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  1. Dear Saudia,i travelled with your airline via Jeddah to Frankfurt on the 31/08/2023,i arrived and my luggage was missing.i keep on calling your offices but all they say i should write an email.i wrote an email and filled the form required but no reply nothing at all including no information.I am stranded and you direct number in Frankfurt does not go through.Do you leave your guests hanging After their luggage is lost and dont do anything about it?

  2. Good morning, I need to know the email address of the office in Germany. We have a PNR canceled and I need to check if is possible to refund the tickets.

  3. I have already written this mail on 28.08.2023 and unfortunately have not received any feedback until today. Can you help me here? Thank you
    Hello together,
    we need your help, as we have not received any feedback until today.
    We have booked a flight Zurich-Bangkok Bangkok-Zurich through the platform with your airline. (SWG8LD)
    But since they changed the flight times on the flight home to Zurich with a very long stopover, we want to cancel the entire flight. and Gotogate have not received any feedback from you until today.
    Please let us know as soon as possible what the status is here, as we would like to plan our trip further.

    Hope to hear back from you in a timely manner here.
    Thank you very much
    Christoph Paulitsch and Kirsten Blaas

  4. One of the worst airlines that I have experienced so far. I fly from Frankfurt in February. They lost my bag that contained gifts and things for personal use as I was traveling for my wedding. I took it very normally as I understand that not all processes are 100% efficient. I filled out a claim form at the airport. When nobody contact me after 3 weeks, I called them and they told me to fill out an online claim form. I did fill out the claim form and since then it’s been three months, I am checking the status, but nothing happened and nobody contacted me. I called and emailed them many times but they really don’t care.

  5. I (The Netherlands) have an connecting flight with Saudi ailines From SIN via RUH to FRA# expected transfer time 7:50 hours.
    Question, do I need a visa for Saudi in this case or when the connecting flight has an delay?
    Can we travel on the plane and in the airport with moderate western clothes?

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen

    I forgot my Alfursan Membership ID, how can I get it again?
    We are flying on 12/18/2022 and would like to manage my booking (e.g. update passenger information, reserve seats, etc.) and I can’t get any further without my Alfursan ID. Could you please email them to me.

  7. Hi
    Ich bin drei corona vaccine geimfed. Ich fliege 20.10.22 nach pakistan.ich branch PCR Test oder nicht

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen

    I’ll probably have to book my flight with Saudia Airways
    Flight to Frankfurt

    Tue Apr 4 02:35
    KUL Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    Terminal M
    Tue, Apr 4 · 06:00
    JED Jeddah
    terminal 1
    Saudi Arabian Airlines
    Flight SV841
    Flight duration: 8 hours 25 minutes
    Booking reference for check-in: WLIOHX
    Stay: 4 hours 20 minutes
    Tue Apr 4 10:20 am
    JED Jeddah
    terminal 1
    Tue Apr 4 · 2:45 p.m
    FRA Frankfurt International Apt
    terminal 2

    rebook. Can you please let me know if I need to contact and what that would cost.

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Kind regards,

    Stefan Wandt

  9. Hello,

    Delayed Package on flight SV168, we are unable to create a report via “Baggage Claim Form” because we have not yet received a claim number from the Saudia

  10. Hello,

    My name is Khalid Saghir and I bought a ticket yesterday online. My ticket code is:
    I did the payment through a credit card but it didnt get accepted. How can I do the payment?
    Can you please send me your bank account details?
    Khalid Saghir

  11. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    unser Rückflug am 08.01.2022 (Flugnumme SV 167) aus Dschidda nach Frankfurt war 3 Stunden verspätet, weil die Maschine defekt war (Rauchentwicklung in der Kabine). Zunächst hatten wir dies am 29.01.2022 bei MSC Cruising geltend gemacht, wo wir eine Pauschalreise (Kreuzfahrt + Flug) gebucht hatten.

    Erst mit Mail vom 31.08.2022 erfuhren wir von MSC, dass diese Reklamation direkt gegenüber Saudiair geltend gemacht werden muss. Dies wollen wir hiermit tun.

    Bitte bestätigen Sie uns den Eingang und die Bearbeitung sowie die übliche Rückerstattung für 2 Personen.

  12. I enjoyed your flight with your Dreamliner and the excellent service. And I will enjoy it more often on future flights. But unfortunately the arrival in Dubai on 09/02 was not at 04.55 but at 10.45. a.m. The EU-Fluggastverordnung says that you have to pay 600 € to me because or you delay. I had a hotel reservation in Dubai for one night for nothing. Because of your flight delay I couldn’t use it. Please pay me the amount on my credit cart account. Thanks for your kindness!

  13. Passenger name. Neumann Karl Heinz Mrs

    Bangkok BKK Suvarnabhumi to Jeddah JED on Oct. 18 2022 SV 845
    Jeddah JED to Frankfurt FRAU on Oct. 18. 2022 SV 187

    Dear Ladys and Gentlemen
    Can you please rebook my return flight from Bangkok to 20.12.2022. I would be very grateful for your help.
    Karl Heinz Neumann

  14. Hello, I want pay my Business-Flight to Bangkok with Paypal. But cannot find, where can I find for pay?

  15. I would like to book a Deutsche Bahn Rail and Fly ticket – where do I find the access data for the booking?

  16. Dear Ladys and Gentlemen,
    Do you have a baggage forwarding agreement with Singapore Air?
    Karl-Heinz Neumann

  17. Dear Saudi Arabia Airlines team,

    I need to know as fast as possibile if I can enter India when Iam vaccinated three times against Covid or if I still need a PCR Test to get to India, no matter if Iam vaccinated or not. What is important to know for the check In and for India?

    best regards
    Jennifer Müller

  18. What’s this shit? It’s impossible to call you. I tried it THE WHOLE DAY long!
    “9AM to 5PM” Are you kidding me? Is anybody working at this terrible shitty airline! F*** it! No more!

  19. Dear Customer Service,

    Due to my cancellation of Saudi flight on 19.12.2021 from Frankfurt to Hyderabad. I requested long to initiate my complete ticket refund but did not receive any response.

    While following the refund procedure through website, i received an error saying ticket cannot refund

    After talking to Saudi customer care and countless number of enquiries, I am sending this for refund.

    So, I request you to please refund the money for the following ticket

    Last name: Mamidi
    Ticket Number: 0652133315914
    Booking reference: PZHYM3

    My Bank Details:
    IBAN: DE52 2007 0024 0045 5360 00
    Name of Account holder: Ravi Kiran Mamidi
    Passport ID Number: U0237121
    Amount: 526.14 EUR

    Thank you
    Mamidi Ravi Kiran

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