutely NO ANSWER to the key point being the luggage tag! It even looks like a joke!
    I just received a photo of a manuscript with a supposed number of my luggage, which, however, does not match the tag number on the photo of the luggage (see image X) that they sent me to justify that they had identified my luggage. Moreover, being a piece of luggage sent by Lion Air from Jakarta to Bali, it is supposed to have a Tag with the identification of the Lion Air company and naturally with a number different from the one on the manuscript, where my telephone number and my contact number appear at Bali to collect luggage.
    I emphasize that this contact belongs to a person who provided a service, to collect, to carry out such a survey. This person has already been for 3 days in a row at the airport in Bali without getting any information about the luggage. They ask for the Baggage Identification Tag, something I’ve been asking SAUDIA in Jakarta for several days now. The justification is that without the identification tag they cannot even see in the system where the luggage would be. Interestingly, my suitcase lost 1 Kg between Amsterdam and Jeddah, as can be seen from the photos of the suitcase tags. And it will continue to lose weight until it reaches (if it reaches) me?!

    I also add that I have a carrier who leaves Bali for Timor-Leste, where I live, who can bring my suitcase, which will be paid as extra baggage, since SAUDIA never made any effort to deliver the suitcase to me in my destination, despite the fact that on my trip from Amsterdam/Jeddah/Kuala Lumpur there were two flight delays. In Jeddah, despite being delayed several hours because we missed the connecting flight to KUL, we were completely ignored for hours without any explanation (you did not even gave food or simple water to the passengers after 5+8 hours of delay). Eventually there must be other complaints about this flight.
    SAUDIA’s attitude has been of complete a lack of consideration to his passengers, which I’ve never had in my entire life. I am completely displeased with this behavior of yours!

    My Amsterdam/ Jeddah flight is SV216, on 06/07/2022, with a scheduled departure at 3:55 pm, and we left at 8:48 pm, with a delay of 05 hours.
    We were supposed to take the connecting flight Jeddah/ Kuala, SV834, but due to the delay we were transferred to flight SV840 at 10:25 am, on 06/08/2022, which left with a difference of 8 hours and 15 minutes behind the initially scheduled flight.
    I almost missed the connecting flight to East Timor, and this flight only had a frequency of 2 flight per month.
    Both in Amsterdam and in Jeddah, I tried to alert them to the problem with my connection, as well as any problems I might have with transferring luggage in KUL, but no one received my complaint. In Jeddah, I went and we (all passengers on that flight who had other connecting flights – I had already announced this in a previous email, but until today not even an apology) were literally abandoned for hours without information in a waiting room next to a Gate any. The only answer is that the supervisor would arrive and give us some information. But, he never showed up. It was time to board, with the attitude of getting on the plane, please…

    I waited quietly for almost 1 YEAR for my luggage, which appeared because I continued to insist with several emails. By telephone it was IMPOSSIBLE to establish any contact with Saudia Airlines. Something completely unacceptable for a company that wants to be big.
    These last 10 days seem even more ridiculous, bordering on a joke.
    How is it possible for luggage to disappear between Jakarta and Bali, in today’s world?! Where is my Baggage Identification Tag? Was it really shipped to Bali? What am I supposed to think of this behavior by Saudia Airlines? Constant refusal to request a luggage tag and a phone number so that I could establish better contact because the text responses via WhatsApp were not very clear.
    Should I report my luggage as lost somewhere between Jakarta and Bali? I really hope that this email will have a prompt responsy with a solutions and, most of all, that some information about my luggage will olso be sent to me as soon as possible.
    Antero Ulisses Rodrigues Cruz

  3. Dear admin, please provide info and explanation for the vision and mission of the flynas airline for our final project, before and after we say thank you

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